By Baba Kundi Ma'at Shambhala


What do we have? We have that which we believe we have. How is that so? That is so because we are the authors of our reality, we are the creators of our surrounding world. What we have is what we have created either directly or indirectly.

Everything that we possess is a part of our personal life experience because that is the way that we designed it to be. No one but us wrote our life script and create our reality.

Because that is Divine Universal Truth, today I write into my life script an abundance of Love, Light, Joy, Beauty, Peace, Growth, and Fulfilment on all levels of my existence. Every Day Is A Beauty-Filled Day.


Our word is an extremely important and powerful instrument. I used to hear these sayings said a lot. 'Your Word Is Your Bond' and 'All A Man Has Is His Word.' However, for many years I have not heard either saying spoken once outside of when I use them.

I was talking to a friend yesterday, and in our conversation we touched on the issue of contracts. I shared my beliefs with her on why we use a piece of paper to represent who we are and what we are about. Over many thousands of years man's words have come to almost be worthless.

Why? Because man has become very self centered and deceptive in his ways and in his words. He would say one thing and mean and do something altogether different. So the only way to hold a man to his word was to have him write it down on something and keep it as proof.


Man has become so corrupt that even the written word is not binding and reflective of his true feelings. Man manipulates the meaning of his words in every way possible. Even the so-called leaders of the countries of the world manipulate the meaning of their words and lie to the masses with a straight face. "I'm going to say this again. I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky."

Words are one of the most powerful tools that we have at our disposal. At our beckoned call words create things in our lives and surrounding world. When our words are spoken in a Loving and caring way they can affect both people and the world in a positive Loving way.

Yet on the other hand when our words are spoken through the energy of selfishness and deception they can affect people and the world in a negative destructive way. Some people may actually believe that it is alright and productive to deceive others to get what they need and want, but it isn't.


Some say; "It was just a little white lie". An untruth is an untruth, our definition of how big or small it may be does not matter at all. Our use of words bind us to the energy that those words carry.

If a person continually uses deceptive words to manipulate others they are charging themselves with pure negative energy. However, when a person is speaking words of unconditional Love, Light, truth and honour, they are charging themselves with the energy of Divine Love and Light, they are charging themselves with the Ultimate Creative Energy of the cosmos.

I really like that word cosmos because it is defined as, an orderly harmonious systematic universe.


Words, our words are so important. I vow to always speak only of truth. I vow to use words that are life giving and Loving, words that build up. I am a man of my word. My word is all that I have.

My words are everything because my words create life. My words create my surrounding world, and my words also shower Unconditional Love on those I share them with. Words are like paint brushes in the hands of an artist, they create Beauty-Full pictures.

In the remainder of my lifetime I will paint many masterpieces through my words. Divine Universal Intelligence gave me the gift of words and I will use that Precious and most Sacred gift in the same way that I see Goddess/God use it. I create Love in it's many shapes and forms through the gift of words.


Many people choose only to see and deal with what they have in hand, or what they can get from life in this moment. They do not care about what they will experience in the future because of their actions and words used today.

One reason why they feel that way is due to the fact that in the past the return for their words and action took a very long time to come back to them. Sometimes it took so long that they had no idea why things were happening to them in the way that they were.

However, all of that has and is continually changing. The fruits of the harvest of the seeds that we are planting though our words and actions are coming back to us almost instantaneously.


If deception of any kind is used a harvest of at least one hundred fold will return to us quicker than ever before.

I do not do that which is positive only because I want a bountiful positive return. I do that which is positive because it blesses every one and everything in some way that is a part of the whole of creation. What we do is like a pebble thrown into the pond of life. The energy from that pebble (our words and actions) affects the entire pond.

My pebbles must and do produce and carry only the Divine Energy of Love and Light. 'Word.' What Kind Of Pebbles Are You Throwing Into The Pond Of Life Today?


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