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Our Shared Meditations, are a collection of prayers, poems, thoughts, and observations penned by variety of people, and made available to be enjoyed during a period of quiet reflection.

Alternatively, you may prefer to use some simple everyday meditations.

Simple Everyday Meditations
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Sahaja Yoga Meditation offer free guided meditation from their website and at various locations around the world. The following buttons will take to the Sahaja Yoga Meditation website.

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Vipassana Meditation offer free meditation courses from their website and at various locations around the world. The following buttons will take to the Vipassana Meditation website.

  The Art of Living  
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Aura Seeing Exercise 1 Aura Seeing Exercise 2
Aura Seeing Exercise 3 Aura Seeing Exercise 4
St Justin's Prayer The Blue Page
Psalm 23 St Francis of Assisi Prayers
Chakra Balancing Crystal Meditation
Grounding Exercise Soul Flowers
Gentle Whispers Yellow Rose Meditation
Meditation for Worry The Cleasing Pool
The Cleansing Shower White Light Cleansing
Rainbow Globe Balance & Repair Chakras
Relax Sleep Inducing Exercise Calming Energy
Golden Light Meditation Medicine Wheel Meditation
Heaven On Earth Meditation Cleansing Your Aura
Two Pines Blessing Your New Home
HO O PONO PONO Ritual Bath
Saint Bernadette Patron Saint Hopeless Cause
River of Life Meditation Heavy Energy Removal Ph 1
Heavy Energy Removal Ph 2 Heavy Energy Removal Ph 3
Heavy Energy Removal Ph 4 The Practice of Cherishing
Millennium Journey Meditation Healing Medicine Buddha
Blue Medicine Buddha Mother Teresa
Rainbow Walk Triggers You seek
The Door White Rolls Royce Limousine
The Mountain Spiral Fork in the Road
Divine Energy Essence Electic Blue Violet Light
Colour Meditation Prayer of the Rose
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