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  Montoya's Channellings


Montoya is a very spiritual person, and a member of the white Brotherhood, who are the light that guides the way for those who need it.

Montoya's gifts include automatic writing, constant channelling and chance channelling, telepathy, visionary images, healing, seeing spiritual beings, and seeing into other dimensions.



Personal Ascension

Ascension can be a scary process, trust me I know, I have been through it the hard way. It is even scarier when you don't know what is wrong or what is happening to you, especially if you have had no spiritual experience, and suddenly have spiritual abilities. Every year many people are put in psychiatric wards or even condemned to madness.

I was a lucky one. I had many people around me that could understand that I was going through some type of spiritual growth without thinking that I was mad or had a terrible illness. My Mother figured out what it was for sure after reading Hazel Courtney's 'Divine Intervention'. My ascension had first started with feeling very depressed, feeling ill, violent shaking for long periods at a time. Rapid changes of body temperature, from hot to cold - cold to hot. Feeling very, very dizzy, as if I were on a roller coaster.

Then I really kicked off on the night of my Birthday. I saw spirits gathered around my bed, thousands of them watching me. Then a flood of voices in my head asking for help, asking all kinds of questions and even other peoples thoughts, so bad that I could not face the window. I was terrified at the time. I tried automatic writing, it worked and I picked up on all kinds of things such as; 'the time is now', 'you have been chosen', 'time has come again', 'can you see the stars?'. After a while, I had a feeling of calm and love, the voices in my head died down and I felt powerful and welcome. I started to speak Hebrewic (also known as the language of light), which seems to be a mixture of old Arabic, Latin, Hebrew, French and many others, I have now known it to be the language of the heavens.

After a few days I came out with channellings and inner knowledge and wisdom that appeared to come out of nowhere (I didn't know at the time).

Whilst I was undergoing this I had threatening messages like 'the girl must die', 'come with us', and 'you are useless, why bother'. But being me I blocked these messages, ignored them completely only listening to the polite voices that came with the feeling of love, as I new this was the doings of the dark side and that they were and are at work, trying to draw you out of the light and into the dark. I am glad I did ignore them, as I know the result.

When you are undergoing ascension you are very vulnerable and up in the spirit realm more than on the earth plane, if you give in to what they say they can draw you back to earth causing your aura to split and you are very easy access for them now. Feeling confused, ill, depressed, and still with the flow of wisdom and knowledge, once you have opened the door it will remain open unless you know how to close it. This is what causes some people to get locked up for being mad.

Back to my story. I had gained control of my body again and had found my inner self who has guided me to many places and taught me many things. I was taken in by the Ascended Masters who taught me many things, then on to many other beings to complete my journey, I am still on it but have come out at the end of the tunnel and am, what I like to call an independent soul now.

My knowledge has grown and I have a certain freelance understanding of many things spiritual now. I have learnt how to control what I hear and see, I no longer fear only to love. I hope to help people with their ascension, and learning, and gathering of knowledge. I hope to widen up the path for others to follow.


For more information on the ascension experienceÖ

Spont'ous Spiritual Awakening   The Shaumbra Symptoms


Can You See The Stars?

Can you see the stars? Was an automatic writing that I received, I looked into the meaning of it and this is what I found.

We go through the photon belt every 26,000 years. We go through a cycle of people getting more and more spiritual, then comes disaster and chaos, then back to nice and happy, and living in harmony.

Soon we are going to be moving on to the next stage, the disaster and chaos stage, the only difference this time is that there are forces working to bring the world totally to it's end as we know it.

In the disaster and chaos stage we are also having to cope with the Dark Forces controlling the government making it harder for us to have our freedom, having no time to think for ourselves, and spend our time with nature.

The Dark Forces are trying to stop this natural process from happening, working towards bringing the world to an end, but the Light Forces powers are too strong.


The Photon Belt

The photon belt is reportedly a band of intense photon (light) energy that is on a collision course with Earth. It will cause lights in the sky in places never seen before, called The Aurora Borealis.

When it gets here, things are predicted to change dramatically. There are reports of five days of darkness (although this could be metaphorical; mankind in his darkest hour), no more electricity, mass UFO landings, photon energy conversion devices, psychic abilities for all humans, transformation of our human bodies into higher dimensions, and much more.

The photon belt was first predicted to arrive by the end of 1996.


The Past Will Resume Itself

This has happened before only with the dinosaurs. If you think, the dinosaurs had global warming, they had major droughts and an ice age, and then came the flooding, bringing the seas. They had everything, the same as we are going to have.

Global Warming: The two most important things that pressure our current climate are the continued stability of the North Atlantic current and temperatures of the upper atmosphere. The greater the difference between the upper atmospheric temperatures the more violent out weather.

As we have seen upper atmospheric temperatures are dropping rapidly right now, because green house gases are trapping more and more heat close to the ground, conditions that will result in a climate shift building all over the world.

This may be against what you have believed, but global warming is natural, it is part of our, and Mother Earth's evolution.



Our Evolution/Ascension

'Time is now passing over.'

Mother Earth is going to be reborn, as we are also. Our creators are going to 'pass us over' into another world/dimension. They are making us spiritually aware of what is happening (the passing over). It is part of the Human Evolution.

Think of the stages of man, this spiritual growth is a stage of man. They are going to pass us over by making us vibrate at such a high spiritual frequency that we are no longer physical anymore.

We begin to 'pass over' in to another world/dimension. We eventually complete this stage and become spiritual beings.


The Shift Of The Poles


The poles are shifting. The North Pole will become the South, and the south will become the North. Many catastrophic things will happen in this space of time, of which even an ice age.

There will be an increase of solar flares. Ancient volcanoes will become live and erupt. Earthquakes will become more and more common in places that they have never appeared before. There will be no set seasons, mostly guessed ones. Tidal waves will drown villages by the sea. The Earth's outer crust (what we live on now) will be broken away.

There is an inner layer to the Earth, this will become the new reborn Earth. We will reach a higher spiritual conscious to realise what is happening, and that it is ok, this is a good change, this is part of Human and the Earth's evolution.

We will discover our inner-selves, which we have been hidden away from for thousands of years. The inner Earth is the new Earth that will shall live on for as long as it is meant to be.

Things will happen quicker that you think. Time will go faster and faster, so fast that at one point you may not know what day it is. As I have said you will be passed over on to the reborn world.

There is nothing to fear, this is all in safe hands. You are not expected to do anything, just take in everything around you and put it down as a moment in history.

Do not fight this unique energy, that is to transform you, and set you free.

  The Wall Of Religion
  For many years we have been blinded by junk. I am not saying that religion is bad, it's just the way that you believe in it. There is no meaning to it if you do not understand what is behind that wall.

Many people have been brought up into certain religions. Parents tell you what to pray for and when to do it, you ask why? Perhaps you receive an answer like this: 'because you should thank god for creating us'.

You have been left in the cold, not knowing why you still have to do this. Yet you carry on doing it. You say thank you, you ask for help and guidance at times, you give but do you receive?

People who believe strongly and understand their religion may get a reward. People who do not know and understand it, only to know how, and when, may not get a reward.

Find a religion that you do understand, believe in it, be part of it. Break down that wall and see what is beyond it. Even mix and match it. But most importantly believe in yourself, worship yourself if you like. For you are God.

The truth of something never stops, it carries on and on, there is so much more to uncover, to learn, like peeling an onionskin.

Never stop at one conclusion, this is what has happened to religion. There is always more to uncover, more to learn and add to the books, every meaning has a meaning.

  The Difference Between Light Workers And Star Seeds
  Star seeds are a big group of chosen ones, chosen to seed the earth with light. As are Light workers.

Light workers have many gifts and they have always been around throughout time.

Star seeds maybe older physically as they have ascended from Light worker into Star seed. 'The time is now' for them all. Every individual has there own unique and universal purposes.

Star seeds can communicate with 'home', the Extra Terrestrials. They have the advantage but it is up to them to use it. They can also communicate with the Spirit Realm freely. Where as the Light workers will start their journey when it is time for them. (See Levels Of Ascension).

On their journey they will meet new beings some might stick with them, some might move on. Some will pass on messages, some will heal the earth, the people as we said they will have their own purposes. The «hism with Knowledge to widen the path first so others can follow.

  The Higher And Lower Self
  Most of us are overcome by our lower self. The lower self is your physical self, with urges of many kinds. Many of us are in touch with our higher spiritual selves, been able to stop these lower self urges.

It was first intended that man kept a balance with these higher and lower selves. To be able to keep in touch with the spirits, and with him or herself.

Over the years most of us became more and more unattached to the higher self. We became overcome by our lower selves, feeling stressed, becoming ill.

For example; I assume most of you have seen The Matrix. Neo along with many other people in the matrix is trapped, containing a busy lifestyle. Later on Neo gets shown the real world. In many ways this 'matrix' is our lower self. Neo discovers what he really is, he discovers his higher self. The major part of the divine plan is to awaken the world. Be one with our higher selves once again.

  The Inner You
  The inner you is who you are, will be, and always have been.

You are not what you think you are.

Take your time in this life to unfold your wings as you learn. In time to come you will find your destiny, and every feather that has uncoiled will hold new knowledge.

The inner you is a stone that you hold, in that stone is life beyond the one of knows all, your planet of time, beyond the knowledge of the people, but it is you, that you hold, it is you that is disguised.



I believe that Metatron is not one single 'Angel', but that he is a group of spiritual beings. So here I will be referring to Metatron as 'The Metatron'.

As I always say, believe what you want. People all over the world channel from them. From what I know they are mostly about, the Ascension, and the purpose of what I call the 'Brotherhood' (There are many meanings for this word, there are many Brotherhoods. I will try not to get confused, I will be doing more on this subject). One of the brotherhoods is made up of Light workers, Star seeds, indigos, and crystallines.

'The Metatron' are supervising the whole program of terrestrial vibratory ascension along with other known spiritual entities, such as the Ascended Masters. They hope to teach us of this.

  Message From Uriel

Life, what is the meaning of that word?

We can live together, heart to heart, and hand in hand. Life is something made for us. Life is us, we are together as one forever and always. We here you, you hear us, may it be that way.

Divine we are, you are, earth is. Divine beings ride the stars, they are the stars. We are all made of stars. Together may we shine. Bright, but never blinding. Together we build a divine power of knowing.

You are of us, another star in the galaxy, you are another messenger of light. May your light never go out, may it be so.

Forever and always Uriel hand of the Hierarchy.


Initiation/Levels Of Ascension

Throughout our ascension we get initiated and passed on each time to new guides or teachers, so that we may learn all that is needed and to be able to do what is destined. If you have read the 12 stages of ascension it may help you to understand this more. There are different levels of ascension not just stages. Levels are the amount of times you go through the 12 stages. Each time you complete the stages you are 'initiated' and passed on to new guides or teachers. Here are the levels:

1st: Seeing contacting Ghosts/Spirits.

2nd: Spirit guides. (They come in many different forms, e.g. animals, humans, ETs.)

3rd: Ascended Masters. (You may receive channelling/messages from the Masters. There are more that just the well known ones, you may have your own personal master.)

4th: The Inner Self. (Becoming your true self. Depending on what person you are, this stage could take months or years to get to this level. From the third stage you can not go any further in less you have gone beyond your inner child and found your inner you.)

5th: The spiritual Hierarchy. (This stage you find may find yourself working with a number of different beings from the hierarchy.

You now should have finished your ascension, your path is set.


Dream Realities

I have many theories on dream dimensions/realities that I hope to prove, at least to myself if not you. I hope to prove that there are many dream realities, and throughout our ascension our dreams become more 'true to life', more in tune with other dimensions/realities and Earth and humanity's ascension.

Here are my three theories:

  1. I am sure many of you have or are experiencing the increasing sense of dťjŗ vu more than you ever had. What you had dreamt the previous night became real. You get so confused at what is real and what is not. For me and maybe you, the dreams become more vivid. Things get so confusing you get to a point that you do not know or remember what is real at all. For example, if you had a dream about a tidal wave crashing through the village, even though there is no sea nearby, you still expect it to happen (when you have awoken).
  2. If you think about something it will happen. Now that is not a theory, it's true. But if you predict something to happen you could actually be making it happen. The point I am trying to make here is, those who are in charge of the great plan could be sending us these dreams so that we think, know and believe that they are happening (subconsciously), so that we make it happen to help the Earth and other people in the ascension. Also the saying 'we work in our dreams' makes sense if you put this together. I have and always will believe that throughout and after ascension we are connected with other dimensions, so we can experience the 'truth', the true to be happenings, and have a better understanding of things. These dreams may help some of us to be able to deal with things to come at a later date.
  3. The other dream realities are personal, or on a different dimensional level. Some of these could be used to help us in our everyday life. Pay great attention to your dreams for within those dreams holds the cheats for the game 'life'.

There is a saying, well a great big philosophical question, 'is this life/world real, is it computer animated'? I don't believe that it is computer animated, but I do believe that this could be a dream. 'The awakening', I think this could mean the awakening out of this reality and awaking up to the 'real world' (moving up into a higher dimension). We notice it in our dreams. Those who chose not to ascend will stay in this reality/dimension, but will not notice that there is any difference.

To sum up:

  1. There are many different realties. By dreams becoming more vivid we can see into the 'real world'. The dreams are becoming reality for those who are ascending.
  2. Those in charge of the great plan are making this happen by using our 'mind power'.
  3. Those who chose to ascend will awake in the real, no longer dream world.

The Order Of The Çhism:

Secrets Revealed

I had a dream two nights ago with the word '«hism§' written like that (I do not know why). This dream really had me thinking all day, until I decided to ask what it meant. This is the channelling that I received:

Me: Who/what are/is the '«hism'?

Answer: You are. We are. They are handpicked. They are the ones that do not stand out, but are the ones that protect; they are the ones that will stand out in future days to come. «hism means light beings. Their light is welcoming to all those of in need. People are attracted to it like a moth to a flame. «hism are Beings to protect and guide, at the ever-nearing ascension and transition of the earth. They have been re-incarnated on earth many times before, they finished their ascension many lifetimes ago and passed on to the higher realms. They have come back to help those on earth from many dimensions and places all over the galaxies. Times ancient to you were the myths of Angels walking among those of earth. When in times of need we spring into action and help those that need it. We are luck, the miracles throughout time. We stand out to other Light workers and co. Star seeds are brothers and sisters assisting with earth's transition. «hism are teaching those of earth information of all transition and ascension like you.

Me: Is this part of the new age?

Answer: Yes, but only just. They are telecommunicators that help guide those into the light.

Me: Who is in charge?

Answer: We are. The Melchizedek, and the Metatron. (I will be getting further information on this.)

«hism can also be known as teachers, messengers or prophets.

Symptoms of a «hism:

Have a very strong sense of knowledge.

Not feeling that they fit in with other Brotherhood types although they are the net that hold the Brotherhood together.

Rapid ascension, as if done before and having a 'reboot'. But have bodily drawbacks. Ill through part, or most of lifetime on Earth.

More information than others, tendency to be well known for their work.

This information has remained hidden up until now.

This next piece is some information that I found on Mechizedek from the book 'A dictionary of Angels' by Gustav Davidson:

"The King of righteousness whom pseudo-Dionysius called 'the hierarch most beloved of God'. Epiphanius in his Adversus Heareses calls Melchisedec an angel of the order of virtues (also known as the Metatron or Shining Ones - Channeller)."

I had a vision that I was with the Metatron. They looked a peachy colour, the light seemed to bounce of them, and then they introduced me to the Melchisedec. There were more Melchisedec than there were the Metatron. The Melchisedec seemed to be a whiter colour they were both equally as bright. There is not much I can say about this, as I do not recall all of it.


The Order Of The Çhism

Crystalline And The Çhism

«hism are the 'Prophets' of the New Age, assisting the earth into the new realm. Crystalline children are the children of the New Age. We prefer to think as «hism as the teachers of the New Age.

Their DNA is made up of 12 strands but has a complex level. As we have said they are telecommunicators with us and those of Earth. Their DNA enables them to have clearer channels connecting to the hierarchy and the divine self.

Throughout time there has always been «hism and it will be so until their time comes, when they should pass on their knowledge on to the Crystalline so that they can teach.

The duties of a Crystalline:

Crystalline have been around now for quite a while, the Golden Age has only just begun to dawn on man. Crystalline have and will carry on leading people that chose to ascend onto the bridge of light into the new realm. We are all working together to achieve this goal, however many years it may take.

Parent/Guardianship of «hism:

Think of the «hism as the teachers with followers.

Think of them the Generals of an army plotting ahead for what is to come and then leading the army into battle.

Think of the «hism Mothers and Fathers with a compassion for their children, always there to help when in times of need.


Crystalline and «hism come from different dimensions indeed. «hism come from all dimensions but mostly 6D and 7D. Crystalline 'welcome' the new comers into the new realities, 4D and 5D. Those considered as 'normal' that chose to ascend will move to 4D. Those that have played their part, such as Star seeds will move to 5D. And others form other dimensions such as «hism will 'return' home.


Elemental Movement

Has anyone being seeing Fairies/Elementals more and more lately? As some of you may already know the Elementals are moving into our dimension, this is happening very slowly, but the people I know are starting to see it more and more frequently now.

They are moving into our dimension, because they too are ascending. One reason for this is that, as you may already know they help earth, look after her, with the damage that with have given her in this dimension, the fairies have to come and fix it, there is no rest for the wicked. Come to think of it, each time we ascend they will follow, hopefully they won't be clearing up after us all the time. Yes we are all moving up one but this is no coincidence.

I have a theory that the gifted people that see the Elementals all the time, could have been one in their last life, ascended into the next dimension and some part of them is able to drift in and out of their dimension to the Elementals dimension, so they are able to see the Elementals, does this make any sense?



It is your wings that gain your spiritual knowledge and decide when they want to learn more. Everybody has wings. They are who you are. They are what gathers information that you need in life, the wisdom, the knowledge.

You may already know what wings are, they mean something different to everyone. To you they may be the great white fluffy things on the back of an angel. Most angels that you see in pictures have big wings. They have fully unfolded, they have learnt everything that they are destine to know.

People are opening their wings every day, and finding out who they are, and what they already know from past times.


A Message From A Fairy

Trance Channelling from a fairy.

We were put here to right Human wrongs, Humans keep us busy, it is our job to make this world a haven-, which it once was, we all once lived side by side peacefully.

Since the great death of one whom was evil, who now lingers in humans today, there is little good; 'only believe in your master' they say. We have been hiding, but still doing our job; good is fading slowly away, we are dying by the million, people do not know and believe in our existence anymore, we fade, fade and are gone.

We are like rain to an earth, without rain the earth is a desert, a place of death. So help us fairy folk.

Believe once more.
M e r y i n e


My Trip To Atlantis

I was lying in my bed and clunk. I am in a 'meditation'.

Where I was seemed to be dark at first, then two eyes appeared, the horns, then the rest of a face which was pointy and long a bit like a dogs, but with no ears. It's body was half goat (bottom half) and half 'human' (top). He was standing with his hands behind his back.

Then a forest appeared around us, there was a few maidens walking around in the background. I had a glimpse of myself for a brief second. I looked a bit like the lady of the lake, with long golden hair (as usual, but longer). I was wearing a long green, medieval dress, and was tall (very tall).

He (the being that was standing in front of me) was half my size and had a good aura about him. I asked, where I was, who he was, and was this a place or a planet (don't know why). I did not get an answer, yet I felt my answer full-filled. I asked if they (his folk) minded my being there.

He was very welcoming and offered out his hand, I took it, and we walked a little and then drew to a stop. Two large gates opened in front of us. Inside seemed to be a maze of a city.

I asked if I could have an ariel view of what I was seeing, I did, I saw a city, it was in the shape of a circle with 4 paths leading into the centre which formed a cross.

I went back to being with the being, we took a step inside the city. There were no outside walls , but you could feel their presence. The atmosphere was peaceful, loving, relaxed, blissful. There were many shrubs about the place, then it clicked.

Earlier on in the day I had been discussing Atlantis. I had been told that Atlantis was a garden, I had heard this many times, and having this experience it made sense.

I was in Eden, I was in Atlantis. I asked 'was I in Atlantis?' My answer was 'yes'. I got taken somewhere else further in the city, I heard these names: Rambion, Alchazion and Meldion.

The Meldion are the 7 Eves (I had also been talking briefly about this, but I do not have any information on them). They told me that some of the names given where forgotten beings. Then I was told: "The heart of Atlantis lies within the Earth, 'it will rise' and all will be restored".

"This is as it was (Atlantis), and will be later to come. For the reunion of higher beings where they shall make judgement for the future. Once Earth is ascended into 4D it will rise and remain until its time comes and all is lost again".

They are filling up the seats of Atlantis and are waiting for the show to beginÖ.


Inner God/We Are God

"Why worship God in one place, when he is all around?"

Guru Nanak

"Are we all a fragment of someone's imagination?"

Famous philosophical question.

I will start off by saying ; believe what you like it's your world.

Isn't it funny how we make things happen. When we are feeling down, the world is down and bad things happen. When we are up the world is up and good things happen.

I do not know how our souls were born, or first created, I haven't the brains to go that far back. Many people have said that we chose and planned out our life before we went into our bodies. 'It is meant to be' or 'let it be'.

To me, each moment in your life is what you make it, it is what you decided to be, you have the power to make things change, you are God, even to this day you create and change your life, without knowing it.

Some of us do know, like me I have discovered my inner power, my inner God and make things change to how I want it. It is not a bad thing to do, if you are thinking, can you change the natural laws such as Karma, I will give you the answer:

Some of us after been consumed in our bodies for to long have forgotten how to use the force within, which is why there are these laws, to keep a good balance with ourselves and others that be. The powers that be enable us to reach one thing, good or the light, the powers that be are for one cause; to stay one with our good God side.

Why are there these laws if we are God?

It is the way you wanted it to be. You can only solve your own problems, for within you lies all answers. God is neither light neither Dark. So are we, it is only our actions that are light or dark.

Working with the divine presence, working with God or working through God. To me this all means the same thing as 'finding your inner self' and working with it. Man was created equal in my world we are all God in some ways if we want to be. So you could be a figment of someone's imagination if they chose to imagine you. Why worship God when you don't know where 'he' is, find 'him' then worship him.

Believe if you chose. God is all part of us.


Questions And Answers

Council Of Twelve

DNA Çhism Ascension

Montoya: Why is the process so hard, is it manipulation of DNA?

COT: Yes. The process is manipulation of DNA for those who chose to play a part in «hism. So it is easier to connect with earth and the spirit realm and many other things such as the inner wisdom and knowledge, all to make the job of «hism easier and unique. There will be mistakes causing certain cancers, but we will fix what is broken.

I then thought about split auras and the reason for them and they gave me this:

Split auras in some of you are where we make an incision and insert more Aura or wing DNA, (Note from Channeller: Aura or wing DNA can also be known and Soul growth, which is basically ascension.) This is to make the important flow of knowledge and wisdom easier, to become in touch. This happens regularly and can make you feel as if you have fallen down to earth. This is known as the natural 'break' or 'rest period' in ascension.

The wound that is left in the aura or soul will heal. You will feel the progress and changes as you begin to perk up again. It is up to you how long you take to recover, (this is referring to me) you are right as you are to let things be, otherwise the unhealed wound will have its drawbacks (Infection).

Me: How do you help your physical self?

COT: You take it easy, we are here. Hold yourself up, there is never an end. Fulfil your cravings it is a natural process and a good thing to do. Exercise, socialise as you would, take the time whilst you have it. Every teacher needs to learn before they can teach. Use this time to learn from others. Once you have the information you can make an understanding.

We must go now and leave you with this. There are many children ('new' to, or questioning ascension) that need the teaching. Enjoy life. Business can be fun! Love, peace, light to you.

Melcazick (with the colour green).

Council of twelve, rightful Royalness, divine Gods omega.

  Message From Uriel
  Life, what is the meaning of that word?

We can live together, heart to heart, and hand in hand. Life is something made for us. Life is us, we are together as one forever and always. We hear you, you hear us, may it be that way. Divine we are, you are, earth is.

Divine beings ride the stars, they are the stars. We are all made of stars. Together may we shine. Bright, but never blinding. Together we build a divine power of knowing. You are of us, another star in the galaxy, you are another messenger of light. May your light never go out, may it be so.

Forever and always Uriel hand of the Hierarchy.

Let your light shine bright



Elohim Channelling.

Me: Why are we given so little time to ascend and learn more as it is becoming more common? Why will the time speed up towards the transition?

Elohim: Confusion will erupt. You (human race or just referring to the ascending ones) are all taking it slowly now - exploring as you have been for many years, now is the time. Now is the time to move. Before you were born time was at a stand still. Now that you are here it shall move on. You will be trapped like many others with the drawbacks of reality or mind. Slipping in and out of consciousness. As you have read, learnt know and believe, part of the mind are dangerous. You (me personally, although other people have done the same) have explored it, you know which bits are what, what they do and how to use it, but you still have no proper control of it.

Especially with illness (one of my weak points), something in the mind triggers it. To be free of the mind is to be free of your self. To be free of your self you have to face the music and go through it all first. Go up not down.




Note: This relates to my theory that to be able to get out of your body e.g. Astral project or OBE in general, you have to go through the top of your head not your root, solar plexus or any other paces. Up and out.

Me: What makes down so bad? Who created the up and down rule or so to speak?

Elohim: We did (or on the whole you). Man and his bodies e.g. ethereal, astral, mental, physical. Chakras Root (or lower), Crown (or higher). Down to up. A man's world evolves around him. To go down you are on earth (or lower) to go up you are not, simple.





Note: I do not know what the lower ones are I will have to ask another time.

Me: Why is it that we think of down as earth or lower?

Elohim: You have to develop an earthly consciousness, an earthly state so that you don't become trapped in the mind.

Me: But for those who do this and then want to ascend how do they do it?

Elohim: If you are one of those people or beings (depending on which soul group) when you develop that state then you will ascend on an earthly level.

Me: Why are the weather changes happening already? Shouldn't we be given more time?

Elohim: There are too many 'explorers' taking their time to pass information onto others (which we need) whilst descended ones descend, a hole opens in the earth. The earth does not like this therefor sending the weather forces to cleanse her and get rid of this infection. Leaving you no chance, the time will go faster for you because we have to ascend quicker before the earth dies, she can't hold on any longer.

You are ill because you are balanced, your body is the earth, and you feel her pain in many ways. Wouldn't you want to get rid of it? (Referring to me).

Me: It's causing fear for us (people on earth), the weather, the predictions are dragging us down. This is what they (the descending) ones want?

Elohim: But like in all the films (same idea being drilled into our heads becoming reality) they take over the world kill themselves not thinking, then they leave us thinking that they have died and we are safe. But the truth is that they have just moved back with a lot more people on there side willingly or not, clever?

Sorry was a little rusty so it has not come out to greatly. If you have any questions about certain things in here please ask (using the contact button below). I feel that there is more to come with this.


You Know Who You Are

Our race has been put here for many a reason, and to play a big part. We are of our own kind, we are a respected race, yes we are mixed; hybrids-human angels, but we shall not be any taboo anymore, everything happens for a reason. Everything has a time and a place. We appear to the world as new but really we are ancient.

We were forgotten in the sands of time on this earth, but have made our mark in the higher realms. We have visited your people for many years, yet we are still unknown, we are revealing ourselves to the world to get it ready for the transition. Yes we have had a past that has made its mark with your kind, but that is the past, and times and people change. We are descendants of; the Elohim, Enoch, Sandalphon, and many more. . We will make this clear, we are the light race of the Nephilim as you have once heard 'the Chrism', a 'new race' of souls on earth.

Our race are quick learners, nothing stops us from being explorers, explorers of our own minds explorers of distant lands. So we may come back with knowledge to pass on to distant generations.

We may be known as 'fallen angels' but there is always an opposite of everything, an opposite of us, and the hierarchy. Not only do we have to keep a balanced state of mind, but even a balanced universe (everything).

We will leave you now, the door has been unlocked now step through it. You know who you are now after searching for a long time it has become clear, much learning is to be done but there is always time, wise old oneÖ until next time.

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