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A View Of The New World Soon To Come
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Imagine being very aware of who you are. You are your special gifts and talents. You naturally vibrate them. They are effortless for you. You love who you are and are simply being. You don't vibrate exactly like anyone else. Your particular energy is unique to you… A perfect compilation of your incredible gifts and talents which result in a beingness that only you possess.

No one expresses their particular gift in exactly the particular way that you do. You wake up each morning joyful to be alive. You cannot wait to be and do what you came to be and do. You have a passion and joy for where you choose to direct your vibration, for what and how you choose to create. The opportunities for expansion and creation are never ending.

You live in a community where all is in harmony and balance. Your particular community has, at its hub, a particular vibration that you resonate with. There are other communities on your beautiful planet and each have their own particular vibration, or theme.

  You are very connected with those in your community, as they belong to your soul family. You remember and know each other well. You have a great love, caring and appreciation for your family as you have been together since time began. You are joyful to be in each other's presence. You are known for who you are and how you vibrate, so when your community needs that niche filled, you are naturally the one to fill it.

It is expected that you will, as you are highly revered for who you are, and your vibration naturally completes the perfect harmony and balance of your community. You don't need to be 'off' and 'on', as you are continually being and doing your gifts, talents, joy and passion, all effortlessly. You are in perfect alignment with Source energy.

There are gardeners, architects, inventors, artists, chefs, writers, multidimensional communicators, and more. Your community interacts in perfect harmony with nature, the nature spirits, with the planets, and with all of life. All is represented, needed, appreciated and accepted.

  Your community utilizes and flows with the energy of the planetary alignments, as they are part of the whole as well. You each have a specific and individual vibration along with the identical vibration of the whole. Everyone and everything has a perfect niche and all is effortless. Your needs are continually met at all times, therefore there is never an experience of using up your energy in a direction that does not support the expression of you.

Source energy flows with no resistance, as you realize that you are yourself, an extension of Source. There is regular communication and visitation with light beings and beings from other dimensions. Higher knowledge is easily accessible and experiencing other worlds is a common occurrence. You are all united in the same goal and in the same direction. You are all one.

Art and creation abound. Quality hand made works of art fill your home and enhance your environment. You feel good just having them around you. They raise you up. These creations are a contribution of each individual's sharing and expression of who they are, as are yours. Architecture is magnificent. There are water wheels, windmills and unusual ways to harness the ever abundant energy that surrounds you.

  There is no monetary system, as everything needed is fulfilled by someone expressing and being their gifts and talents, their passion and joy. All is freely given. To live in your community, you need only to be, to express and to allow. Being who you are at the deepest level (from your soul), expressing through your creations and allowing source energy to pour through you. Do you remember our communities? Do you remember what we came to show, guide and create?

As a multidimensional traveller and communicator, I used to receive an unusual amount of visitation from my root family of origin. They were passionate about assisting our beautiful planet. They said they needed the human element to complete the process and continually reminded me of my role as their 'offspring'. They were especially encouraging and persistent about creating the new communities.

As we are now evolving so rapidly into human angels and light beings ourselves, we now embody this remembering, and this knowledge more than ever before. As we are the leaders and creators of the New World, and as the planet has finally reached a vibratory level that is conducive to maintaining and supporting this way of living, and as most of the behind the scenes 'setting up' is nearly complete, the time is finally ripe.

  The light workers will 'go first', as they will create a place for individuals to go to when the Old vibrational patterns and ways no longer exist. Part of this extraordinary evolutionary process involves the step of creating a place to 'go to'. Our beautiful Heaven on Earth. Others will assist those in transition through their abilities as healers, and so on. Everyone has a facet……everyone has an equally important role to fulfil.

Our evolutionary process has beautifully guided us here. As our bodies and spirits began 'mutating' into higher forms, we began to loose interest in doing much of anything that was not our 'passion'. We went through many energetic shifts, with the help of the planetary alignments and through our 'summoning' and desire for a higher way of being, that purified us in preparation for becoming 'gold nuggets' of purer Source energy. We did not seem to want to do anything that was not 'our job' to do. No more responsibilities that were not ours.

As we grew more and more weary from all the internal DNA changes and from becoming more and more in alignment with Source energy by becoming all we were really meant to be, we found ourselves in a space in between worlds.

  We are more 'wired' now than ever for the New World, and with the bulk of the darkness having been 'removed', our next step is finding and knowing who we are, and what our individual unique contribution is, as part of creating the New World as well as assisting others in their arrival. The 'outer world' is now very nearly ready to match our New higher vibrational 'inner world' as it will soon be manifesting in form. We needed to wait until all conditions were ready, and now they are very close indeed.

Over and over I receive the same information: we have been 'taken over' by the light. It is by far our dominant vibration. There has been a 'changing of the guard' so to speak. It appears that anything not matching this newer, higher vibration will naturally fall away and is now beginning to show in form.

Wouldn't letting go of the old be easier if we knew and trusted that what was coming was so much better than anything we had previously experienced? It's as if we are in a relationship with someone that is no longer working. What if we knew that someone else was coming that was just perfect for us, and that our new relationship would be incredibly joyful and something we had never experienced before. The 'new' would be 'new' beyond our wildest dreams. Are you ready to let go?

  It appears from my readings that there are many beings of light in human form coming into place and filling this new foundation of light. They are coming as our Star Kids, within the animal kingdom; many of our pets are higher beings of light, and even in pivotal places within our governmental structure.

There will be wonderful surprises ahead. As our current systems fall away, the new structures will be ready, creating an easy transition. Will they manifest through our passion and joy and our deep connection to Source. My visions show that as the darker/denser energies are now but a small residue' and soon to be non-existent, the time is ripe for these newer ways of light.

What is your passion? What is your joy? What will be your contribution to the New World?

  Karen Bishop
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