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  The Indigo to Crystal Transitional Crisis
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Intense Personal and Planetary Healing at this Time.

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn.


Dearest and beautiful Earth Angels, you are passing through a time of intense personal and planetary healing in the first moon cycle of this month. Please be aware that these are challenging times for you all, but the rewards will be great. So we ask you to persevere and know that you are being held in love and supported from the higher dimensions in love.

We will speak first of the Personal Healing Cycles that so many of you are now experiencing, and then we will explain how this relates to the greater Planetary healing that is now under way.

Because those of you who are part of the first wave of transitioners have worked so hard and held your energy, you have been able to release most of your present and past, and indeed future fears and anxieties, and been able to move your entire ‘presence’ into the Present or Now moment.

This is the final step. Your auras and energy grids are now undergoing a period of intense ‘re-wiring’ and ‘re-balancing’ as you prepare to step into the New Earth.



The symptoms of this re-wiring are as follows:

  • Extreme tiredness to the point of exhaustion. You are often filled with creative ideas, but feel unable to ‘move’ yourself to carry them out. Be patient. The time will come. The exhaustion is the result of the intense work happening on other levels at this time.
  • Anger. To many it will seem as though their lives have reached ‘break down’ point. And indeed they have. For many this is associated with money and their employment. You are releasing beliefs from many past lives around money and survival. You are being taught that there is no real relationship between money and survival. For many this is a hard lesson. But you are coming back to an understanding of your right to survive and your right to be supported and loved. You do not have to ‘work’ for these. They are your right as a citizen of the One Planet and a member of the One Heart.
  • Relationship stresses. At this time many relationships will either be healed or will end. As the energy is brought back into balance, so everything that has been out of balance will be brought back into balance. This will be very apparent in relationships. Again, people will realize that they have a right to love and respect and will end relationships where these do not exist.
  • Physical symptoms such as inability to sleep at night and tiredness in the day. Feelings of light-headedness and being spaced out. Feelings of energy surges in the legs and arms especially. These are all symptoms of the ‘re-wiring’ process.
  • Extreme sadness and wanting to cry. You are letting go of all your past dysfunctional patterns and the pain they have caused you. Also many of you will be assisting the planet and carrying this energy for others as well.
  • Some will have episodes of extreme pain in their bodies. This is related to those places where the most healing has been needed. As the energy surges into these newly healed and re-wired places, it is felt as pain.

  You will certainly meet yourself face to face in this period. Whatever patterns have followed you throughout your incarnations will be there for you to see, but this is not all negative at all. Many of you will suddenly realize and confront gifts and talents that you never knew you had. You will see parts of yourself that had been hidden under layers of low self-worth and negative thinking. You will see your true beauty emerging in this period as never before. You will begin to feel the love that has been there since the beginning as it emerges into your life in this period of healing and rebalancing.

And know that just as you are experiencing this healing and rebalancing. So is the Planet herself. There are tears in the inter-dimensional planetary fabric and distortions in the planetary 'wiring' that have been created by humans who have attempted to abuse and misuse the cosmic power made available to the earth for their own ends, which have usually included agendas of manipulation and control. But even this is being healed at this time, and the Planet is returning to its state of balance.

At first this will seem strange. Imagine that you have spent your whole life walking in an unbalanced lopsided way, and suddenly you are walking up straight. It will seem strange and difficult. When you become accustomed to this new way of getting around, you will see it is so much better and easier. Just know, dear ones, that for so long you have been lopsided and unbalanced, but now you are coming into balance. It is time to create a balanced planet with balanced people. A place where love and harmony and the teaching of the One Heart at the centre of all things can be established.

We wish you love, peace and harmony at this time.
Archangel Michael
via Celia Fenn

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