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One of the most important aspects of spiritual unfoldment is that of healing. We suggest to all would-be healers that the first necessity is to recognise that they can be channels for the divine life-force, and to learn to think of themselves as sons of God, remembering that they are dependent upon Him for all things.

The healing power will continually flow through you when once you have understood the technique of opening your spiritual senses to the cosmic rays of healing. You can all be instruments of these magnetic and spiritual rays; but some people through ignorance and other causes shut themselves off from this life-force.

Your work as a spiritual healer is to assist, to work in harmony, and if you are permitted, in co-operation with the present known medical system. There are many different types of people on earth; one will respond to a certain form of healing, another to quite a different process. Also it is not wise to spend a long time and much power and work on some physical trouble which could so easily and quickly be put right by material methods or even by surgery. At the same time, the basis of all healing is spiritual, and the day will come when spiritual healing will be recognised and fully established on your earth as a most important service. But man has to evolve spiritually before he can command his body.


Fundamentally, all diseases occur in the body through lack of spiritual light. We might put it another way and say that disease is lack of ease, lack of harmony; and that man is busy during his whole life creating disease, inharmony. Harmony and health are preserved when the life is controlled or directed from the Christ within.

Spiritual healing is strictly scientific. It is the bringing into harmony of the wayward physical atoms. It is the voice of command, which sounds from the heart-centre; and this power operates largely through the healer but also through the patient. Love is the voice of command, bringing the wayward atoms into harmony. They are made to obey the law of divine love. This is the secret of healing. When the patient, like the healer, becomes en rapport with that centre of love he is instantly healed, unconsciously selecting the particular cosmic ray which his soul and body need.

Jesus was the great demonstrator of this divine power. Jesus did not concern himself with the names of the diseases. He always went to the spiritual cause. He healed by pouring the awakening light into the soul. He called, "Lazarus, come forth." and Lazarus came forth in his grave clothes. Do you not see the significance of this;. Lazarus was shrouded in earthly things; he was as one dead; but the voice of the Master called, "Lazarus, come forth." and he rose from the dead. That is the work of the true healer.



You must also remember that there is in the soul an accumulation of karma. In so many instances the cause of illness lies deep within the soul, and it has been built into the astral body from a past life. The astral body is created, as you know, from -the actions of the past. Past karma which is built into the astral body manifests sometimes in the form of physical ill, or it may come out in the circumstances of a life. The law of karma is exact; it is just, perfect and true. You cannot interfere with karma, but you can assist your patient to transmute it. If the patient is helped to receive the full inflow of the Christ-Light, he will then help himself; and in that way he will learn by transmutation of his karma instead of by means of the particular disease.

T he purpose of karma is to teach. It is to give the individual soul the opportunity to learn lessons, to gain wisdom, to grow in spiritual stature. If the soul is arrogant (which is so often the trouble), if it will not believe, is quite sure that it knows, then there is nothing else for it but to walk the allotted path and endure the physical ill. Yet there are some souls who deliberately choose the way of suffering, but the choice is subconscious.

This brings us to another point: never, never force spiritual healing on others. The soul should come of its own free will to seek spiritual help. The need of the patient is for spiritual light; the purpose of the pain is to lead him towards the light.



This is why, in spiritual healing, we tell you not to be concerned too much with the physical body, and its manifold aches and pains. You are concerned with the soul and with the aura of the patient. It is true that the healer may possess certain magnetic force, or 'animal magnetism', and give temporary relief to the patient, but that is not enough. In spiritual healing you are healing the soul. In time the body will reflect the soul's health.

True healing takes place on the spiritual plane, and healing power comes from the Divine Life of the Christ Sphere. According to the purity of the healer, it pours through his subtler vehicles at the mental and vital bodies; and streams forth from his hands and his whole aura.

As the mountain stream needs a clear channel, so the healing stream needs a pure aura in the healer. It is not merely the laying on of hands, but the contact with Christ. The essence of Christ can then pour forth and be concentrated or intensified in its action by the healer's mental control. For this reason it will be found that Absent Healing can be as effective as the laying on of hands, if it is properly conducted.


In the invisible rays are certain qualities, certain colours and vibrations, even perfumes, which can be drawn upon by the healer, and then passed through to the patient. Usually when a man falls sick, something is lacking, or there is unbalance in the spiritual being, in the soul of the patient.

You, as a healer, are working, in company with the angels, to supply the missing element, to restore balance, health or wholeness to the soul. You are a conductor of these pure spiritual forces, so you yourself must endeavour to be like the priests and priestesses of old. You must attune yourself by pure living, pure thinking, pure action and right behaviour, as a human and spiritual instrument.

Strive with all your heart to maintain yourself in good health. Do not overwork yourself on any plane of life. Follow the rules of pure, healthy living. Live harmoniously within yourself. Live on pure, wholesome fruits of the earth. Breathe in the life of God in full consciousness. Be kind to your body, do not force it to do things which it is unwise for it to do. Do not clog it with smoke. Rest it, cleanse it, feed it with pure food, and attune it to the purer vibrations of the higher ethers. The foundation of all healing is attunement on the healer's part to the forces of nature and of the spirit.



Remember to allow yourselves to be recharged when you are feeling depleted or tired. One good way to recharge yourself is to plunge your hands in cold water. Another is to put your hands in mother earth; yet another is to go among trees. Stand with your spine against a stalwart tree and breathe with the tree, breathe in the life-force, and you will be surprised how the life-force will flow into you again. Contact nature when you are feeling depleted and tired; and when you feel really unable to do your work, withdraw. In time, you will learn how to replenish yourself so that you will not get weary.

Relaxation is important for healer and patient, but relaxation under the control of the higher self. Let the body go absolutely at ease, let the mind relax; and let the celestial body, through the physical, astral and mental bodies, fill the aura with the light of Christ. So few know how to relax, they go about tied up in knots, their faces all screwed up, instead of manifesting relaxation, peace and surrender to the heavenly sphere.

As you strive to become a pure channel for the healing power you will become more sensitive, so we should perhaps tell you how to protect your aura. Immediately you feel a hurtful or negative condition, or think you may be 'picking up something', protect yourself by folding your aura around you as an angel folds its wings. Do this mentally. It will also help you if you take several deep breaths. Draw in the Great White Light, and clasp your hands over the solar plexus, the right hand placed over the left, and maintain positive thought.


The left hand is the receiving hand and the right is the giving hand. If you hold up your left hand in prayer, asking for the healing power to come to you, it will flow into your left hand. It is like a magnet; all the pulsating life-forces come into it and pass through the body to the right hand and thence to the patient.

The healer's touch should be very gentle; a very gentle and light touch is all that is necessary. The rays extend beyond the finger tips and some way below the palms of the hands. Healers must remember that there is another hand over theirs; their hand is not the instrument, but the conductor.

Never allow yourself to become involved emotionally with a patient. On the earth plane, a medical man may be sympathetic and kind, but if he is wise he will never get involved emotionally with a patient. Emotions must be kept under control in all spiritual work. Ungoverned emotions can break up the finest work and the finest groups. We always teach our Children to rise above the weakness of uncontrolled human emotion, for nothing so surely stops a candidate from progressing on the path. The wise man is steady, kind, loving to all, and goes direct to the Great Heart of love and wisdom.

  The Power Of Thought 

Thought can create good health, thought can heal; but thought can also inflict pain and disease, disrupt and destroy the bodily, mental and soul life of man. Science is only on the outermost fringe of comprehension of the power of thought. Thoughts of anger, fear and hate form the root of all suffering and of wars. Thought can also bring forth beauty, harmony, brotherhood, and all else that man longs for.

We ourselves work as far as possible with the creative power of thought. We try to avoid all destructive thought. We make it a rule, when giving advice and help, always to be constructive, to see nothing but good; and we do this even though we may be called foolishly optimistic. We know that by seeing only good, by creating good by positive thought, we can help to bring about that which is desirable and good. We do not see or think in terms of pessimism, sadness or death. All is life, all is unfolding, all is ever progressing, all is good, all is God. Therefore would-be healers should work only upon constructive lines.

Never suggest that a patient is likely to die. Admit no such thing as death. See only creation, ever changing, unfolding life. There is no death. Believe that 'while there is life there is hope'. Never anticipate anything but good. It is the work of all true healers to inspire confidence, not doubt or fear; always help the patient to attune himself harmoniously to the perfect law of God.


The patient should be helped to develop a clear and holy (or healthy) outlook on life. Right thought is God-thought carried through the whole being. This is a tremendous truth; and if you think about it and meditate on what we are saying, you will grasp what we mean. Right thought is God-thought. It is balanced, loving, pure, holy and kind; it is tolerant and generous. Right thought is a general God-outlook on life.

Spiritual healing is brought about by the power of sincere aspiration. When the thoughts are truly aspiring to the Christ, then the Light of Christ, the rays of Christ are felt in the physical body, and having great power they can reverse the sick order of things. Where darkness is apparent in the physical body, this can be turned into light; and the light takes possession, dominating the body and controlling the physical atoms. This is how miracles are performed, but worldly men and women cannot understand or appreciate this. When we say that thought has the power to do this, we mean of course divine thought, the thought which rises from a pure and aspiring heart. The power which comes when the heart is set upon God can reverse negative to positive, darkness to light.

The Master Jesus said, "I and my Father are one". "The words that I speak unto you, I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works". Every healer must know the truth of this statement, and every patient must seek to understand this eternal truth; for as soon as you make contact with the Christ Presence, even if it is only for a flash, it is like the sparking or the generating of the power of God within you. You forget earthly limitations and you soar into the higher realms of conscious life, and there you are recharged with the living God-force. Do not be held by the limitations of the earthly mind.

Do not doubt this power. Clear your conscious mind of all doubt, and know in your heart the truth of these invisible healing rays and the truth of the invisible life.

  The Angels Of Healing

Very little is known at present on the earth plane about the angels of healing, but as the age advances, many more people will not only feel their presence, they will see them. According to the need, according to the vibration created, so there come to a healing service the angels of different colours clothed in the Light of the Sun.

You know that the sunlight is full of the colours of the spectrum; now think of the angels of healing in these beautiful colours. There is nothing dark or ugly. They are all light and purity. These angel beings draw very close to the healer, who contributes the substance which they need to establish contact with those who have sought the healing power. These healing rays can be used to heal not only the physical body of individual man, but also the mind and the dark material conditions which oppress humanity.

The radiation of the pure white magic flowed continually from the heart of Jesus. Any man can still receive in his heart this same radiation from the heart of the Christ; and if his heart keep pure and joyous it can in turn radiate light and healing to all the world.


Spiritual healing is a great work in its spontaneous selflessness. The healer does not think of his own aggrandisement. If he did, he could not heal. He thinks only of the good of others; he thinks only of the alleviation of pain and suffering; of the transmutation of the dense conditions of life into a more heavenly state of being.

So we would say that if you long for spiritual development, for unfoldment of spiritual vision, give yourself in service to heal the sick. The Christ through Jesus of Nazareth said, "Feed my lambs." Feed the sick souls of men, through spiritual service, spiritual healing. Thus you will be serving selflessly not only present but future generations; you will be helping God to create a better state of life for all people on earth.

My children, follow the path of service, of true goodness, spontaneous joy in life, and become, in time, like the beloved Master Jesus the Christ; perfect sons of the living God.

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