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How To Heal Yourself
Presented by
  Catherine Adams

I have been working with energy healing for a long time. I am always learning new things, and it never fails to amaze me. This is a gift to humanity from Spirit, an ability we were born with. We give up our power to people who tell us what is going on inside our bodies as if we have no control over it, but we do. I know 'energy medicine' is going to be normal for us in the future.

When we look back at this time in our linear history, our current medicinal practices will seem intrusive and barbaric. I am not saying I know everything, I am merely sharing some of my experiential wisdom with you. I am still learning along the way.

We are made up of vibrating energy. Your physical manifestation began with a blueprint in a higher frequency plane. That is the way illnesses begin, too. Even genetic illnesses have an energetic pattern that can be changed. The trick is to become aware of how to do this. The first thing to realize is that you have all the power within you to do this.

When I do a healing on someone, I cannot change anything no matter what I do unless he/she is willing to let his/her own divine healing take place. If I am trying to heal someone's swollen toe, for example, the energy will not move until the person relaxes and lets go. When he/she does let go, something takes over. It is based on what I call the body's natural organizational principle.


The energy flows, and I see the person do something like laugh, or offer her hands in prayer to me, or walk away in a beautiful scene that is special to that person. I know then that the person accepted the healing and that it is finished. I have no control over that flowing process, or healing. I just watch it happen.

The person does not have any conscious control over this flowing process either, but he/she feels the difference, and knows something just happened. My job is to stimulate that process.

What this means is that you have a divine blueprint for health. If you have some kind of illness, it is because you have a block in your awareness of something, and need to manifest it in the physical in order to become aware of it.

Think of the word 'dis-ease'. It suggests that we are out of ease with ourselves. When you become aware of the block, the disease goes away. This is another way of defining the process of healing. Are you beginning to see how important awareness in and of itself is?


Many people never become aware of what it is they are healing, but the body goes through a process of 'eating the energy' by getting sick, acting out whatever it is the person needs to experience, and then if the person 'gets the message', even if subconsciously, the body is free to heal. It is a way of doing energy housework in the body. If we do not release the tension through our breath, our conscious awareness, or other ways of releasing, we accumulate garbage.

The body finally takes over and gives the person a warning; the warning could be a headache, sore knee, or an aching back. If nothing happens, the body will manifest it more completely depending on what the issue is.

The way illness will manifest often has to do with the purpose of your chakras and the spiritual symbolism behind body parts. For example, someone who is having issues with problem solving or powerlessness may have indigestion or bulimia (3rd, or stomach chakra: power and problem solving centre). Or someone may have stiff legs because he/she is afraid of moving forward in life.

Louise Hay has written a book called Heal Your Body which tells many possible interpretations of what is behind various illnesses, but she says that they are only suggestions, which is true. Each person's dreams may have common symbols with other dreamers, but each person is unique in many ways, also. You will find this true of the energy behind illnesses, as well.


How do you find out what is behind an illness? Ask Spirit. This is why I think it is so good for people to develop their psychic skills, because you can usually pinpoint what exactly is going on and why. Instead of going to a reference book of symptoms and cures that generalizes and assumes everyone fits the same blueprint, you are going to the Source and unravelling the energy that led to that particular manifestation of 'dis-ease'.

How do you do this for yourself? Since we are not always able to be objective about our own issues, we often turn to someone else for help. When we are not objective, we are 'inside the block', or stuck. One way you can get outside the block or get unstuck enough to see your issue and become aware, is to laugh at it.

Humour is the most underrated quality of human expression. Many indigenous people have the Lakota equivalent of a Heyoka, sacred clown or divine fool. This person does crazy things that are outside what is expected of a person, that makes no sense. He/she gives the others permission to let go of whatever they are stuck with without becoming fools themselves. They are often painted black and white because they unify opposites.

In our world of polarities, we have good or bad, right or wrong, etc. It is easy to get stuck if that is all we see. If we allow ourselves to let go of expectations and see that everything is good and bad, or not good or bad, we see that it just is, and we cannot hold onto stuckness anymore.


In other words, stuckness is judgment about something. Judgment is resistance. When you are resisting, you are holding yourself tight, refusing to give in, being stubborn. If you laugh, you cannot resist, or judge. When you laugh, feel how the energy flows through you and fills your being. You breathe deeply and do not resist anything. Some of you may be saying 'but, but, what if....'. Just imagine that truly our life here is a divine joke and everyone is laughing and standing in the light.

No one is lost, no one is hurt, no one is forgotten, no one is evil or bad. When you begin to see life this way, you begin to see into the Higher Realms. Zachariah, my guide, stretched my perceptions by showing me this attitude. He told me to laugh and dance down the street, enjoying life. I said 'but...what if people point at me?' Hahahaha.

If you are ill, what are you in resistance about? What are you serious about or judging about? What do you judge as unacceptable in others? What you judge in others will manifest in you in some way. Also, what you feel is unchangeable about your life may manifest as illness. Remember, you always have a choice.

OK, you are laughing. What next? You can get into a quiet, relaxed state and close your eyes. Mentally scan your body and see it as energy. You do not need to know about the chakras or anything in order to do this. For any energy that appears stuck, dense, opaque or standing out, imagine it dissolving and flowing away. I often do this meditation in a sea salt bath and imagine the bath water dissolving all the stuckness from me. Then ask your Spirit to bring you new energy that is appropriate for you at the time and imagine it filling your body and aura with a beautiful light. The light can be gold or any other colour that feels uplifting, flowing and healing to you. Remember to fill up with some good energy any time you release so that you do not pull back the heavy energy again.


Specific Suggestions for Health and Healing.


Learn to know what your spirit feels like. For example, people who grow up being very sheltered and controlled will have a hard time making decisions because they do not know who they are. What this means is they do not know what their spirit vibration feels like because they have so many other people in their auras...parents, etc. This is a boundary issue.

You cannot learn to heal yourself until you know what your spirit vibration feels like to you. You can find it in meditation by asking spirit to give you an experience of it. You can also think back over your life and remember when you felt truly happy, balanced and inspired. That is you.

When you are not feeling that way, it means some yucky energy is in your space. By consciously reminding yourself of how your spirit feels to you, you are able to remove the stuck energy. Stuck energy can eventually lead to illness. The allopathic medical community already knows this. They call it stress. However, stress is only a symptom of stuck energy.

  Set Boundaries.

Many of us get ill because we let everyone into our personal space, controlling us and advising us, or else we are doing everything for them, all the while ignoring ourselves. If someone thinks they know what is best for you, even if he/she is 'smarter' than you or more powerful, you can still refuse their unsolicited suggestions and do it your way. Just say; "thanks but no thanks" and figure it out for yourself.

Another way we let people in our personal space is feeling sorry for them and 'matching them'. You can help best by being neutral and being yourself. You do not have to take on their pain to help them heal. Boundary setting is one of the most healthful things you can do for yourself.

Decide what is acceptable for you to do and what is not, then stick to your mandate. It is not uncaring to set boundaries. What is healthful for you is ultimately healthful for everyone else, too.

  Eat Foods with Life in Them

Susan Powter may irritate some people, but what she says about avoiding anything that does not come directly from nature in its natural form is right. Any processed food loses life energy. Organic food is better than foods grown with pesticides. I have been told by my guides that a diet low in sugar, white flour, mood altering drugs and animal products and high in plant content is best.

Also, lots of water is wonderful for your body. Water flushes toxins out of your body. Since water contains minerals, it also serves as a conduit for the electro-chemical synapses of your brain. For example, if you are engaging in a lot of psychic activity and changing old belief patterns, water enhances your efforts.


Exercise is empowering and reminds your body that it is alive. Believe it or not, many people hang around outside of their bodies, not really focusing on the present, and not being aware of the condition of their bodies. Just look around you.

Exercise brings you into the present, strengthens your body and makes you feel more positive. Many researchers are now saying that exercise is one of the best anti-aging things you can do.


Meditation is an amazing tool of self healing and higher awareness. Just the act of turning within and asking for your spiritual connection once a week begins an alchemical process of spiritual growth and healing on all levels.

You do not even need to have fantastic visions or experiences in meditation for it to begin to work its wonders on you. You do not have to do anything special, either. You will notice you will have more profound dreams which you remember more easily, synchronicities increase in your daily life and amazing things will happen.



  • If it is Serious, it is stuck, so laugh, even if you have to try.
  • Meditate.
  Catherine Adams
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