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  Emblazoned at the Greek temple at Delphi ara the words: 'Man, know thyself'. Probably the best advise in a single sentence ever given; for to know oneself is to know the God nature that is within.

It is through meditation that we bridge the gap between the world of matter and that of Spirit. It is here that we may tap into the true wisdom of God and learn that we are indeed of that divine material that will last forever.

There are essential parts to going within. To understand ourselves is a main ingredient. What are our true motivations for wanting to know ourselves better. If it is for our eternal progression success is a foregone conclusion. Aspiration is another key ingredient. To have a goal and to continually aspire to reaching that goal is a visualization that all of us need to practice.

If the marathon runner did not have a finish line in mind at the start of the race very few races would be won. And what is our goal? To get to know our spiritual side as well as we know our physical side.


There are many different ways to define meditation but for our purposes let us say that meditation is 'the intentional directing of attention to the clear aspect of one's own inner nature'.

Meditation is truly an ancient art. Many civilizations have practiced it and no doubt it was a main ingredient at the great mystery schools of times past. Can we implement this practice into today's modern world? The answer is a definite yes. Some things never change and our spiritual nature is one of them.

Many are the ways of going within and finding one's divine nature. The basic methods or types are; Intellectual, Emotional, Physical, and Action and Meditation.



There are two general types of what we call mental meditation. In mental meditation no bodily movements or participation is included but everything takes place within the mind. These two types are structured meditation and unstructured meditation.

At times I visualize my breath going out of my mouth and returning to my nose as a vaporous substance. Paying attention to the sound of your breath is also a great help in keeping your focus. Another example is assuming the lotus position which many meditators find helpful. Practicing this form of meditation while keeping in mind the end goal is enlightenment is a powerful prescription indeed.

Another type of meditation is 'unstructured meditation'. In this type of meditation a subject or area of interest is decided upon and all other thoughts are excluded. This type is much less confining as we can let our thoughts go where they will as long as they are focused on the one subject. The goals for this type of meditation are self-improvement, growth and greater self-awareness.



While mediumship and psychic phenomena is discouraged in basic meditation we must look at the subject from a Spiritualist viewpoint. Don't be afraid to let Spirit come through or phenomena to take place but keep in mind that the real goal and benefit of meditation is to know oneself and to help oneself grow. But then again no one will argue the fact that the number one gateway to spirit awareness and psychic-mediumistic ability is that of meditation.

It is a known fact that meditation slows respiration and heart beat and many meditate while chewing there food. They make the chewing of food the focus as some do breath control and find that they eat much less. But while discussing these factors keep in mind that they are only secondary in nature and the true purpose of meditation is not problem solving.

It is true that meditation is a multi-faceted human endeavour and under certain circumstances it can be used for our benefit both physically, mentally and spiritually. The limits or boundaries connected with meditation are only put there by ourselves.


I will end the same way I began. The greatest advise ever given to mankind was that of Socrates when he said, "Man know thyself". Know the peace that passeth all understanding that the master teacher Jesus spoke of. Go within; Meditate.

Fred Anderson.

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