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Kundalini is defined in Yogic terms as 'a coiled female snake, the latent energy at the base of the spine.'

When it awakes or uncoils, in the classical model, via spiritual practices or spontaneously, a subtle energy can be felt streaming upward in the body, emanating from the base of the spine and flowing into the head.

Physical and spiritual sensations often accompany the surge of inner energy: spontaneous movements of the body, shaking, heat, spasms, visions, sounds like ringing, bells, drums, and many other symptoms.

The destiny of this mystical force is said to be an evolutionary leap in one's spiritual consciousness; i.e., full enlightenment (it is claimed by some authorities that it will lead to genius and supernatural powers, though this is conjectural); the initial rising is often preceded by white light in meditation, in dreams, or in the waking state.

In some Kundalini awakenings this light can be like 'the light of a thousand suns'; to see it suddenly and unexpectedly can jolt one's senses into a state of panic as one feels the familiar boundaries of their consciousness begin to melt into the heart-stopping, radiant immensity of the Absolute.

Increasing numbers of individuals are having Kundalini awakenings from spiritual practices and spontaneously.

When Kundalini energy begins to ascend up the spine, these awakenings can be intense, sometimes with complications.

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