By Baba Kundi Ma'at Shambhala


What is a reunion? Re means again and anew, and union means joining together. So re-union means to join together with something or someone once again, being reunited and reacquainted with someone and/or something.

Before I go any further on re-union I must touch briefly on one other thing that is connected to re-union, and that is reincarnation. Many people do not believe in re-incarnation. I believe it is rejected by some because they fear that which they do not totally understand.

Think about it, for thousands of years man did not believe that the world was round. Anyone who believed that the world was round was thought to be crazy. However, the reality of that situation was most people block out that which they did not understand.


Today people still tend to block out that which they do not understand and label it crazy, evil or pure fantasy. The reason why I said all of that is because of what I am about to share with you now.

The re-union I am talking about here is our re-union with each other and the ultimate re-union of all, or re-union with Mother-Father Goddess/God. I believe that we have spent many lifetimes together.

Yes I am saying that we have live multiple lifetimes with each other. Remember that we are Spiritual Beings and Spirit is eternal. It is not like many believe, we live one life die and wait for the rapture. I do not mean to offend anyone but that theory is flawed.


We do not die and lay in limbo until Jesus returns, and then some of us go to heaven for eternity and the rest burn in hell for eternity. It just does not work like that.

If that were the case that means that Goddess/God make a mistake and we were flawed in our creation, and that is utterly impossible. Everything that Goddess/God creates, is created in perfection, even though at some point in time it may seem like it is less than that.

One reason why we re-incarnate into a physical life over and over again is to go through the process of what I have termed Total Spiritual Re-Call. You and I and every human being has agreed to entered the physical realm to experience the other side of creation.


To do that in the beginning we could not have any memory of our Divinity, who we truly are. However, as we travel though our many lifetimes we gradually started to recall who we are and why we are here.

If that were not so for all of us I would not be writing this and you would not be reading it. You and I are starting to wake up and remember.

You and I have entered into re-union, some of us are aware of it and others do not yet understand what is going on. However, they will come into that true Divine understanding in due time.


So when you meet someone and have a strange feeling that you know them you are probably starting to connect with some forgotten memories of a past lifetime relationship with them. The bottom line is this. All of us are connected with each other deeper than we could ever imagine. We were together before this physical plane ever existed, and we will be one in Spirit throughout eternity.

However, now we must deal with what is at hand. First and foremost our mission here on this physical plane in the here and now is to consciously work on our re-union with Goddess/God.

Simultaneously, we must also be working on our conscious re-union with each other so that we can bring about the needed change within ourselves and also in the world.


There is an old saying that goes like this. "There Is Nothing New Under The Sun." That is oh so true. Our only problem is we think that just about everything is new and we get mesmerized by that illusion. Once we open up fully to Spirit and except our role in the Divine Plan of Goddess/God we will then start to see things as they truly are.

And that awakening will completely transform our way of thinking as well as transform our life. So I must tell you that it is a pleasure to step into the true understanding that we are old souls who have re-united in a Divine Spiritual Re-Union.

The many lifetimes that we have spent together have afforded us the privilege to know this and connect on a higher level of awareness this time around. If Spirit sees fit to have us come back and experience another lifetime we will pick up where we left off in this one and continue our progress up the stairway of Spiritual Awakening and Awareness, which so to speak is our Stairway to Heaven.


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