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A Medium is one who has the ability to form a communication between this life and the next life. In other words to both receive and send information to the spirit world. He or she is in effect the bridge between the two worlds.

Because the art of mediumship relies upon extremely sensitive conditions, the person needs to develop continuously and monitor their standards of quality on a regular basis. The reason for this is that every communication is different. Different in the personalities of the individual entities, different in the compatibilities of the spirit and the medium. Hence, every time that there is a communication, one has to start from scratch so to speak.

Mediumship cannot be subject to a plan or script. Every message, naturally is entirely different because the spirit communicators are not the same. Before any information transpires there has to be a compatible state not only with the spirit entity and the medium but equally important, the person receiving the communication and the medium.


There are several types of mediumship. Briefly they are divided into three areas.



Mental Mediumship, Physical Mediumship and Spiritual Healing



Dealing first with Mental Mediumship. It is divided into Clairvoyance, meaning Clear vision or clear seeing. This is also further divided into Subjective Clairvoyance and Objective Clairvoyance.

The former method is in operation when the Medium has a vision within their mind and is able to describe in some detail, what is occurring, this maybe a face or object. When Objective Clairvoyance is experienced by the Medium, they actually see with their physical eyes and accordingly describe what they see.


Clairsentience of course denotes clear sensing and this utilizes the Solar Plexus area of the body. A modern expression of this is ‘Gut Feeling’. Clairsentience of can only be used in the Subjective sense and people considered not to be mediumistic use this area many times in their day-to-day living.

Then we expand into Physical Mediumship which embraces ‘Transfiguration’, ‘Materialization’, and the three stages of ‘Trance’.

Transfiguration and Materialization both use ectoplasm, the components of which are utilized from the Medium, sitters and the spirit world operators. Trance can be in any of three stages or depths, depending on the circumstances at the time.



A Medium’s training takes place on all levels. Body, Mind and Spirit. There are still many misconceptions about the ability to speak with those in Spirit.

A great deal is expected of the potential Medium; Self-discipline and self-mastery. Governing the sensitivity is essential. Communication is governed by Spiritual Laws that come into effect when a Medium reaches for a link with Spirit. Having the gift of Mediumship does not bestow instant spirituality, humility or honesty, these qualities must be cultivated. Mental imagery received by the Medium is created in thought by the Spirit contact.

Members of a development group, sit in a circle of chairs in the séance room. Circle group work, is the foundation upon which Spiritual Unfoldment and Mediumship stand.


The purpose of Mediumship and Spirit Contact


Mediumship is not for the unsteady of mind or the overblown ego. Finding a sensible method of development without like-minded companions for support, can be dangerous. The Law of Attraction draws others to us. Ask God for help. Seek Spirit guidance and a good leader. Avoid cluttering the mind with various psychic subjects, the individual who specializes, develops quicker than the one who tries to do everything at once.

Learn to ‘know thy self’ and take personal responsibility for all of your actions. An abuse of drugs or alcohol damages the protective web and addicts are excluded from this development.


Punctuality in attending meetings is essential, despite the theories that time in the spirit world is different to ours. The objective here is to respect other members who are to be there. Indeed there should always be a short period before commencement when members can adjust from the hum drum of their life and settle in with the company preparing to enter a new experience. One cannot and must not expect to walk in off the street and immediately try to communicate with the spirit world. There has to be a progressive period of adjustment. That is why punctuality is so necessary.

Some years ago when I was in South Africa, I came across a tribal witchdoctor, who when I asked; “Do you tell a person or inform them that you are going to cast a spell on them, for whatever reason?” He looked me straight in the eye and said; “Master Ray, I do not have to tell them.” Now this was a man that could move stones that you selected, just by the power of his mind. I know, I’ve seen it.

  Pastor Ray Jones
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