The Gift Of Love

By Baba Kundi Ma'at Shambhala


When is the last time that you told someone that you Love them? If it was today or recent great. Now find someone else to bless with your Love or go tell the person you already told that you Love them again.

We must keep the energy of Love flowing freely out from us and into us. The energy of Love is of no use to you or I if we hold on to it and allow it to become stagnant. We can actually tell a stranger that we Love them and be telling the truth if we have consciously connected with the Divine reality of Love within our Spirit.

Love is the most transforming and energizing energy there is. So lets use this energy to bless as many people as we possibly can, especially those closest to us, our family and all of those precious Spirits that are a part of our surrounding world.


The gift of Love should be given as often a we possibly can give it. If you have to go and find someone to share your Love with get up and start looking right now. Others need our Love and we need the Love of others as well.

You do not have to admit it to me but I know you need Love just as much as everyone else.

Go to a mirror and look yourself right in the eyes and ask yourself this question. Do I need the Love of anyone outside of myself? I know exactly what the answer will be. Yes.


Because we are one with each other and our Love reinforces our connection and gives us the support we need to make it through this experience of being a Spiritual Being going through a physical human experience. Please remember this.

You are not a human being, you are a Spiritual Being temporarily experiencing being human. Being on this physical plain necessitates that we remind ourselves often that we are Love, and Love is Pure Spirit.

Because we are going through this human experience we must tell each other this as often as possible. Once we make transition and we return home to the Spirit Plane saying I Love You will not be necessary.

You and I Are Love.
Let Us Join Our Love Together and Transform The World.


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