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We would help you to raise your consciousness to the spheres where harmony, truth and love prevail. The whole purpose of the unfoldment of these inner powers, which all men possess in greater or lesser degree, is that you may become aware of spirit, and be enabled to receive impressions of harmony and truth from the spirit world and the spirit people.

Truth is a spiritual law, a reality reflecting the law of God. But we have to prepare ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually, before we can reflect the truth which exists in the spirit world.

We have heard much talk about psychic matters and the proofs of an after-life obtainable through psychic evidence, with great emphasis laid on the scientific viewpoint, rather suggesting thereby that the spiritual viewpoint is not scientific. This idea we would correct, and make clear that there is nothing unscientific in spiritual law.


Spiritual law is eternally true, while the pronouncements of science change almost yearly, so that what is considered true today will be dismissed and forgotten tomorrow. With spiritual law there is no change other than continual un-foldment and growth. More and more truth becomes revealed to a man as his inner-self grows in awareness, but the law remains constant.

Spiritual science is the true science, both on earth and in the higher worlds. When a man becomes aware of, practices and lives these cosmic and spiritual laws he is truly a man of science.

First, then, let us understand that spiritual unfoldment of a man's inner faculties is an altogether scientific process. If you ignore the laws of God, chaos somewhere in your being will be the result. But if you study the laws of God and abide by them, if you obey the inner promptings of your spirit and go steadfastly forward step by step on the path which lies before you, you will discover a deep well of wisdom within your heart; and also cause your aura to expand so that it reaches out to touch both the heights and the depths of life.



Notice that we have said the 'depths'. Your consciousness and aura must expand to embrace the height, the depth and the breadth of life, and in the process of this expansion you will acquire great tolerance, great love towards life and your fellow creatures, and a deep calm and tranquillity of spirit. You will no longer be shocked or repelled by anything; you will accept and understand that humanity in all its stages is in process of evolution or return towards God, from Whom all came.

The unfoldment of your inner faculties is the process through which you will acquire inward strength and poise, and this will purify, strengthen and restore your body to health. It is scientific to say that the inflow of divine light through the heart-chakra and circulating through all the bodies, physical, etheric, astral, mental and celestial, beautifies and strengthens all.

A spiritual man or woman is not weak. Do away with the idea that to be spiritual entails being sensitive and shrinking. True, certain psychics are like frail flowers blown hither and thither by any harsh wind and, but this is due to an unbalanced sensitivity, which fails to bring health of body or outlook, rather than to spiritual growth. Resolve to tread the safer path of true character building; and by learning to express greater love to your fellows expand the aura in a spiritual, scientific way. If physical science will agree to be directed by spiritual science, as some day it will, then some of the secrets enshrined in the Ancient Wisdom will be restored to mankind.



As the spiritual awareness of mankind grows, the veil between the earth and the astral world will gradually thin, and the close proximity of the two will become more apparent. Experience such as astral travel will become possible, and even common to man while still in the flesh, exemplifying the unreality of death.

As you grow in spirit, a certainty stronger than any conviction obtainable by. the study of evidence will grow in your heart, until it is part of your very being. The so-called dead have never died. You will know beyond all doubt that your own dead are with you, but your conviction will be based not on proof or evidence of the outer mind, but on an inward awareness from which nothing can shake you.


Astral Planes.


When the quickening of the inborn psychic faculties takes place difficulties and confusion may arise, often through a person's lack of experience, for this link with the astral may not reach beyond what we are going to call 'the plane of illusion', or the plane immediately surrounding the earth. Nevertheless, psychic contact with this realm can teach many valuable, though sometimes painful lessons. One of the most important of these lessons is that of discrimination, or the power to sort out the true from the false.

Do not think of the astral planes as being far removed from the earth; in fact they are so close that many schools of occult thought regard astral life more or less as an extension of man's life on earth, differing not in kind but in degree. Thus it will be seen that the influence of those in the astral worlds must extend to those on earth, and that man's own thoughts and feelings must in turn influence and affect the people in the astral world. The inhabitants of the coarser and more degraded astral spheres can reach men of like tastes on earth and thus obtain experience, at second-hand, of sensation once gratified on earth. Many people on the lower astral planes crave to return to physical life to gratify their desires through contact with the earth, but by your wisdom and love they can be helped, and by helping them you can in turn assist and protect those on earth whom they would degrade.

When the soul leaves the physical body at death, in most cases it speedily traverses the nearby astral planes. During its journey all kinds of memories will crowd in upon the soul. This condition is not real, nor should it last long. But if the soul's interest has centred mainly upon material things during its earth life, it will still cling to the illusion of matter after the death of the body, and will therefore take longer to reach the higher worlds of truth and reality.



There will come a stage in your development when you will most surely contact this world of illusion, and it will be a subtle and disturbing but ultimately valuable experience. You may receive messages which will appear to you to be reliable, and yet you will eventually be disillusioned and disappointed. Do not be disheartened by these experiences. They are all in the course of your training, and it is better for you to suffer disappointment than to evade the experience altogether. It is a condition of consciousness through which every soul must pass.

All of you have the ability to receive impressions and true communications from beings in other worlds; all of you are mediums in that you can be receptive to the spirit; but the quality of the message received will depend upon the quality of your own soul consciousness. Through this contact with the world of illusion you will gain the power to recognise truth, to discern the true from the false. The earth life is full of deception, and things and people are not always as they seem. An important part of your spiritual unfoldment is to develop a true sense of discrimination.

Messages which appear untrue are not necessarily mischievous in intention. They may be given to you purposely to help you to gain poise and strength. Do not think of them as evil, but learn to take them wisely and with discretion. If your teacher is giving you messages, he will be concerned first and foremost with the whole plan of spiritual evolution. His love for you is pure and beyond personal limitation: his one thought and ideal is not for one individual alone, but for the good of the whole. Messages which flatter you and promise much of a personal or selfish nature may be sent to test you.

  In spiritual development apparently conflicting statements or paradoxes can arise. Ponder carefully all that is said. If statements seem contradictory, try to reconcile them. Truth has always more than one aspect and many paths lead to God. Therefore do not be dogmatic; do not condemn anything or any individual, and let your approach to truth be orderly, systematic and patient.

We would have you realise that spiritualistic communication was a first and necessary step in the preparation of men's minds and understanding for the reception of higher truth. The spiritualist found by experiment that he was able to contact many conditions and varieties of souls in those places surrounding the earth, and of these not all were helpful, and some were the reverse.

The way to obtain more perfect communication is by striving for selflessness and by the strengthening and perfecting of your character. No shadowed soul from the planes of illusion can obtain entry into your aura, unless there is some point of contact, some darkened spot which attracts it; it is then that confusion or mischief is wrought.


We say again that no disquieted or distressed soul can enter your aura or hurt you in any way once you resolve with all your being to exclude it, for then the entrance has been Sealed and you have become master in your own house. No one can ever hurt you unless some weakness, foolishness or vanity in yourself invites the experience.

It is right in certain circumstances to try to bridge the gulf between the recently discarnate soul and the bereaved. It is as if someone dear to us, gone on a long journey, managed to send back to us messages of assurance, telling of his safe arrival, good health and happiness in his new country. Or there may be some wrong that the newly arrived soul ardently desires to set right; or the bereaved person left behind is seen to be in need of help and comfort.

For these reasons or others equally valid it is right to seek communication through a medium; but communication having once been established, and peace and comfort brought to souls on both sides of the veil, it should be realised that both the bereaved person and the loved one in spirit have essential work waiting for them to do, a life of their own to live and personal responsibilities to shoulder. Do not thrust your cares and responsibilities on the spirit world by asking for direction on matters you should certainly decide upon and handle for yourself. Be courageous, and take up life again with a good heart, for in so doing you will grow ever closer to your loved one in spirit.


Some spirits come back with a special mission to help people on earth. Among these are those guides and helpers who spend long years in establishing communication between the two spheres of existence. Their service is both sacrificial and valuable and it should be treasured, and the hours given to this form of communication regarded as sacred.

Not every one who passes onwards to the next world comes back to communicate with people on earth. Therefore do not feel too much distressed if no tidings come for a period from some particular loved one. Know that they have gone to prepare a place, and that your outer life and theirs, which has now become an inner life, must lie apart for a period, until you have learned to release your own inner-self so that it may reach out to them.

Our whole aim is to help each one of you to unfold soul qualities, so that a sweet and serene communion between those in the spirit world and yourself becomes not only possible, but natural and right.


In spirit there can be no separation. Only self separates, and much of the sting of bereavement is due to self. Be pitiless when you analyse yourself; ascertain how much of your bitter resentment at your loss and subsequent loneliness arises from the promptings of egotism and self-pity. Put these aside when you seek communion, for they may hurt both you and your loved one.

Why do you think or feel separate and alone when all things grow towards unity. Each life is as a drop of water in an ocean, a drop which can unite or remain separate from its ocean, but it is ever water and so part of the whole. So also; to change our analogy, each human spirit is a God in embryo; and humanity as a whole is a concourse of tiny God-cells, all linked with God in at-one-ment. Each retains the power to isolate or separate itself from its fellows, but not from God.

Man's innermost self is of the essence of God. Man is formed in the image of God, in His likeness. When man fully realises this transcendent truth, all that is base and worldly will be dispelled. Then man will no longer think and feel in terms of 'here' and 'there', but of an everywhere, where nothing can ever separate itself from God, where no one lives for self alone, and tears, sorrow and death have lost their hold over man.


Your personal self is both your sheath and bondage, and when all your thoughts and feelings centre round the personal self, the real you is shut in like a prisoner. Beneath the outer self lies the individuality, the true man, from which links and threads of interest, sympathy and love reach out to every other soul, to every living creature, to life seen and unseen, to the angel world, to God.

This must be so, became no other course is open to the inner self. It must share itself with all that lives, and its only bond or limitation is the boundary of the universe itself.

We are made in His image; the whole universe is God's; and man also is good, is God.

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