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A Brief Note: Not all of our physical and emotional discomfort can be labelled as an ‘ascension symptom’. There are certainly times when we are just not well, period. For instance, we can easily have a cold or flu and not be clearing at all.........a cigar is sometimes just a cigar.


1. Rest. Rest. Rest. Your body is going through an incredible transformation and is on over-load. For those highly sensitives with fragile nervous systems, rest can make all the difference. I have found that severely limiting my activities and attending to extreme self-care has made a considerable difference. It also has a natural by-product of putting you in the higher realms.

2. Be in your creativity as much as possible. The higher energies crave creativity, and you will naturally and automatically be elevated into the higher realms, as well as opening a channel for that energy to flow more easily.

3. Try not to resist the process. I have found that fear and resistance to the ascension process only creates an unpleasant experience. Everything is in divine right order. We all have our own special non-physical beings monitoring our process (I have seen them.), and we will not be allowed to go 'too far' into a danger zone. We are never given more than we can handle, even though sometimes it seems otherwise.

4. Monitor your thoughts. This is key. Higher and positive thoughts will immediately place you in the higher realms, as well as assist greatly in what you are creating. Find a 'feel good' vision for yourself and use it often. I frequently envision my perfect life in all ways. Know it will arrive. You have the vision because you are supposed to be living it.

5. Let your soul guide you. We tend to want to be in control of what is going on and may 'over do' grasping for some kind of relief. If you let go and ask, your soul will bring to you the messages you need; whether through another person, a book, an e-mail, etc. and is a great navigator for a smoother and more pleasant transition. I have found that 'less is more'. The process itself has its own way of getting you where you need to go, and you can easily overstimulate yourself by trying to take charge.

6. If you are guided to supplemental support, take it. Adrenal support has assisted me greatly. Our bodies are working overtime. Relaxing herbs are good as well.

7. Although doctors may be baffled by your symptoms, as you don't fit into their 'niches' they still may be of help. Our bodies have been thrown out of balance and you may have a chemical imbalance, a hormonal imbalance, a thyroid imbalance, or anything else that can benefit from a doctor's diagnosis. Doctors seem to be catching on, and are really coming around. My doctors and nurses in Asheville frequently told me about surrounding myself with white light, being mindful not to take on the energies of others and that I was releasing past lives. They are out there.

8. Spend as much time in nature as you can. The sky is still blue, the sun is still rising and nature is still blooming and thriving. It feels good to connect.

9. Get plenty of exercise. If you are too tired to exercise, try walking. It is important to keep things moving.

10. Soak up the sun. The sun carries the vibration of the New energy and it really helps to be out in it daily.

11. If you're experiencing hypersensitivity, alter your lifestyle in regard to crowds, excitement, and stress. I completely avoided them for a while, and you will eventually come to a place where stress does not exist as you are in the moment and nothing really matters that much anyway. Your life will become simple.

12. Find your passion. Many times an uncomfortable situation will unfold your passion and mission. That is part of the plan.

13. Spend time around our new little beings. I play with the children at my granddaughter's day-care. Many of the new little ones are highly evolved and will make you feel more 'at home'.

14. Take Epsom salt baths.

15. Water. Get in it and drink lots of it. While going through an intense period of release and transition, my ascension guide told me to get in the water.....not a bathtub, but a swimming pool. This can be very soothing and calming, and moving through it really helped. And as we all know, drink lots of it.

16. Visit with friends and simply listen to their day. Remember, you are 'emptying out' much of your identity, and this may be all you can contribute at times. It greatly helps to stay connected to others, even if you think you don't want to be around people. It will also get your mind off your own process.

17. Find endless ways to make yourself 'feel good'. Read a good book, walk in the forest, take a bath, get a massage, buy a new car, get a new wardrobe, take an art class you've always wanted to take, get your hair done, redecorate. Feeling good is vital, and the universe will in turn support you, as you support yourself. This is our natural state of being and also places us in the higher realms.

18. Try not to focus a lot on the strange symptoms you are experiencing, as this will only serve to magnify them, and make them your reality. The process will unfold on its own, so it's better to focus and become involved in things you greatly enjoy, or suggestions from this list.

19. Just love everybody; especially yourself.

20. Make a personal declaration about how you would like your own ascension process to unfold. You are the master here, and we need not feel like victims. As you evolve, you will eventually remember the tools to control your own process and experiences.

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