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Living in Love and Joy

Some Thoughts From My Soul To Yours


Today can be the beginning of a new life for each of us. We can choose joy right now. We can live in delight starting at this moment. Life isn't over until your last heartbeat. Start today to make your heart beat with joy, love and light.

Live From Your Soul A Blessed World God's Love
Life After the Storm Be a Blessing Never Too Old
Sharing Sunlight Giving From the Heart Little Golden Treasures
What's Necessary - Happy Life An Old Well Beautiful You
Flowers Angel Watching Creating Paradise
The Dance of Life A Chorus Of Joy To Touch Someone
This Little Light Of Mine Seeds Or Trees One Day At A Time
Teachers Of Love Sunbeams Coincidence Or Miracle
Thousands Of Thoughts Lessons From Dogs God Loves You
Start Today Picking Apples Serving Others
Your Soul's Beauty My Friend It's Own Reward
Ageless Love Briefcases A Tiny Candle
A Full Glass Everyday Miracles Angels In Disguise
We Are Angels Live Now Free Of Charge
Spring A Bit Of Effort Dreams
Love Will Prevail Natural High A Rich Man
Sing A Song Singing And Dancing Walls
Hug, Kiss, a Few Words A Lap Full A Part Of The Ocean
A Shower A Day Ageing Embrace The Light
Gifts From The Soul I Forgot Something Today Living with the Heart Of A Child
Love Is Attractive One Step Plan Puppy Love
Taking Out The Trash Smiles And Laughter The Spirit That Lasts
Butterflies And Angels A Question Of Faith A Limitless Life
I Saw An Angel Choose To Live The Way Of Joy
Freedom Angel Slides The Gift of Joy
Sunrises Moments Heaven on Earth
Curl Up Into The Light Reminders Of His Love The Light In Your Eyes
A Simple Smile Mom Ugliest Christmas Tree
A Treasure Box A Better Place A Baby's Smile
Buddy Loving Reminders Today
Choosing To Love What You Give A Home Cooked Meal
Miracles Within Us Young Souls Wind Chimes
First Day of Spring Joy Love And Life Just Love
Our True Heritage Improving Your Insides Who We Really Are
Fantastic Life Force A Thousand Fireflies Living Not Dying
Thank You God A Heavenly Smell Be a Winner
A Kind Life ChemoAngels Fly
Magic Moments Not Afraid To Die Sunsets
Now My Children Tending Your Garden
Singing in the Rain Riding My Bike Colours Of Our Lives
Make Everyday Christmas The Great Covenant New Life Resolutions
Expecting Nothing In Return An Unselfish Life Many Wonderful Choices
What Buddy Knows Autumn Our Perfect Design
God's Love 2 Being Kind Hugs
When The Sun Comes Out The Power Of Choice What You Can Do For Life
My Old Watch Gifts From God You Are Loved
Building Your Life New Life Resolutions Laugh
Dream Catchers Goodness An Old Friend
Not Perfect A Winter Sunrise Heroes
Make Your Angels Smile A Mountain Spring Through A Wringer
Children And Angels Fire In The Night Ever Increasing Joy
Wonderful Wrinkles The Gift Happy Spring
Dandelions Watch The Children What are You Going to Write
Don’t Miss A Moment    
  Joseph J. Mazzella is a happily married father of three who lives in the mountains of West Virginia. Various dogs and cats have adopted Joe and his family for their own. Joe enjoys his family, beauty, love and hearing from his e-mail friends. Joe likes to take the time to smell the roses and enjoy the beauty around him as he goes about his daily life. Joe is happy to hear from anyone who wants to respond to something he has written.
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