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You Cause What Affects You

An Exercise In Self Empowerment

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By Story Waters


One of the greatest unchallenged assumptions in this world is contained in the idea of linear cause of effect. When asked how we are feeling the standard response is a single word like ‘good’, ‘bad’, or ‘stressed’ followed by a list of external events that have happened to cause our mood.

For example; “I feel great! I just got a pay rise and I’m just about to go out with my friends to celebrate.” Or if things aren’t going so well maybe something like, “I’m stressed. My computer just crashed and now it won’t start.” At first glance these statements seem self-explanatory. Nice things put us in a good mood and bad things make us miserable. It seems obvious. That’s just how life is. Isn’t it?

Well if you don’t mind viewing yourself as being like a leaf buffeted about by the winds of fate, at the mercy of your outer circumstances then I think that is indeed exactly how life can feel. However, if you are open to re-evaluating your idea of cause and effect I would like to offer you a different view of yourself and the world you live in. I offer it merely as a perspective for you to try on like pair of shoes.

The only point in keeping them on after you have considered them is if they empower your being. As ever please just take what resonates and leave the rest.

The Exercise.

The idea is really very simple. For as long a period as you like, maybe a day, a week, or a month, instead of seeing the events of your life as external triggers that cause your emotional reaction, whether that be a positive or negative feeling, choose to see them as your spirit reflecting your energetic state to you.

For example, if something happens that makes you feel angry, instead of seeing the event as causing your anger, try on the perspective that you must have been carrying anger that you wanted to release. See the event as giving you a catalyst to experience, process, and release that anger.

Here’s a real world example. Another driver cuts you off, forcing you to slam on the brakes. Anger bursts out of you as you yell obscenities at them. Once your initial spontaneous burst of emotion has passed take a moment to Self-reflect and try the exercise.

Let in the idea that something previous to the incident had built up anger in you and that you brought yourself to the event in order to allow the release of that pent up emotion. So in fact, the other driver was co-creating with you an event that was not only with your permission but to your benefit.

Look inside for the source of the anger and see if you can locate who or what you really feel like yelling at. The very words you yelled may even give you a clue.

Remember also to apply the exercise to positive events. If you are walking along and the wind blows a $100 bill by your foot, instead of just seeing it a random chance event, take a moment to acknowledge it as a reflection of your energy and how you are feeling. Feel yourself in the joy of the event.

Take ownership of the good thing happening. Rather than seeing the money as being from some external God who has judged you to be worthy of a reward (thereby externalizing the power of the gift as something out of your control), see that you are gifting yourself.

Realize that the event has manifested from your own energy and the Universe is merely reflecting that without any judgment, agenda, or distortion. Just like with the car incident. This is to see yourself as the source of the creation of the events in your life. God isn't up there deciding what happens to you. You are God creating the events of your life.

This exercise can therefore be seen to be somewhat of a double edged sword. In order to fully feel the joy in the realization that you, your love, your abundance, your energy, are behind the good things happening, you must also accept that your shame, anger, and pain are behind the seemingly bad.

Please understand that I am only using the terms good and bad in terms of how we perceptually experience the events. Within the exercise lies the realization that the so called 'bad' events aren't bad at all but are in fact tools to help us release pain and fear that we are carrying.

My hope is that through this exercise people will be able to maximize the release and learning that they get from the difficult events in their life therefore reducing their frequency and severity.

Also when you learn more from joy then you move to a reality of more and more experiences that are joyful. For myself I have found that by applying this technique the severity of difficult events has lessened.

When you take the learning/growth from a smaller incident the bigger incident is not required, as opposed to the energetic reflection building up and up until the unresolved anger builds up to something like a fully fledged car accident.

The real gift of this exercise, beyond being a great tool for learning about the energy that you are putting out, is in the taking of responsibility for your own reality. If taken on fully there is no room for victim mentality.

Taking responsibility in this way can be painful at first as we are stripped of the ability to conveniently blame others, but ultimately it contains the greatest lessons of Self-empowerment as we transform from the leaf being blown about by the wind, to being the experience not only of the leaf but of the wind itself.

The Messiah Seed.

Though the text presented here is but one aspect of The Messiah Seed, we have weaved through it many reflections of the whole, such that you may experience a flavour of the entire text, both as it has been written and as it is yet to come in future Volumes. We hope that you have enjoyed these words, and we encourage you to find, use, and validate for your Self your own inner voice. It is a sense through which you can empower your Self to create the reality that you desire.

Whether or not you wish to buy the book is naturally a choice for you to make for your Self. Know that money is a symbol of your energy. Where you put it is your choice, and where you put it will grow. So to conclude we simply say, feed what you love with your energy, feed that which brings you joy. How you spend your energy is a part of your power to choose joy for your Self and others. To live in joy choose joy for your Self.

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Copyright 2004, Story Waters.

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