Personal Guru

By Baba Kundi Ma'at Shambhala


Webster’s dictionary defines guru as a personal religious teacher and spiritual guide, a teacher and especially intellectual guide in matters of fundamental concern, one who is an acknowledged leader or chief proponent, and last but not least a person with knowledge or expertise; expert.

You and I are all of that because we are one with spirit. It takes much more energy to follow and understand someone’s else than it does to be still and quite and follow the Spirit within us. We are our very own Personal Guru.

We do not need a man or a woman to be that to us. We are not created to follow others. We are only supposed to follow the spirit of Goddess/God.


All of the Spiritual direction that you and I are seeking is within our DNA, it is within the part of us that is eternal. Our Spirit. So why run around looking for someone to be our guru, only to find out in the long run that he or she is searching for the true meaning of our existence just as we are.

All each of us has to do is remember who and who's we are. Everything we are looking for is locked safely away within.

Those who call themselves gurus simply have discovered a little more Spiritual insight and awareness than we have. Most of them have not uncovered as much Spiritual insight and awareness as we have when we closely examine things, they are just skilful at making our insights look like theirs.


We will ask them a question and they will end up having us answer it for them. It is fine and good to get direction from others. Getting direction from others can sometimes aid us in remembering who we are and remembering our Divine purpose for being, entering into Total Spiritual Re-Call.

However, we must not get caught up in others, look up to them and place them on a pedestal because we will loose our true Divine Spiritual focus and that will delay our true Spiritual growth.

A truly enlightened individual who calls him or herself a guru will always point out to all that we are not to follow them. They will continually direct us to spirit. That is the mark of a genuine religious teacher and Spiritual guide.


No Guru Needed Here Because My Personal Guru Is Within Me.

Please try and understand what I am saying. I am not coming down on those who classify themselves as a Guru. We can most definitely learn from each other. All of us are both the teacher and the student.

However, our ultimate source of understanding, knowledge, and remembrance comes from The Divine which is inside of our Spirit.

I must be open and honest with you. Some of us reject what I said because you do not want the responsibility that goes along with getting and doing for self. If you study some or all of the Spiritual Masters you will see that they all taught this same thing.


Even Jesus the Christ told the people many times; don’t follow me I do what I see the Father do. He also said that we would do greater things than he did.

Jesus and all of the Spiritual Masters were just examples of what we are suppose to be. However some of us want the easy way out and try to follow what others tell us to do. Follow another and you won’t find out exactly where you are going until you get there.

Follow Spirit within and you know your destination before you even start on your journey.

In Light and Love.


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