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Calming Energy

There are many people facing difficulties, who seem lost and in despair.

Eagle Spirit Ministry generates much energy which produces a calming and peaceful influence on people. Eagle Spirit Ministry energy constantly flows as we replace Eagle Spirit Ministry energy with universal energy which Eagle Spirit Ministry draws through a myriad of means, and blessed conductors of energy which surround Eagle Spirit Ministry.

Eagle Spirit Ministry energy is dissipated or sent into the universe, and is available to all who need to draw on Eagle Spirit Ministry energy.

If any are in need of calming energy, they may sit quietly, close their eyes, and relax to still their mind. Those who need energy should sit with open palms, facing upward to facilitate energy transfer, and draw Eagle Spirit Ministry energy into them.

When those who have drawn Eagle Spirit Ministry energy in this way, feel that it is time, they should place their palms together as if in prayer, and feel the energy circulate through their body until they are ready to return to their business. Those who need can repeat this process as often as necessary because the calming and peaceful energy which Eagle Spirit Ministry energy generates is infinite.

Calming Energy

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