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  A Message from Archangel Michael channelled through Ronna Herman.

Beloved masters, I bring you greetings and glad tidings from the higher realms to assist you in these stressful times of transition and change.

Make no mistake, we are very aware of what each of you is experiencing and the uncertainty you feel as your reality shifts and changes. Many of you are wondering why there is no new forthcoming information, why everything I transmit, as well as other Beings of Light, seems to be a review of what has already been given.

The reason is this; you are not ready, beloveds. It is imperative that you make use of and integrate what has been given until it becomes a natural part of your reality. There is much knowledge and new awareness floating in the ethers, but you must grasp it and claim it as your own before you can move to the next level. You must live it and personify it.



You, as well as humanity-at-large, and the Earth are on the verge of making a leap into the next level of evolution, or initiation. You have integrated and incorporated much energy of a higher frequency and knowledge into your mental, emotional and etheric bodies, and for many of you the status quo no longer exists.

We have told you that your year 1998 will be a bridge to the New Age and this is true. But for the time being you are in what might be termed a holding pattern; a null zone of Spirit, or a time for inward focus and assimilation rather than outward momentum and radical change. Each of you is at a different stage along the path, and so if you look around you will see others to emulate, or those who can give you insight as to what is taking place.

The expansion of consciousness is different for each soul, as each has their own divine blueprint and mission, or integral part of the master plan to accomplish. You may feel joyous and in the flow and all seems to be in order today, and yet your perception changes radically tomorrow for your consciousness is ever expanding into higher awareness.



Ronna Herman is a spiritual astrologer, counsellor, a new age practitioner and teacher. She is also an internationally known author and lecturer; her articles and poems are periodically featured in six new age publications. Rona gives private readings, holds workshops, lectures and channels Archangel Michael before large groups.


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