The Natural Course Of Things

By Baba Kundi Ma'at Shambhala


Does anyone remember when life was free and easy and everyone was not rushing from here to there? Do you remember the time when you could go out to dinner and sit down and enjoy a meal with someone you Love without feeling rushed by the waiter because they needed your table?

Do you remember the time when a drive through a mountain side was refreshing and rejuvenating? Do you remember the time when the whole family would sit down and eat dinner together and then just talk with each other and not have to rush off for some ridiculous reason?

Do you remember the time when life was a joy? Do you remember when you could share your Love with another openly and freely and it was received and excepted for exactly what it was? What has happened?


Today it seems like we just do not have enough time to do the things that we should enjoy doing. We go out to dinner to relax and have a good time, and as soon as we walk in the door of the restaurant the race starts. You give your name and then you are pushed aside to begin your wait if you did not take the time to call ahead and make reservations.

Then you are whisked of to your table and gracefully rushed to make up your mind what you want to order. Sometimes you are even given a menu before you are seated. Hint.

I have had waiters that would inch up to the table and get ready to grab your plate if you have not taken a bite in over three or four minutes. Everything is rushed.


To so many people taking the time to be still and quite for just a few minutes seems like something that an alien from another planet would do. Be still and quite and be for real. We all must Pray and Meditate.

I know what some people would say to that. Do you know that I have things to do and places to go, you had better get real, I don't have time for all of that stuff, I am a very busy person. Yes, they are very busy, very busy racing to a destination that they do not need to be at.

That destination is full of stress, impatience, worry and a host of other negative vibrations. So many people are rushing and stressing the life out of themselves, and they don't have the time to recognize the harm that they are doing to themselves and others.


They have literally become part of a new age condition that I am terming Walking Suicide. They are killing themselves as they rush from here to there.

I have consciously done a few things to combat and heal the walking suicide syndrome. Years ago before I realized how important having Spiritual balance in my life was I stopped wearing a watch and that helped me slow down a little bit.

Then when my First Eye (called the Third Eye or Spiritual Sight by many) started to open up I realized that I needed to incorporate some quiet time in my life that was dedicated specifically for my Spiritual growth, a time for Prayer and Meditation, my Divine communion with Mother-Father Goddess/God.


When I was consistent in practicing that ritual first thing every morning it would set the tone for that day and I would not run around like a chicken with it's head chopped off aimlessly bumping into just about everything around me.

You see, we need balance in our life, balance between the Spirit, Mind and Body. Did you know that your Spirit (which is your true self) needs to be fed just as much as your physical body needs to be fed. If we fed our physical body the way that we feed our Spirit, we would physically die of starvation after 60 days or so give or take a few.

Early morning Prayer and Meditation is food for our Spirit. If our Spirit is not fed it won't die, however we will become so distant from our conscious mind that it will seem as if it were dead. That is why mankind can do all of the horrendous things that it does without even blinking an eye. Without a conscious connection to Spirit within we are the walking dead, zombies walking the face of the earth.


You, I and everyone of our sisters and brothers must stop and recognize that we are not our physical body, we are Pure Spirit. We also need to slow down and recognize that we need to set our priorities.

If Spirit is not first in your life, you had better make a change, and make it real quick. You never know what experience you will be faced with next in life. Because of the way things are going in the world, if you are looking to a man or to a woman who is just as disconnected as you, you are in a very dangerous place.

Wake up and smell the roses of life. Mother-Father Goddess/God is always reaching out to assist us. All we have to do is reach back. I am in no rush to do anything outside of communing with Spirit and doing that which Spirit directs me to do.

Even when I rush to do that, as soon as I enter into the presence of Spirit my emotions and my energy is recalibrated and my Spirit is instantly slowed down the pace that vibrates best with Spirit and the whole of creation.

I Am In No Rush To Do Anything Outside Of Communing With Spirit.


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