By Baba Kundi Ma'at Shambhala


Everything in life is Beauty-Full just as it should be. It is amazing how I continually enter into the true understanding of how things really are.

Maybe I shouldn't amazed, but it does amaze me each time a new Spiritual insight is revealed to me. Along with the insights I receive I also receive a system that assists me in maintaining that which I received, that which I have learned.

I will call it my built in alert and Maintenance system. Whenever I start to veer off course, drift in any direction away from the direction of the insight I have received, I am warned in some way that I am getting off course.

It Is Easy To Stay Focused When I Allow Spirit To Assist Me.


I am a receiver of the Divine Transmissions of Spirit. If you are a little familiar with radio stations you have probably noticed one or more times that the signal of some radio stations are weaker than others. You may have also noticed that from time to time some of the radio station with weak signals get upgraded and there signals become stronger, then they can be pick-up clearer for longer distances.

You may have also noticed that the radio that is being used to receive the signal can make a big difference. Well the same thing happens with us when it comes down to receiving the Divine Direction that Spirit is giving.

When it comes down to me, sometimes my receiver has problems picking up transmissions. That is in no way because the signal is weak. It is because my receiver is not as fine tuned as it should be. I got a good example of that this week.


A few weeks ago I stopped looking at TV almost completely. I turned it on briefly a couple of times but turn it off in less than an hour each time. During that time I experienced greater Spiritual clarity and a boost in my all around energy. I know how TV can affect the energy of people, and a number of times I have stopped looking at it all together.

Whether people want to believe it or not, TV is designed to manipulate and control the masses. Go to Block Buster and see if you can pick-up an old movie called They Live. It shows the subliminal seduction that is used to control the masses. That movie is a old science fiction flick that exaggerates the situation however, it is telling you what media does. One more suggestion; While in Block Buster also pick-up What The Bleep Is Going On if you have not seen that yet.

Think about this. Movies seem to always tell us what is happening or what is about to happen. Before I was born there were movies about Buck Roger travelling through space and visiting other planets. Today men are travelling through space and have walked on the moon. I could give numerous examples of how the thoughts of mankind have been made into movies and then become reality. A thought is energy that can be put into words and then transformed into physical matter.


Back to being a receiver and TV. My channel for receiving from Spirit was clearer when I was not watching TV because it was not blocked up with the confusion and manipulative negative energy that most television programs transmit.

This past weekend I started looking at TV again, shortly following that I started feel a difference in my energy level, I even started to feel a little tired. There is so little time in the day to do everything that I should be doing and TV should not be take up no more than 5% of my waking hours if even that much.

Have you ever noticed when times start to get rough you start to look at more TV or do more of that which is not truly good for you in the long run?


That is because negative energy is trying to pull us away from your Divine centre, it is trying to pull us as far away from Spirit as possible.

I know that I must stay as fine tuned as I possibly can. I know that I have a lot of Spiritual work to do, and I do not need to be doing things or being around people that are trying to pull me away from the things of Spirit, not even if I am strong enough to resist the negative pull.

Why should I waste the energy that it takes to resist the pull of negative energy when I do not have to. All I have to do is not partake in that which is counterproductive. I do not want anything, nothing whatsoever that will hinder my relationship with Goddess/God.


Because I know to a small degree the way that energy works, when troubles start to knock on my door I am not going to answer it. I am also not going to turn away from that which gives me strength by disconnecting from those people and things that are positive in nature and then isolate myself and wade in misery and negative energy.

That is exactly what the negative forces want me to do, and believe me, there are negative forces/energies that are trying to seduce you and me ever second of every day. However, I will stay focused and lean not to my own understanding. I will always rest on and in the omnipotence of Spirit that has been provided for me and available to me eternally.

Throughout my life experience I will maintain the Energy of Spirit within my being, and when times get rough I will accelerate that which I give myself to that is Spiritual and positive. That way the attacks of negativity will be a motivator of that which is Divine and positive in nature. I will turn the negative into a positive.


I have been writing more in the first person, using myself as an example and staying away from saying things like, you must do this or that, and not using a lot you or we. It is more of that in this writing than has been in all of my writing lately.

I have been doing that because that is the way I feel Spirit has been directing me to do it. I do not have the right to tell anyone what they must or must not do. However, today I have to say this. I believe it would serve all of us well to check all of the sources we are receiving energy from, and do away with or at least limit those that are not life producing.

We must remember that the energy of everything in this world has accelerated. When Times Get Rough I Will Not Disconnect From That Which Is Positive In Nature. I Will Do Just The Opposite. Seek Out and Connect With More Of That Which Is Connected To Spirit.


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