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Overcoming Spiritual Competitiveness

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By Story Waters

This article is aimed at people like myself who in having moved beyond such fundamental judgmentalism as prejudice, may have without even realizing it, have come to refine their judgmentalism into the finer aspects of the polarity that could be described as ‘evolved-unevolved’, most commonly felt in the thought that you are more ‘spiritually evolved’ that someone else.

I believe that spiritual superiority and elitism is something that needs to be addressed in the spiritual community. That said, the ultimate form of non-judgmentalism is to not judge judgmentalism, and the ultimate form of that is to not judge yourself for your own judgmentalism.

So if through this article you find judgmentalism in yourself please do not be shamed, that is not my intent. I am just presenting ideas for your discernment.

The more I have awakened, the more I have come to face the paradoxes that exist in reality. One truth that I am personally very certain of, is that there is no 'One Truth', that all paths lead to enlightenment. Put another way, I believe that everyone is exactly where they need to be at every moment and is fulfilling the path they have set for themselves. I find I react strongly to people that proclaim they have found the 'true' path. People who say they have 'The Answer', and that those without this knowledge are lost. In fact it is probably true to say that I look upon them as being the ones that are lost as they are so in conflict with my truth that there is no one truth. In doing this, unfortunately for me, I step on my own point. I have stated that their 'one truth' viewpoint won't lead them to 'evolve' when I myself am stating that all paths lead to enlightenment. I have fallen into judgmentalism.

In the spiritual community I have met many wonderfully open-minded people that don't seem to have a negative word to say. They are always looking for the 'good' in everyone. However, when they are faced with someone being judgmental a different side of them comes out. At worst they may become hostile, but more often they start coming out with statements that clearly label the person as 'unevolved', statements of superiority, and not to mention the statements that start out "What you need to do is…" when the person has not requested any help with their viewpoint at all.

In the mid-ground, before judgmentalism of judgmentalism, is a whole area of people expressing judgment over others who for example: show anger or negativity, are into things others consider whacky or fringe, smoke or dabble in drugs, eat meat, or the greatest sin of all, people who didn't connect at all with our most beloved spiritual book. "You didn't like the Seth Material. Oh shame, it is quite high level. You can't have understood it. You probably aren't ready for it yet." Inside we have written them off as only someone who can learn from us, and not someone we could ever learn from. We think that maybe, if they show willing, we can teach to them what we know.

Okay, most people aren't that outwardly blatant, but I am just trying to convey the point. I really do believe however that nearly all of us, including myself, use this evolved-unevolved polarity/scale in our heads, and whether we mean to or not upon meeting someone we very rapidly give them a score and interact with them accordingly. It is my contention that in doing this we not only do them a disservice, but we do ourselves a disservice.

We cut ourselves off from what they could teach us. To throw in another one of my 'truths'; I believe that everyone on this planet is unique, contains uniqueness, and therefore everyone has something to teach us. If someone appears in your life then you put them there, for a reason.

When I come to look at this type of 'refined' judgmentalism in myself a pattern soon emerges. What I am in fact doing is saying is 'How similar to my own beliefs are this person's beliefs?' I consider myself 'evolved' and therefore the more of my beliefs they have, the more evolved they are. If they are in disagreement with my beliefs then they are less evolved.

If they hold my core beliefs and then teach me something then they are more evolved than me. Here I keep using the word 'evolved' you may personally have a different word, the polarity can be expressed in many ways such as pure-impure, good-evil, right-wrong, saved-fallen, 'found the light' or 'lost in darkness'.

So where does this come from. In our lives, to have become what we are, we have made many choices. These vary from personal spiritual choices (what we do and don't believe), to choices in the way we live our lives.

We of course like to think that we have made the 'right' choices, that we haven't made mistakes. In that desire to feel we have taken the right path often then comes an attachment to those choices and sometimes even a feeling of threat from people that have made different choices.

We think; 'Why didn't they choose what I chose? Why have they rejected what I have accepted? Do they think that I am making a mistake? Do they think that I am on the wrong path?'

When we each make choices in life we obviously make what we consider the 'best' choice. We are each clearly trying to forge our own best path. This is the nature of our reality; to use our freewill to discern a path for ourselves. Many of these choices are deeply personal. Many of these choices are hard to make. With so much energy going into this process it is only to be expected that we feel attached to these choices. They are bets that we make, and we want to know if the outcome will pay-off in the way that we hope. Will our expectations be fulfilled?

Essentially what I am saying is that we are naturally attached to the choices that we make for ourselves, and what we are attached to we value, and value is a currency. So when we interact with others and assess their beliefs in relation to our own, we are determining how much currency they have, how much to value them. The scary result is that those that are like us score highly and we interact joyfully with them, and those that are different from us score low and we tend to walk away from them.

This leads us to be constantly in a process of reaffirming our own beliefs and sheltering us from different viewpoints. This is surely not a good set-up for expanding our understanding. We fall into our beliefs becoming a heavily trodden line, a rut that we can not easily step out of to embrace new ideas; worse than that we cut ourselves off from having a wide understanding/perspective.

You do not need to believe everything you hear, but I think it is wise to at least try to understand why the people that believe different things from you believe as they do. And I mean really understand, not just fall into the easy conclusion that they are just less evolved.

A lot of this comes from our attachment to spirituality. Yes you heard me right. I imagine that each of you reading this has made a strong commitment to spirituality. It is one of your deepest life choices. As such we have, as a group and individually, attached huge value to spirituality. The scale of evolved-unevolved includes all things, how evolved are you at: baking an apple pie, understanding quantum physics, building a house, raising children, artistic expression, computer programming, public speaking, flying a plane, etc.

As community we tend to forget these other things, we are so focused on spirituality that we have inadvertently limited the 'evolved-unevolved' polarity to only contain it. We see it as the 'true' measure.

As I mentioned earlier I believe that we are all unique, we all contain uniqueness. Coming to this understanding for me, more than anything has helped me on the path of releasing me from the evolved-unevolved polarity. Within the polarity we are seemingly a path of people from one end 'unevolved' marching their way forwards trying to get to 'evolved'.

In many ways it is seen that those further ahead know more than those below them. This is essentially saying that all the people below you (on this illusionary scale) are a sub-set of you. You are all of them, plus more. You have nothing to learn from them, and they need to learn more in order to reach the point that you are at.

In this we miss the point that the first of us to levitate may only just be catching up with the woman in Finland who through years of practice has learnt to make the most 'perfect' apple pie that you will ever taste. In reality though, there is no 'catching up' because we all perfect, perfect at one thing, in each and every moment we are perfect at being our Self.

As for me I am working hard at trying not to apply my beliefs of what is important to me on to others. I do seek to further define my own beliefs, but in seeking that definition I will try not to be so attached to needing the reassurance that it is the 'right' choice. It just is. I will try not to be threatened by those who believe differently from me. I will not devalue myself when I meet someone that I perceive as 'advanced'. I will try to move beyond falling into the game of trying to show others I am spiritually evolved.

I have my uniqueness, and that is what makes certain things resonate with me. I will seek to open myself to other viewpoints, and not judge people whose viewpoints are contrary to mine. I do not need to believe what they do, but I do need to accept that it is perfect in each moment for them to believe as they do. They are no more right or wrong than me, for we are each trying to solve a unique dilemma. They are the evolving answer to their question and I am the evolving answer to mine.

I wrote this article a few years ago. Below is a Messiah Seed that birthed from the feeling of this article.

Messiah Seed 3:
Remember Who You Are

“I choose to be the leader of my own being rather than the follower of another.”

Messiah, know that all teachers best teach what they came here to learn. If you write a book then write the book that you have always wanted to read. Write it so that you can read it. Birth into reality what you have always wanted to be there. Take responsibility for those desires. They are the point from which you create your world.

Realize that you are not anyone else’s answer. You are the answer to a question that is uniquely your own. Know that by sharing your answer you will be a stepping stone for other Messiahs to discover their own unique truth. Share your answer, knowing that the universe is infinite and bountiful, and that there is enough for all to create the dream in their heart and live within it.

To find your answer, draw from all sources that resonate with your heart; but know that you should never give your Self over to those sources. To follow another Messiah is to fall into the illusion that they have your answer. They do not. If you come to believe that they do, then you will be giving away your power to answer your own question. You are your own Messiah; the only one that can ultimately answer your own question. Listen to all you feel to; follow none but your Self. Know that you have your answer.

There are many divine flavours of light that you can bask in, but the only divine light that you can completely stand in is your own. When you stand in that truth, you will realize that it is the One Light that shines from All, as realized from within your own being. You are the light within your being. You are the light in all beings. To realize this you must first be the light in your being. You must be your Self. Do not let any external moral construct define your boundaries. Do not try to be anyone, or any thing, other than your Self. Know that there is nothing to prove, and that the approval of no person except your Self can ultimately free you. Be your Self. Be All That You Are.

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Copyright 2004, Story Waters.

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