How Being A Sensitive Can Affect Your Life.
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by Wendy Kay


Being a sensitive can truly impact every aspect of your life. A sensitive is someone who is very sensitive to energies. This sensitivity affects many aspects of your life such as your relationships with people, your career choice, your love life, your fears and more.

When you are a sensitive, you feel energies much stronger than other people. This means that you may know what others are thinking or feeling. Not only would you know this but you can actually take on those feelings and make them your own. So if you are in a happy mood and meet someone who is depressed, you can then become depressed as well and not even know why you are feeling that way.

If you become overwhelmed by other people’s energies, you will find you need to isolate yourself to recuperate. Cleansing your energy and recognizing the way you feel are very important to being a sensitive.

Sensitives do not really like to be around large groups of people or small groups of people they don’t know. If you are a sensitive, unfamiliar energies can ‘fracture’ your energy so it is almost painful to be in those situations. Being bombarded by so many energies at once can send you into a panic or anxiety attack. You can start to feel claustrophobic and will want to escape. Protecting your energy can help your to deal with all of these energies.


As a career choice, most sensitives will want to be in the background or work by themselves. As a sensitive you may not want to be the centre of attention unless you learn how to protect yourself. You may be drawn to the healing arts. Do you find that people always tell you their problems? Sensitives have such a good understanding of the way people think and work that it is a natural career choice for them.

If you are a sensitive and an empath, you would be able to pick up the pain that others experience which would also push you into the healing arts so you can help others. Fulfilling this desire is important but you must be very careful not to sacrifice yourself in the process and that is a very normal thing for a sensitive to do.

The sensitive’s love life is often impacted by their sensitivities. If you are a sensitive, you may find yourself attracted to certain people when in fact the feelings are not really your own but the other person’s. If you can’t figure out why you are attracted to another person, it could be because you aren’t but they are attracted to you.

Also, it is very important to find someone that you are truly comfortable with because if your energy does not mesh well with your partner’s then you could find it uncomfortable to get too close to the person. You might feel suffocated by your partner’s closeness.


Your fears will often be highlighted if you are a sensitive and as a result you will most likely be learning to confront a number of your fears during your lifetime. Since energies affect you more than the average person, your fears are also exaggerated.

You may tend to magnify things or make mountains out of mole hills. If you are not careful, you will also pick up the fears of others and not even know it. Learning to confront your fears is very important to a sensitive.

Being a sensitive involves getting to know yourself extremely well. You need to be very aware of how you are feeling all of the time so you can tell when you are being affected by outside energies. This means that you should also be developing your intuition which helps you to recognize when outside energies are affecting you.

  About the Author.

Wendy Kay is the Founder of the Oralin Centre.

Wendy Kay has been teaching people to develop their Inner Guidance abilities for over 10 years and studying and researching the Metaphysical World for over 20 years.

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