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I have often heard the question, 'What should I do to unfold my Mediumship and Spirituality?' It is not possible to give a complete and direct answer to this question, but with the help of Manly P. Hall, maybe I can give a little direction and understanding to those who aspire to mediumship and realize the great responsibility that comes with it, as well as those who do not desire to develop mediumship.

As in the past, we realize it is wise for the student to begin his studies by first laying the ground work. To have a sense of ethics and to have a knowledge of the educational background that is needed in our society today.


1. The student must realize the value of education. While the ignorant person may be capable of Spiritual growth, the fact remains that our ethical progress is seriously retarded through ignorance of the basic arts and sciences.

If the student is knowledgeable of chemistry, a gifted speaker, clear in thought, etc., he has valuable talents which can be quickly turned to the service of mankind.

A person who is willing to devote himself to the unselfish service of God and mankind should certainly be willing first to educate himself by learning what the material world has to teach.



2. The student must understand the importance of continuity. The modern world often does not finish the enterprises which it begins.

We cannot cultivate a quality that would be more useful or more essential to our Spiritual well-being than to finish what we begin. Success can never be achieved in the material world without at least a reasonable development of the power of continuity.

This is very true in mediumship. A person who studies several lines of philosophy may call himself broadminded, but if he never carries these lines to a successful culmination he is, in reality, ‘scatter-brained’.



3. The student must recognize his debt to society, if in his zeal to unfold his spiritual nature, he neglects those daily labours which have been assigned to him in the material world, he can never hope to attain true spirituality. Each of us is born into the physical world with obligations and if we do not accept these obligations, they must be assumed by others.

Many people say, 'Life is just one difficulty after another', when in reality, it is the same difficulty presenting itself again and again because it is not mastered.

The student is urged to face and settle each problem of his life. The duties of daily life are the elements that build character, and those unable to cope with these everyday duties are not useful in spiritual or material matters.


4. The student must realize the importance of motive. Only those who take on the study of mediumship with the highest and most unselfish motives will have any hope of success in this supreme science.

In a study of people who have become great, either in spiritual or material affairs, we find that in the majority of cases, they are humble, retiring people whose greatness is never offensive.

If you study mediumship hoping to improve your material condition, you will fail completely. Perfect unselfishness is perfect consecration to the service of the One Universal God within Self.



5. The student must be patient and go slowly. As he obeys the laws of Nature and studies the new duties which he is assuming, he gradually and successively unfolds the various parts of himself. His faculties become so sensitized that he is able to see at each step of his growth that which is essential for him to see and sense that which is essential for him to sense.

One of the surest signs of true clairvoyant unfoldment is a peculiar extension of sense perception or of the mental sense of awareness. Instead of presenting itself through the organs of vision or hearing, sometimes it comes in a purely intellectual form, the mind becoming actually aware of spiritual truths and philosophic thought without any involvement of the lesser senses. The mind automatically knows.


6. The student must realize that with the increase of knowledge there is an increase in the same proportion of responsibility. Along with the knowledge acquired, the student must acquire the sense of discrimination, so that he may use the information received in the most intelligent way.

One of the laws of mediumship is that in order to receive, one must give. Those who desire greater insight into things spiritual must also earn the right to that broader understanding by intelligent use of that knowledge already possessed. The medium must realize that he is personally responsible for whatever effects his theories may have on the minds of others.

In justice to himself, therefore, no one should be in a hurry to go forth serving humanity. The ground work should be laid first, but when a person feels that he is equipped to give a message, he should do it reverently, with deep consideration saying to himself, "I am responsible from now on for the use and interpretation placed by others on the words that come out of my mouth".

Therefore, I will choose them with care, consider them in the light of my truest and highest intelligence, and send forth with each a prayer that it shall serve only the cause of good.


7. The student must maintain a constructive mental attitude. All thinking people are dissatisfied with existing conditions. They also realize that the universe is ruled by the Law of Cause and Effect, and that in order to improve affairs it is first necessary to create the proper cause so the natural result will be universal peace and enlightenment. Instead of complaining and criticizing, it is important to use diligence and intelligence to create newer and better conditions. If the student is in the habit of complaining, he keeps himself from the service of the Infinite.

Man is like an apple, some mellow with age while others rot, some are deepened and sweetened by experience, while others are hopelessly soured. Those who become soured have failed utterly. Sourness is often the result of self pity. Make it one of the rules of your life that you will never be sorry for yourself. If you become the slave of self pity, you will soon become a legitimate object of pity on the part of intelligent people.


These seven requirements then are the foundation of mediumship and spiritual unfoldment.

2. Understand the importance of continuity.

3. Recognize your debt to society.

5. Go slow.

6. Realize the increase of responsibility.


The foundation must come first. Most of the failures in Spiritual unfoldment and mediumship are caused from neglect of the ethical basis. We cannot prepare ourselves for philosophic pursuits in a few weeks or even a few years. We must build slowly and solidly, realizing that one step properly taken is worth many taken haphazardly and without direction.

Fred Anderson.

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