Life Is Wonder-Full

By Baba Kundi Ma'at Shambhala


'Life Is Wonder-Full Because Goddess/God Is Good All The Time.' I know that I am here on this physical plane to learn and grow, to experience Total Spiritual Re-call from a vantage point that is only found on the physical plane.

I am here to evolve Spiritually to a degree that I have never experience before in any existence. Why am I going through all of this? I am going through all of this because Mother-Father Goddess/God Loves me and wants me to have only the best. Does that surprise you coming from a Divine Parent?

I am constantly going through the process of growth, learning the difference between reality and illusion.


When I first started this journey here on the physical plane it was extremely difficult, because I had no memory or understanding of my Divinity. Now it is not so difficult because I know who I Am and what I Am.

Knowing that which I know of true reality makes a very big difference in how I respond to things and what I expect from this experience that I call life. The amazing thing is the learning never ceases as long as we are on this physical plane.

That reality was brought back to my remembrance this morning. I realized once again that Spirit teaches me lessons even when I am in the so-called sleeping state. When I was sleeping last night Spirit reinforce in me a lesson on my visual field, how I see things. And the traps that I can fall into if I do not see things in the proper way. I will share a little of that experience with you below in the article entitled 'Vision'.


Last night when I was asleep and dreaming I experienced being with a number of people from my past. Everything looked different, things looked brighter, more beautiful, and everything felt more pleasant than it did in past reality.

Things looked so good at on point in the dream that I was thinking about reliving one of my life experiences. However, just before I awoke from the dream I received this within my Spirit.

You are seeing things through your natural sight. You need to see all thing through your Spiritual Sight. In reality that which you call your natural sight is really not natural at all. You are a Spiritual being, so your physical sight can not and is not your natural sight. Your natural sight is your Spiritual Sight, that which you see through you First Eye. That which is seen through your two physical eyes are divided between reality and fantasy. That which you see through your physical eyes are also full of the illusion and deception of mankind most of the time. If you want to see true reality that can only be done by viewing things through that which is disconnected from the physical realm, that which is Purely Spiritual.


The only word that I can think of to describe my waking feeling is, Wow! I could see how true all of that is. At one point in my dream I was mesmerized by physical beauty and carnal feelings of the physical body, but that was brought to my attention in the dream almost as fast as the beauty and the feelings registered in my mind and emotions after passing through the channels of my physical eyes.

When I awoke I laid in my bed thinking and meditating on my dream state learning experience. Then Spirit started to show me how I must be ever vigilant in my waking state to view everything through the Discerning Pure Sight of my First Eye.

I Love Beauty, I also want to believe what people tell me, but living in the times that I am I must not trust in my limited physical mentality. I must not lean unto my own understanding. I must trust wholeheartedly only that which is perfect at all times, and that is the Divine All Knowing Wisdom and Never Failing Spiritual Sight of Divine Universal Intelligence, my Most Precious Beloved Mother-Father Goddess/God.


I know that when I only look at things with my physical eyes, and only allow it to pass through my human mentality I am setting myself up for trouble somewhere down the line. As I have been sharing with you, everything is accelerated and it does not take long for my mistakes to rise to the surface.

On top of that when my mistakes rise to the surface they have multiplied many time over and the price that must be paid is much more than it use to be in the past. So I must view and comprehend everything in a Sacred way.

I must view everything with my First Eye, then I must allow that which I just viewed to pass through the all knowing and never failing discernment of my Spirit, which is directly connected to the Spirit of Mother-Father Goddess/God. I see things clearer now.

My Spiritual Sight Is The Only Sight I Can Trust.


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