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The article About seeing the Aura is from several pages on the aura starting at http://www.solarraven.com/aura.html



Some people can see the human aura. Some of us never have and some have on occasion but do not usually. First off it is not a really big deal if you do or don't see the aura . It really does not seem to have any bearing on a persons actual spiritual state in any case. Many people never see auras, feel energy, hear mystical information or have visions and many of these people can be just as good or better as healing practitioners and have as deep or deeper spiritual realization than people who do get the bells and whistles . Don't let this minor matter discourage you and if you do get the effects don't get all impressed with yourself either.

Most people when they do see an aura do not see much more than a misty outline and often dismiss that as optical illusion or heat waves. This is subtle energy so it is much more often quite light and ephemeral as the energy field is also pulsing and shifting. constantly. The aura is not the optical reaction you see when you gaze at an object of one colour for a long time then look away. It is not the spots you get in front of your eyes when you look at a bright light. Nor is it the optical flashes and such you might get from eye strain or migraine headaches. There are a multitude of theories and methods for seeing the aura most of them work some are easier than others to use.

Crystals can be programmed to assist you with seeing auras and receiving information Though the first time I tried to program a crystal for this function I actually made it easier for other people to see my aura instead.

Most people try too hard. Relax and kind of unfocus your eyes and allow yourself to observe, if you don't see anything different than usual that's fine. When out doors you might look along the tree line quite often the life force or aura of the trees and other plants is often visible as a kind of mist or faint glowing outline. Most exercises to see auras call for an area with indirect light kind of like that of a cloudy overcast day or early twilight. You also need a neutral or white plain background so it won't interfere with your observations. When you become familiar with seeing auras this won't be essential but at first it helps greatly.

  You have probably already done one of the fastest ways to get a glimpse of your own aura which is to face a neutral coloured wall in indirect light and to hold your index finger together at eye level move your fingers until you get the optical illusion of having a floating third finger in the centre. The little flare of colour you may see at your finger tips is your aura.

You may be able to see your aura especially around your feet when you are in the bathtub if the light is soft, its easier with a white tub. Practice seeing someone else's aura by having them sit near a solid light coloured wall and just look without focusing especially around the neck and shoulders and head bright coloured clothing will make this more difficult. Near sighted people have the advantage because if they remove glasses or contacts they might achieve the unfocused vision naturally.

These are all open eye methods and while many people use closed eye meditations it is best to get an idea of what you sense with your eyes open .With your eyes closed it may be more of a challenge to separate your own information and imagination from the received input.

Many people have commented that when seeing auras they only see the "heat waves" or misty whitish outlines and are disappointed with themselves because they are not seeing lots of colour etc. I used to feel that way too I would occasionally see colours and or get symbolic imagery but most of the time with most people all I could see was the mist and waves. Many people find it easier to feel the energy of the aura In the first place there are permission issues many people are shielded by choice. Generally most of us will be able to see these things only with permission or compelling reason.

  My personal experience is that and this is not true for everyone. Most of the time with most of the people what is there to see is the waves and misty outlines. with practice and by raising your frequency you might/will be able to see more from casual observation. Unless you have a particular need and or the specific permission of the subject and 'Your choice of Spiritual identifier here' or the person you are observing is feeling some relatively strong emotion or focusing intensely or in effective meditation etc.

Most auras tend to be fairly quiet you will see colours among the passionate, the impassioned, the angry, the seriously ill, the dedicated intellectual, the saint or sage, the happy pregnant woman, young children at play, etc. When people are in seriously impaired health with the potential to die they may see much more of the auric field of others. In that case often when their health improves or they decide to stay on Earth this heightened sensitivity may disappear. You also need yourself to be in a calm and detached but positive accepting mild anticipatory state not wrapped up in emotions or preconceptions that will effect, impede, or superimpose you own energies on the observed. People who see all layers of the aura with ease right off have probably spent lifetimes learning to do so and more importantly have learned to perceive without the blocks and restraints most of us have imposed on ourselves that restrict our awareness of our deeper vision and perceptions. We can release those blocks should we have the will and cause to do so.

Auras are not like neon lights very often these are mostly subtle effects and the emotional and mental layers may change constantly so we are talking about fleeting shifting subtle patterns of light and colour which are most often intermingled with other auric and energetic patterns and which are rarely isolated against a neutral background in soft light which is the best condition for observation. the Aura is not to be confused with the optical effect of staring into light bulbs etc. Soft light or twilight conditions are often best for aura observation. The restraint and repression that has been prevalent in today's society also has caused a holding in and dampening of the auras light.

The degree of visibility and activity of the observable aura does vary to a degree according to the cultural and social traditions of the observed person. Many Chi gong Masters and Buddhist Adepts for example may keep their aura pulled in tight to the physical body a lot of the time. Failing to see their aura does not mean that they or you are not skilled or spiritual.

  You also need to become familiar with your own energy body. The more you know about your own energy the easier it will become to understand others energy. You need to be neutral there is a not striving but allowing state of being that assists and enhances many of the psy sensitivities. There are also pitfalls in rigidly adhering to some formula of interpretation of the human aura. Your intuition untainted by your own prejudices is vital here . Some of the older interpretive guides are for example inclined to ignore or discount positive qualities of red. Some past interpreters have given a more positive assessment of the quality of unquestioned obedience to authority then we are inclined to accept today.

What you may be interpreting. What you may perceive as you observe the aura and the information and colours in the aura. First of all the layers are not really layers like an onion has but areas of different frequency or wave pattern that interpenetrate each other. There are many more than the seven to twelve most people describe though for practical purposes that is enough to provide a general understanding of aura functions.

Generally what most people see when they observe an aura is some of the information from the first or etheric body visible next to the skin. This is mostly a bluish or greyish or whitish field. Weak spots and trauma may show as thinning or swelling in the aura or breaks leaks spurts of energy around the etheric outline of the body. They may also see information from the second or emotional body which is often seen as clouds or patterns of multi coloured light. traumas and injuries in this layer may show up as muddy or loud colours grey fogs black spots and sometimes shapes and symbols are seen in this energy field. Information and damage can be compressed and layered. Even when you do see or sense the aura you will not get all the information.

Barbara Brennon in her book 'Hands Of Light' describes the different energy bodies as alternating between structured form like the blue grid some see on the etheric (with physical related information) and the coloured clouds of the emotional body. The following part was taken down by me as though it were dictated to me (and could probably be considered as channelled.)

  Your feelings thoughts and actions, your mission, pathway and dreams are all imprinted upon your aura from moment to moment and through the eternity. While a reader may see your own pattern, the perceiver and reader may also have their own code. The way they receive and interpret what they see may not be what is there, but may be a code of information for them filtered through their auric perception.

All your feelings, thought, acts and the actions taken upon you do impact upon your aura. Not everything is preordained, the passions and fears and restrictions and freedoms your past and possible futures are all held with in these currents. Generally many born at the same time may have the same basic tone on a soul level which is where expressions such as indigo children arise, but we are each separate beings so one of indigo soul tone for time may be pink or yellow or blue in personal colour brought into the incarnation yet have different colour visibly predominating from the experiences and action reaction of the life and life plan that they are moving through as well as showing the paths and flares of the colours of the momentary influences, both internal and external in the physical environment and from the spiritual creative plane being flow form and isness. Which is what is simply called God by many. and from all the emanations thereof.

How may I simplify? What you are, what you feel, what is, so one coming in to look upon your being may see "you are blue or yellow and green" and be seeing:

A. How you are feeling reacting at that moment.

B. How you have formed patterns of feeling and reacting from the moments before.

C. What the plan or pattern intention was that you have brought into the life with you.

D. Or how it harmonized or will unfold not unfold as 'planned'.

E. Your past and or future life possibilities.

F. What abilities you have brought into this life.

G. Your personal colours of personality, of nature, of innate wisdom.

H. Your soul tones or essence these may be both permanent and transient as to life and eternity.

I. Your community or collective colours which indicate the commune of spirit and time and which all of similar mission and 'cosmic heart' might share.

J. How God manifests through you.

  These are but a few of the kind of thing that may be seen by the observer of your aura, and to mention that also manifestly visible may be elements of the influences and connections with the many other entities with whom you interact and flow with. The observer may see information and experience solely intended for that perceiver with you being only a messenger of it for them.

Each plane and each separate but intertwined energy body has its own colours. Perception will also vary from where the observer 'stands' and whether they see more than one area of influence and information at once someone who sees the rose of your God Lovingness and bliss of the fifth energy body only through the yellow filter of your or their adherences to the intellectual rational approach may perceive that as orange and say 'oh what a passionate physical tribal type that is' and have only seen the drop of water in the ocean of your being which is perfect in its being and becoming and Isness and beloved, as are we all.

Embrace with joy your unfolding and the beauty of your aura which is manifest. You are, that is enough. Do not be consumed or concerned with what others may say of their perceptions of you and your entire entity through your Aura form but seek your own knowing and it will come to you. (sela) (end of channely stuff).

  Color of the Aura
  Remember that these are subtle colours impressions not a light show. The energy field surrounding the physical body can be seen by some as radiating and filled with light. I checked every book pamphlet and article and old lecture note I could find for what colours mean in the aura and just am going to put in almost everything any one said, obviously there are apparent conflicts. This information is also useful in choosing colour and crystals to use in healing and other work.
Red The symbol of life, strength and vitality, the physical nature.
Maroon Stamina strength purpose and restraint fighting spirit warmth cooperative effort, recuperation, moodiness, selfishness.
Crimson Optimism, go getter, challenging competitive nature, eager for success, ready to champion cause, reckless.
Scarlet Impassioned likable spiteful, short tempered volatile vivacious.
Dark Red Anger, willpower.
Pink Sensitivity, unconditional love, gentleness willingness to help serves others, easily hurt not spiteful or jealous.
Orange Creativity, high aspiration, proud self sufficient, direct, high minded, restrained, ambitious, not warm or sensual, wants success rides over others, self justified, confident narrow outlook, sacrifice, creative, artistic, expressive, fullness of experience, urge to achieve results or success.
Gold Goddess energy transformation, openness, may mean spiritual knowledge or mental strength.
Yellow Analytical, discipline, dispel evil, scientific mind, overcomes ignorance, artistry, wisdom, creativity, confidence, exhilarated, mental power, expectancy, tenacity.
Green Growth, change, healing, abundance, adaptable sympathetic, takes life easy, teaching, endurance, perseverance, persistence, high self-esteem.
Dark Green Adaptability.
Turquoise Love, healing heart, generosity.
Blue Peace, tranquillity, honesty, Depth of feeling, love, affection, communication, fulfilling the highest ideals of unity.
Indigo Spirituality, integrity, psychic skills, ancient memories.
Violet Vision, imagination, intuitiveness, healing mystical, unifying, enchantment, charm and deep spiritual understanding. High spiritual energy that can transmute lower energies.
White God, oneness, Spirituality; highly evolved spiritually, motivated; incorporates qualities of all other colours.
Brown Earthiness, grounded.
  Healers often have green, blue, or violet in the aura, happily pregnant women run to pastels, lovers often have a glow of rose throughout the aura, intellectual activities can show up as yellow tones clear pure colours are indicative of stronger harmony than muddy colours.
  Spiritual light and colour is used for healing the aura and the physical body for deepening meditation and to promote specific effects in the energy field. As a tool for healing, colour can be gazed at, beamed as healing light, meditated on, bathed in, worn, used in art and in ritual such as candle magic and mandala work and painting.

There are many systems of colour healing and mandala work that can be used for healing, spiritual development, manifestation of material and non material goals these can involve the relationships of the shapes and colours used as well as the intention for which the Mandala is created. not all Mandalas are circular in form, but can be any shape of image which is focused on in meditation or prayer and manifestation.

There are many systems of colour healing using the colour associated with the chakra that rules a particular area of concern to strengthen the influence or the complimentary colour to reduce an overcharge of energy is probably the most common method. Colour is often an important guide when choosing crystals for various purposes some systems are based mainly on the colour of the crystals.

Peggy Jentoft


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