Trusting In Spirit

By Baba Kundi Ma'at Shambhala


Many people have a big problem when it comes down to trusting someone or something, especially trusting a religious organization and it's religious beliefs, and trusting that which is Spiritual.

You will find that some people do not want to hear anything about religion or Spirituality. Why has that been the case for so long, and why is it still the case for many people Today?

Over the years religion has been forced on people by those who knew nothing about true Spirituality. Religion is man's interpretation of that which is Spiritual, and as I am sure you know when man gets involved with something there is always room for error.

In the past people were killed if they did not accept the religious beliefs of Christianity and practice them as they were directed. Either they practiced and believed as they were told or they were killed. There is nothing Spiritual about that.


The exact same thing to some degree was done in just about every other religion in the world. More people have died in so-called holy wars than all of the other wars put together. On top of that, missionaries would go to foreign lands and call the people heathens and barbaric if they did not practice Christianity as they did.

Then they would strip the people of their Spiritual beliefs and force them to practice Christianity. That is not Spirit's way of doing things. 'If you want the truth I must give it to you', that is man's pure stupidity.

Those of us who are consciously connected to Goddess/God must open ourselves up fully and allow Spirit to show us how to Love each other, so that more can come to know and open up to that which is truly Spiritual.

Then and only then will we start to see the changes in the world that we are longing for.


This is not about blaming any religion or any individual for all of the ills of the world. It is about facing the truth and moving forward in the Light and in the Love of Goddess/God.

However, to move forward in the Light and Love of Goddess/God we must be one who truly trusts in Spirit. Trusting in Spirit has become a lost practice for most of mankind.

The only way to reach the level of existence that we are supposed to reach in this lifetime is through trusting the direction that we get from Spirit.

Without the trust of Goddess/God we have nothing at all, we are like zombies roaming the face of the earth with no direction whatsoever.


For those of you who are new to our Essence of Paradise family, Spirit and Goddess/God are one in the same.

Some will ask this question. How do you trust Goddess/God? How do you know that what you are trusting in is actually from Spirit?

First of all you start out by praying that Spirit will show you how to trust. A prayer such as that is always answered. Then you must check everything that you believe is from Spirit against that Still Small Voice within you.

That Still Small Voice is your Inner Voice of Spirit. When you do that check you will come to know that you are trusting in that which originated from Spirit or that which originated from man/self.


You see, when we are dealing with things of the Spirit there will not always be a physical/mental conformation. In the beginning it will be a little awkward, but as time goes on and you will mature in your Spiritual practice and it will become more real to you than this physical realm.

Just between you and I, the physical realm is only an illusion. I know this may seem real strange and even spooky to some, but this is our only reality.

We are Spirit Beings travelling through a physical experience, and the only way we can make it, is through the Spiritual practices that have been given to us, and one of those practices happens to be Trusting in Spirit.

Please give this some serious thought. Can you do any worse than you have already done when you were trusting in man and self? If you try trusting in the guidance of Spirit, for just a short time you will experience the power and blessings of Goddess/God.


I guarantee, if you ask Spirit to assist you in this and you trust whole heartedly in Spirit's direction, you will not be disappointed.

We will never be let down or disappointed in any way whatsoever when we Trust In Goddess/God. If we ever find ourselves disappoint after trusting and following what we thought was Spirit's Divine direction we either did not follow that direction as we were directed to, or we did not go within and check that which we thought was Divine direction against that Still Small Voice within us, which is our Divine direct connection to Spirit.

There is no error in Spirit or true Spirituality. There is only error in our mental reasoning.

In Light and Love.


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