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The Millennium Channel

By Geoffrey Hoppe and Tobias

Presented at the Light workers Millennium Celebration
Nederland, Colorado
December 31, 1999

  Part I: The Guides, The Measurement, and the New Energy.


Note: This channelling was given at the Kryon Light workers Millennium Crossover Celebration on the morning of December 31, 1999. The three day celebration was held at the Lodge at Nederland, a rustic lodge in the Colorado Rockie mountains. The small meeting room was filled to capacity with approximately 50 light workers, including Lee Carroll, channelling for Kryon. This was the first main event of the millennium weekend retreat.


And so it is, my dear friends, that this family gathers together again. We file slowly into this space together with you on this morning. You invite us here to your gathering. Together, humans and Spirit and all who gather on this side come together now to form the sacred space. As we have said before in other gatherings like this, when the human invites the angels in - when we meld together, we create a sacred space, a new dimension, a dimension and energy that has not been known before. It is, my friends, the energy of the New World, of the New Human, and it is occurring here as we gather together this morning.

Now, there are many energy dynamics that take place here and for the next few minutes, I Tobias, will talk through our friend, the one we call Cauldre. As this happens, those who we call the 'weavers' will come in to adjust and balance the energy to allow for the most appropriate melding here, and this will take several minutes of your time to occur.

Oh, my dear friends, there is an event that happens, and is happening on your day (December 31, 1999). It is a human event but it has powerful attributes and characteristics to it. While it is just a changing of a date - going from one millennium into another - you, as humans, will witness something that is filled with energy and filled with symbols that we ask you to watch carefully. As the new millennium sweeps across your Earth, watch to see what happens. The reactions of other people on the planet, the reactions even of your machines, the reactions of the Earth itself - take a look at what happens here. We know that you already suspect what will happen, and that it will be very little with the exception of some isolated pockets of polarity. What this is telling you as the new millennium sweeps the Earth, is that you have all done your job here, of adjusting and making the changes and bringing peace and oneness to your Earth.

This could have been a time filled with chaos, and, yes, as we have said before, it could have been a time for the Earth to be in shambles. But rejoice today, in this space, that it is not. Rejoice that very little outwardly has happened, but inwardly, much has. You have made many changes to allow this to be a peaceful and joyous time, rather than a sad and chaotic time. That is the significance of this day. That is why we, on this side of the veil, are rejoicing, watching this sweep across your world. And you wonder why we honour you so much.



Now there is much to talk about upon this day. We will move along here in a moment. But first we will explain a little of the energy here. I, Tobias, have been a human. I have walked upon the Earth many, many years ago. And I have not walked upon the Earth so recently as our friend Cauldre (the channellinger) reminds us of. Thus, I am not all that familiar with what is taking place, with the transmutations of energy, but we are certainly here in love and support. The energy that is brought in through Tobias and the others that gather here is of what we have called before the Crimson Council. To put it quite simply, the Crimson Council is a spiritual energy group based on teaching. The ones who are part of this group go into new energies and new creations throughout all of the universes to learn to deal with those new energies and then to teach them to others. There is a frequency of colour of what you would call crimson that is associated with this. It is, in a sense, a fraternity of teachers. It is not exclusive.

Those who gather in the room here today, those who have been brought here by appointment, as odd as the circumstances may seem, have all been part of this family of crimson. For each of you, as you know in your hearts, is a teacher. Each of you is a minister of love and of light. Each of you has worked with us, and we have all worked together in the Kryon energy. So there is a familiar feeling here.

Now those who weave the energies here, who meld the energies of the human consciousness with the consciousnesses of the other side of the veil, are completing their work of melding the energies. What we have done here with you is to create a new and sacred consciousness, a new dimension. It has not been created before, but it will be the template of the new energy world that you are transitioning into. It is when Spirit and your human consciousness meld together, and there are overlays that drift into each other. That is why you have been feeling much like you have been walking between the worlds lately, because these two energies that have always been separate are now melding together. As we said in previous channels, there may be a period of physical discomfort. That is why some who come here are going through body reactions, biological reactions. There is an integration occurring. For others there is the emotional discomfort, to put it mildly, because there is the melding of who you are with All That You Are. Be patient with this time that you go through. Be patient with the process.

Those who have come to weave the energy now depart this space, appropriately. Now this comes to our favourite time of these gatherings. As we have said before, the words here are not so important. It is the energy that is created. It is the symbols that are transmitted to and from you and Spirit. It is the gathering of family in a sacred and safe space.


Now with your permission, given silently from your heart, and only with your permission, we ask to come forward now in the final melding of this energy. We ask to come forward to hug you, to kiss you upon the cheek, to reunite with you energetically. There are others who join us today which we will describe later. But for now, we will ask our friend Cauldre to be in silence for a moment, and if it is appropriate to open your heart, to give permission to allow us in to touch you once again.

My dear friends, we talk today about three events that have happened in your past year.

The first (not necessarily in chronological order, but the one that relates to now): during the later part of this year, for the light workers here in this room and many others, there occurred an event that caused quite some grief. This event was when your guides and angels, who have always been in your energy field for as long as you have been on this Earth, made their final retreat from your energy. They had always filled a sacred space around you. They had always been close by. Oh, yes, perhaps they could not always fulfil all of your humanly requests but they had always filled a space. They were place-holders and balancers of energy for you. They were the ones who bridged the veil for you, who maintained the balance. While you were in your focused human state, they maintained the balance back to Home.

In the later part of this year, they departed your energy field. Each of you had a different reaction to this. And there were feelings of great loss and not knowing why, of great emptiness and not understanding the feelings that Spirit had abandoned you, not knowing why you were feeling that your best friend and the love of your life had just left. And some of you experienced this literally, even while it was taking place. Your guides left your energy field as appropriate, so that you could begin to take the energy of your True Self into your reality. Your True Self will no longer be maintained in another consciousness. You are no longer connecting to your True Self only in your deepest meditative states. Your guides left just as the divas left your Earth years ago. They have now left your energy space to allow you to integrate with your True Self. Your True Self could not come in because the space was taken. When your guides retreated, the space was empty. And there was a reaction on your part.


And now in this sacred gathering that we hold here with the light workers who are of the highest order and vibration, on this morning your guides come back to again to touch you, to again remind you that you are never alone. They come back to sit here with you in love and in support. They come back to encourage each of you to continue your journey, as difficult as it has been. They encourage you to continue your journey. If you now feel an experience of love, of Home, it is because your guides come back now for this brief moment in time. And they let you know that, even though they left your direct energy field, they did not leave entirely. In a metaphor, they simply left the rooms of the house that they had been visiting in for all this time. And they left the house to you. They left it to you so that you could open the doors and windows of your soul to allow the True Self to come in. That is the first event. They welcome you. They share with you a love and a bond that is so strong and so personal and so deeply inside.

The second event of this year is somewhat difficult to explain, for it involves physics that your human consciousness may not be aware of. So during this time, your guides who are here will help to translate symbols to each of you for better understanding of what the human word cannot describe. In your year - the early part of your year - there was an event that took place on the cosmic levels that will have an implication on your human or Earth level, not immediately for the most part, but over a period of time. Your universe was set up with the energy and the dynamics of duality, of what you call 'light' and 'dark'. And certainly on Earth the same energy attributes are present and found. The balance of light and dark - the battle of light and dark - in your universe and on your planet has been appropriate. For there is a far, far grander plan than to simply to see which side wins. A far grander plan. In your hearts you know this, that there is no right in either light or dark, for they both are. But the duality in your universe was important to help understand (again something far greater) what we have termed 'the second creation'. This duality, this difference between light and dark, has caused many battles, has caused much pain, has caused many of the horrors of your Earth history, but it has been appropriate. It has been appropriate.

Earlier in what you would mark your calendar year, there came an event before it was anticipated. There came an event where at the core level of the energy of your universe, there was an agreement between the poles, between the light and the dark. There was an agreement that the light and dark would return together as one again, as a result of the significant understandings and knowledge from the eons of battle and the eons of separation. Now, in reality they had always been one, but they had chosen to be different sides of the mirror. They had chosen to understand for the betterment of the One through separation. And they now have chosen to come back together.

The implications do not immediately affect all things. For all things, particularly on your side of the veil, are still very much caught up in their reality of the continuation of the separation. The reality on your side of the veil is that there is difference between light and dark. So you will see the effects of the two sides continue for a while on your Earth. But we want for each of you light workers to know that you can tie into this, to go to your deepest levels. You can come to the feeling of the return to Oneness. And my friends, each one of you is asked to go to the place where the two have become One, to feel this energy and to help bring it to your Earth.


If you have wondered of what it is you should do here, if you have felt like you have been in a holding pattern these past several years, if you have felt that you have been waiting and marking time, know that the time is now appropriate. Many events have happened on your Earth to now make it appropriate to bring in this energy of One, that there are no longer two, that there is no longer the separation of light and dark. Working with the teachers on our side of the veil, we will help take you to that place of consciousness to become acclimated to what this feels like, where the light and dark meld back together again. We will take you on a journey even this weekend, to bring you to that space, to give you a conscious feeling of what that is like, to help you integrate that into your own biology, into your own emotions, and into your own mind, to give you a taste of this. For there are those that are needed to bring this in to your Earth now, at this time.

My friends, this all ties together with the events that have happened up to now, and with the events that are not happening on this day. My friends, you can say, you can proclaim tonight (New Years Eve) that you made it, that you made it! That humanity made it to an awesome point.

Now there was a third event that happened quite recently, on a date that we have given, that we have channelled, of December 13th of your time. There was a recent gathering where we discussed much of this. We will talk of it some here now. On this date, which was the energetic halfway point between your year 1987 and your year 2012, there was a measurement that was taken. There was an assessment that was taken of Earth. Now again most people did not feel this, did not know. It was simply a measurement from this side of the veil. But there was something significant in it. It was the beginning of what we have termed 'the Two Earths' the two worlds. Now we do not mean this physically, that the Earth will split in two. We mean this from a consciousness standpoint.

There are those that are ready to go into the New Energy Earth at this time. There are those that are ready to begin integrating the True Self into their reality. There are those who appropriately have decided that it is not yet time for them, for indeed understand that there must continue to be balances. For if all had chosen at a single time to go into the New Energy, this would have caused an imbalance. So honour those who have not yet come over, who have not yet decided. There is a small group of light workers around this world who have decided to take the step into the New Energy World. These two worlds will exist side-by-side together for a period of time. As we have said before, the ones in the New Energy World will be aware of their energy attributes and structures and dynamics as well as the old energy. The ones who remain in the old energy world will not be consciously aware that there has been a split.


In this measurement, it was asked at your soul level if you were ready to take a step forward, if you were ready to become pioneers in the New Energy World, a world that exists side-by-side with your old energy. In this measurement it was asked if you are ready to rewrite the history of your past. What we mean by this is that in this lifetime that you live now - you have designated this lifetime as the lifetime of healing. Ah, and you wonder why you spend time so much time in your healing and why you are healers. This is the lifetime of healing and resolution for you. And you wonder why it is so difficult at times to heal when you think you have overcome the hurdle and cleared the way, there seems to be yet another weight that holds you back. My friends, it is not about changing just this lifetime. It is about changing all of the other lifetimes that you have lived.

In this lifetime imagine that you are standing in the middle of a circle. Imagine that every lifetime that you have lived is standing in a circle around you. Every aspect of you is standing in a circle. They have designated you - the human in this lifetime - to be the 'ascendee' for all of them, to be the 'healee' for all of them. For as you heal and as you ascend, you rewrite the history of every past life you have had. You literally, my friends, change the outcome of those past lives. It is like taking the script of a movie - a movie that ends tragically, that ends in tears and destruction, that ends in anger and hatred - and rewriting the last page to end the history of that past life, with understanding and compassion and insight into the balance of the light and the dark. In this lifetime your journey has not been what you think it has been. It has not been about the jobs, even necessarily about the people that you have known. The journey has been about healing the past, about rewriting your own history.

You come to this place here on this mountain, on this special - very special - weekend, gathering with family, each of you wondering where you go from here. Some of you did not think you would have made it this far. Many of you are tired, many are feeling the struggle, the effects of the struggle. You come here wondering where you go from here.

We tell you that it is appropriate for each of you to be here. And there were many last-minute changes after the measurement took place to ensure this. Each of you here has released your karma, as you would call it. As we would call it, it is rewriting your history. Each of you that comes here is ready to move to the next step. Each of you that comes here has been going through a process these past few years in particular, a process of cleansing and releasing and healing in preparation to come to this point. In preparation certainly to be the teachers, to be the ones who bring in the energy of the unity, the unity of the light and dark. Each of you have come here after strenuous preparation of your body and of your mind and of your spirit to be the ones who walk into the world to teach other humans about the unity. It is that simple.


There are attributes that are common to all here. We take you back on a little bit of a journey now. When you were young, when you came into this world as a human, you brought in phenomenal characteristics that were not understood by the ones who held you in their arms. They did not understand your energy. For it was bright, and it was different. And it was clear that you were not like the others. As a young, young child, you knew of your power, you knew of many of the things that you would need to do in this lifetime. You knew you were an angel getting ready to come out, and you knew that there were very difficult trials and tribulations in this lifetime for you individually and for Earth as a whole. You knew there was a major gamble that was taking place - would the Earth as a whole make it or not? The prophets had gambled on not. You were bringing in an energy known to help make it possible, to make it so, to make it to this very day.

As you began to grow in your ages, to become 2, 3, 4 years old, these attributes that you had, the differences that you had, became quite evident. Your dreams were different as a child. When you laid in your bed, in your crib, and talked to the others around you, it was different. And, my friends, you scared those around you, for they did not understand - you were different. Some of your parents and those that raised you chose to try to look the other way. Some of them were frightened. Some of them felt that it was best to get you into churches, for they did not know how to handle you at home. And a small number of you had dear and loving parents who encouraged you.

But to each one that is here on this day, we will bring you back to a point of energy remembrance. There came a time in your youth - some of you were 3, 4, 5 years old, some a bit older. You chose to take on an even stronger veil to forget, to hide, to temporarily bury that part of you, that Christ consciousness that you brought into this lifetime so strongly. You agreed to bury it for the time being for it was not appropriate to bring it out. The Earth was not in an appropriate space. So you hid it. You hid it out of love for your family, out of safety and protection for yourself. And then you forgot that you hid it. You hid the memory of hiding it. We bring each one of you back to that point that you do not necessarily remember consciously. We ask you simply to feel the energy of that point when you felt it was important to close the door, to walk your life with a strong veil, to walk your life forgetting who you truly were. All of this has been appropriate, and you will come to understand why.

But now as the Earth, the consciousness of Earth splits, and moves into two separate consciousnesses, and as you move into the New, it is appropriate for you to once again open the doors, to once again allow your power out. My friends, you were not wrong growing up. You were not wrong with the insights and the thoughts that you had. You were not wrong with the different belief systems and structures you had. You were simply being a light worker. You were not wrong when the others took a different approach than you. You were simply being a light worker. You were not wrong when you felt things in your heart and knew things in your mind that others did not feel. You were not wrong. You were simply being a light worker. You were simply feeling the connectiveness to the Christ energy that you had put away so, so long ago. You were not wrong when you studied different arts, when you felt the strong need to be alone all by yourself, removed from other humans. You were not wrong. You were simply a light worker who was coming back in touch with your Christ-self. You were not wrong when you were attracted to, should we say, different, unique lifestyles, beliefs, ways of doing things, ways of looking at things. You were not wrong. You were simply being a light worker.


All of this comes together now at this time. Again we ask you to watch what happens as the millennium change sweeps across your nation later today. It is not the symbols that come from Spirit that are important or an energy that comes from Spirit. You are watching the reaction of your Earth consciousness on this day. You are watching. You can measure the consciousness of Earth by what happens on this very day, to know where things are.

At the deepest part of you, my friends, you can know that it is time for you to move forward with the true work in your lifetime. Ah, what you have been asking about now, what you have been complaining to Spirit about and your guides, being frustrated about. You come to that time now. Now this will not necessarily happen over night but you will see the effects happen quite quickly in your life. Be prepared for changes. Accept these changes. We'll talk more of that this weekend. It is time now to move forward, to be who you truly are. It is time to bring in this energy of the unity. Now it may seem odd that at the centre level of things there has been a unity, a coming together of the poles, but yet at the same time, you have your Earth splitting into two consciousnesses. We leave that as somewhat of a riddle or a puzzle for you to think of this weekend.

So, dear ones, the journey has been long and difficult. The challenge has been confusing, frustrating, and difficult, for all things outside of you told you that perhaps this was all crazy stuff. But we will tell you one thing before we depart on this day. There has been something that is keeping each of you going, in spite of all of the outer situations telling you that you were perhaps on the wrong path or crazy. Something kept you going through all of this. Something kept you walking forward. Do you know that it was not Spirit? It was not your guides. We tell you that now. If we had told you that before, you might have quit. We tell you that it was yourself, and that there was an energy that not even Spirit understood or could predict, an energy that helped bring you to this point. There is an energy that you as humans created. It will be one of the core energies of what we call the Second Creation. It is the energy of hope that you created. In spite of the duality, in spite of the hardships and the struggles, in spite of reality wanting to turn you off of your true path. You created and held an energy of hope. Hope - difficult to describe that word. Hope. It is not blindness. It is not numbness. It is knowingness.

And in this Second Creation, in this new creative event that is happening all over, that is evidenced in other parts of your universe, there are foundation energies that are being placed there from the very work that you have done on Earth. Those foundation energies at this time are love, truth, and hope. And these foundation energies for the Second Creation come from the very work that you do here. And you wonder why, oh why it is, that we gather here today to honour you and to love you and to ask you to continue your journey.


Part 2: The Emergence Of The True Self

Presented at the Light workers Millennium Crossover Celebration
Nederland, Colorado
January 1, 2000


Note: This channelling was given at the Kryon Light workers Millennium Crossover Celebration on the morning of January 1, 2000. The three-day celebration was held at the Lodge at Nederland, a rustic lodge in the Colorado Rockie mountains. The small meeting room was filled to capacity with approximately 50 light workers, including Lee Carroll, channelinger for Kryon. This was the second of three Tobias channels during the weekend.


And so it is that on this first day of your new millennium, many things are different. We will talk about that throughout our gathering here.

Did you know that your music (Referring to the music meditation that played immediately before the channelling) - in the appropriate harmonies - and your art create vibrations that we truly can hear and see and feel on our side of the veil? Now our friend Cauldre (the channelinger) who brings forth these messages to you complains somewhat that we are not present, that we do not hear. But there are things we hear clearly. The music that you have opens up your heart. It creates a vibration that attracts us. We see a great light, even if we are off busy doing other things. This music and this song that flows through your heart - it draws us, causes us to come and observe and to sit with you in joy, and in particular, when we gather as family in a group like this. It allows us to come so much closer, be so much nearer to you.

Now as we were coming in this morning and preparing the energy, and as you were making your own energy adjustments - allowing the melding, allowing the thinning of the veil to take place - our friend Cauldre was searching in his sensory state for the place we normally begin these channels. For he feels things happening around in the room, and this morning as we were getting ready here with you, and he was searching for those appropriate signals that he has gotten used to over the past two years, he had a bit of a panic. There was something missing. There was something that was not there on this morning.

In all of our previous gatherings that we have had with individuals or with groups, there is an entourage that comes in at the beginning to help meld the energy, to help create the grid work between our side of the veil and yours. And today, as Cauldre was searching for the 'weavers' as they normally enter at a certain time, they were not there. And this was appropriate. It took our friend a moment to find his footing.



It is appropriate, my friends. Allow yourself to feel the set-up of the energies of this room and of yourself. Those who have come to weave the energies, they too are no longer here. It is no longer necessary as we have passed the marker that Kryon has referred to so many times. It is truly the beginning of empowerment. It is each of you now, and it is our friend, who brings forth these messages that weaves your own energy, that creates that bridge between the worlds, that opens to Spirit. Oh, in the past the weavers came in and they felt the group energy, and they felt where your hearts were. They came in and helped to meld or to weave that energy together, but no more. Just as the divas departed years ago, - the ones who had maintained the balance of your Earth - and as your guides have departed in recent months from your direct energy field, now the weavers are no longer needed. Not for this group anyway. So allow yourself to feel, allow yourself to meld.

Yes, it has felt lonely at times. It has felt like a retreat of Spirit, a retreat of your guides. And all of this has been to allow you the space, to allow you the appropriate energy balance to become All That You Are. All That You Are, my friends. You are beginning to get feelings or glimpses of this, of All That You Are. You cannot possibly imagine the unlimited thought, unlimited feeling, unlimited being. We will talk of this more later on this day.

Yesterday was a significant day in your own Earth history. You crossed a point on your calendars. You crossed a marker. From the moment the sun rose over your farthest shores, and as it passed across your ancient lands, and it passed across your new lands, as it set in the far reaches of your West - what you all experienced and what we felt and observed with you was the dawning of a new consciousness.

You saw peace across your world. You saw humans coming together to fix the problems before they occurred. It was the time of celebration, not just of your calendar, but a celebration that you had come to a mass consciousness of peace and acceptance and tolerance. This event was not created by Spirit. This was not a date that was set from this side of the veil, somewhat like your year 2012 is. This was a date set by humans. There was much work that occurred to get here, to reprogram, to change, to make the appropriate balances.


And, speaking of appropriateness, it was so appropriate on your day yesterday, my friends, what was missing was drama. There was no drama. Oh, certainly there were anxieties that led up to this event. Certainly there was the pressure of the balance of light and dark, of fear and love, that came beforehand. Nearly all humans on this planet went inwards to evaluate, to think, to take a look at themselves, to take a look at moving forward and what that meant. When the final hours came, as the moment swept across your Earth, there was no drama. What we felt from this of the veil was relief, a letting go of pressure, the acknowledgement that things are okay. We felt joy. We felt much relief - that is the greatest feeling that we felt from humans on your yesterday. There was no drama.

Now before we begin the teachings and discussions of this day, my friends, we come to a place here where there is the true meld of Spirit and human - as we have said so many times before, where we together create a sacred energy. Think of the physics of this, think of the physics. Here you sit, supposedly as humans, and invite Spirit into your space, invite us into your space. This melding, this overlay of consciousnesses, creates truly a new dimension. It is not a dimension that you can relate from what you would normally think as in your third or fourth or fifth dimensions. My friends, this dimension does not own a number. It is a new dimension, a new consciousness that is created when humans meld with Spirit like this.

Here you sit in a safe space. You open your hearts. You invite All That Is into your being. This creates a new and sacred energy, a sacred consciousness. This is the consciousness and the state of being that you will walk in, in your 'now' time. It is not just temporary here. It is something you can begin bringing into your reality. It is not just for when we gather in family. It is something that now you can own. You are creating it. It is not the weavers that create it. It is you. You own this.

Now with your permission given, we ask you to invite All That Is, to invite your True Self, to invite Spirit into your space here for the remainder of this discussion, for the remainder of this weekend, and for all times. We will ask our friend Cauldre to be in silence for a period of time here. Give intent, give permission to invite in your True Self. Oh, it is not the angels and the guides or the archangels or Tobias or Kryon who desires to come in now, for we have held hands with you many times. It is your True Self that awaits.


It is no mistake, my dear friends, that the measurement that we talked of yesterday, the one of December 13th, came just prior to the crossing of the marker. We'll let you think about that for awhile. Now there is much information that we will bring forward on this day. Much of it is difficult to describe and put into the energy of your language. So much of this will be transmitted to you in other energy forms through your Higher Self, through Spirit. What we speak of today will mostly be in metaphors or stories to help you understand better but, my friends, do not be limited to the thought patterns of the words, for there is much more to it than this. We will share some information that has been revealed previously to create the platform or the background of our discussion before we go into the new material. Some in this space may have heard this before but others have not.

Now there was a question at the core or the centre of All That Is. There was a yearning for a type of creative expression that came forth. And to help manifest and to help understand Creation, this physical universe of yours was created. And the question to be understood was that of polarity or balance or one of opposites. Again, this is somewhat difficult to bring forth in human language. So this place of Earth was created. Indeed this entire universe was created, but it was known that the ultimate experience would take place on your Earth. Now each of you here has created and been in many other parts of the universe and other universes. But when this call came out for those to come to Earth, all that are here agreed to do this.

My friends, have you ever wondered, have you ever thought about where your Golden Angel exists where it is where your True Self is when you call upon it when you call upon this grand being that you are? Why has it not come forth? Why has it felt like you were a child abandoned by its parents, left to fend for itself, hardened by your experiences, all the time feeling the loneliness, feeling the pain, feeling the abandonment? It is because the greater part of Self of who you are, my friends, agreed to be put in what we have termed an 'energy cocoon'. This is somewhat difficult to describe, but when the call came out to understand the balance of the light and dark when the call came to understand the eternal process the Over soul who you are agreed to go into a cocoon wrapped in energy, protected by angels so it could not be interfered with. Literally it was enclosed in a shell of darkness so that it could not be interfered with by other beings.

And then your own soul began a journey, an internal journey. Your True Self had always been an outer creative expression, an expression emanating from Spirit, emanating from the source of love but creating outwards. And now, a group of angels agreed to begin an inner work, to begin going within. That was the reason that your own soul went into hibernation, protected by the angels, wrapped in energy to, in a sense, camouflage it. Your parent (in this analogy), your True Self, went into a very internal task. Part of it, part of who you are, remained external as a continuing creative expression with a silver chord attached to the Higher Self, to the cocoon. The information that was being learned and gathered, the experiences of the balance of light and dark, were constantly being fed back to the cocoon which held the True Self. This information was used continually in the internalization process. My friends, the expression is you on Earth, the portion of your True Self that walks in human biology.


You have not been abandoned by your True Self. Your True Self is not punishing you. Your parent has not left. It has been on its own journey. At the core part within you, you are still connected. There is a still a remembrance. Oh, you wonder why, why, you desire to return Home - because you can still feel at the very centre of your heart your connection with something so grand. You wonder why you search for your soulmate, your twin flame. My friend, your twin flame is in a blanket is in a deep sleep. How you long for the return! You wonder why the emptiness is there in your being why you feel at night in your dreams that you are crying. It is because you know, you know, that your self has not been complete while you have journeyed here on Earth. It is such a beautiful thing for us to behold, and yet so difficult for you to understand.

My friends, when you came here to Earth, you went through a transformation process. Your soul had you take on a biology, as Kryon talked about last night, during the melding of evolution. You took on a role of an actor, acting out many parts, many lifetimes, many expressions. You have been doing a wonderful job of acting. You have been on the stage of Earth, acting through balances of light and dark, acting through balances of expressions but you have been acting. The you who is sitting in this room is not truly who you are. You know this.

Yesterday on your Earth the sun rose and set. You saw no drama. Here you sit - former actors, former actors. Now there is no drama. There is no play. It is time to return. It is time for the play to end and for you to remember who you are. No drama.

Now the transition is for the actor who is deeply involved in the role to quit that role and return to the original, to return to the original reality. This is difficult because there is much energy attached to the roles that you have played. There is much ownership of those roles. It is difficult after all of the training the actor goes through, all the focus that is done, to simply release this, to return back to the original creation. But that is where this group here today is. No drama. No acting. No stage. No theatre.


What this truly means, my friends, is that the True Self that has been in this cocoon is now awakening. It is now coming out of this hibernation. And the first desire that your Golden Angel has is to reunite with you. It is much like a person coming out of a deep sleep. There is a grogginess. There is a period of adjustment. It is like this person desiring immediately to know where the child is, the child that is placed in another's arms. The True Self, my friends, seeks to return to you, seeks to return to all who are ready to invite this in.

Now there are many humans on this Earth who continue to be in their drama roles, to continue to act out the play. This is appropriate. The True Self cannot meld back with the human aspect until the human aspect is ready. That is why we say there is a splitting of consciousnesses. Two worlds. Two Earths. There will be many who continue to act upon the stage. This is appropriate. The True Self will wait patiently for them. It may take one lifetime. It may take a dozen. It may take hundreds. The True Self will wait patiently. For those who are ready to begin integrating, to invite the True Self in, it is now the appropriate time. It is now the appropriate energy and space. The True Self is awakening and desiring to return.

Now you might ask, 'why has all this been taking place why the tremendous amount of creation, the elaborate plan here?' As we have said before, there is a new place being created - what we call the Second Creation - with a foundation based on the energies that you have created here the energies and the insights and the learnings from your Higher Self while it has been wrapped in this energy cocoon. As you create the tunnel and the way to this Second Creation, it is not just you that are ascending. It is like you are creating a vacuum through this tunnel and then all things are able to follow. We say, jokingly, that in listening to your sessions yesterday there was much talk about a 'sucking' effect. This is precisely what happens. Sometimes we find much humour in your stories. You - the ones that are here - and other light workers around your world are creating this tunnel. You are among the first to go through, among the first to integrate with your True Self.

As we have said before, this has not been done before. We do not know all the answers from this side. We supply tremendous amounts of energy and love to you. We watch over the True Self in its cocoon state. We guide the True Self as it comes into its awakening and seeks to return to you. We do not know all the answers. And as we have said before, my dear friends, when there is the melding of you the human with the True Self, there will emerge an angel the likes that have never been seen before in all of creation.



You wonder why we honour you so much for your journey! You are the angels of our family that agreed to go through this most difficult process. You will emerge the grandest of beings. We do not know what this will look like. We can only anticipate. We can only guess. But from the energies that we can see, and from the reflections that we see in your universe, we see the creation of new stars, of a whole new universe. My friends, it is so much grander than even what you can see in your universe. This new angel that emerges will be a sight to behold and this has all been part of the plan. And you have been an intimate part of it.

Now we will have you know, that as you move the energies through this tunnel, as you go through this integration and ascension process, you open the way for all other things - literally all other things - to then ascend. It is not just your Earth that is ascending. It is not just your universe that is ascending. All of creation is going through a metamorphosis process. It is so grand, my friends, perhaps that it even takes you by surprise. It is the grandest of the grand! You wonder why we honour you for what you have gone through here on Earth. We will also have you know that after you go through the process, those of us who have stayed back as your guides and your angels and your archangels, we will then be honoured to go through the process and the tunnel that you have created. You are the first for others to follow. We have stayed back at home to guide you through. It is not us who have ascended and are waiting for you, my friends. You are ascending and allowing all of the rest of All That Is to do the same. And you wonder why we wash your feet, why there are the tears from our side.

My friends, Home as you knew it is different. We know there are those that are here that desire to return Home, but it looks different. Things have changed. They continue to change. It has not been appropriate for you to return to your Home. Certainly between lifetimes, you come back to a type of family room. You do not return all the way Home. It has not been appropriate for you to return all the way Home. There are resting spots along the way, for sure. But Home has changed. It has changed from the very work that you have done here. As we have said before, we encourage you each to continue on the path, for you have gone so far. You have gone so far. We understand the yearning in your heart. But, my friends, we are there from the standpoint of the awakening of the True Self, the integration and the melding.

Now we will talk about the dynamics of this for a brief moment. All of the information that we bring forth on this day may sound fine but, in a bit of time, you will open up your eyes and you will see the hard walls, you will see the hard floor, you will see your human reality once again. And you will ask Spirit: 'This was a fine story, but what is it that I should do now? What is it that I can do to balance the human self with the True Self? If indeed the True Self is awakening, how can we get back together?' Again we do not know all of the answers, but we can tell you that there is one energy attribute above all that will make the process smooth. And that is quite simple. It is a trusting.


We have called this before the 'great chasm' that you cross, that you unfortunately have to cross alone. As you attempt to cross the chasm, you do not know how far it is to the other side. It is dark. It is filled with fog and mist. The human side does not know as it stands on one edge. It does not know where the other edge is, and this goes against all things that humans have been taught. Certainly before you take a leap, you measure, you judge, you assess. But here there is a fog and a mist, and you have no idea. This fog and mist is the veil, and you are being asked to place yourself in a heart state, in a state of trust, in a state of letting go.

It will go against all things that your human intellect has learned. It will go against all things your human intellect has devised as safety mechanisms to protect the Christ-self. But that is what you are being asked to do at this time - to simply trust, to simply allow this trusting. This is a new energy that we are talking of here. This trusting is an inner knowingness that you may have had glimpses of but you are not yet used to working with this energy.

We have used the analogy before of sitting on your bike and not pedalling, not struggling, but allowing yourself to sit on this bicycle that simply floats. The backdrop changes. The environment around you changes. This is trust. If your intellect gets in the way, you will wonder why the bicycle is floating, and why it is not falling over, and why you are not pedalling. And then certainly when you focus your energies on these activities, then you will certainly tip over. The new trusting will present many challenges associated with this. Again it is difficult to describe the feelings that you will have, what will come forth, what it will be like to integrate with the awakening True Self. It will be an experience that will be close and personal to you. But in your trusting state, not asking Spirit or your guides for anything, simply allow it to be in your trusting state. And it will most certainly come to you.

Now there has been much information given on this day, and we ask you simply to allow it to soak into your being, simply begin to allow the trusting. There was an example that was given yesterday on your Earth. This is becoming a safe place. There was peace. There was no drama. And with these attributes of energy, this will provide a safe space for you and other humans to begin trusting and to allow more. The True Self desires to return. The True Self - the parent in the trilogy - desires to embrace you once again.


New Tools for the Light Workers Spiritual Toolbox

Presented at the Light workers Millennium Celebration
Nederland, Colorado
January 2, 2000


Note: This channelling was given at the Kryon Light workers Millennium Crossover Celebration on the morning of January 2, 2000. It is the final in a series of three Tobias channels presented to the light workers during the three day retreat. The channelling was presented open-eyed, in a standing position instead of the usual closed-eye, seated position. Tobias said later that this was to symbolize exceptional honour for the humans that were present and the humans that would read this information at a later date.


There have been many gifts here on this weekend. There have been gifts of love, and most certainly, gifts of empowerment. We would like to now bring this gathering to a close for the time being by offering each of you here new gifts that can be used as you walk into the New Energy, starting on this very day. We offer new gifts of empowerment, of love and strength. We ask, as we go through the new light worker's toolbox, that you each accept the gifts that we offer. Take the gifts that have always been yours, that we have been simply carrying for you, until you were ready to bring them in and to truly use them in balance and in love. We ask you to once again own these gifts, to own these tools, to use them and practice with them, and to teach with them.

We have a number of new gifts for you on this morning.

First, the first of several, is the baton. We give you the gift of the baton. This baton represents your true energy, your true power from your Higher Self. It is being handed to you now. It is being given to you to accept All That You Are - a transfer of energy, a transfer of power. For until now, you have not been able to hold all of the power that is you. But now that changes. The baton is handed off, to symbolize the handing over of power to you.

Oh, and we have a very special gift for you on this morning, an unusual tool. It is a pillow that we give you. For you will notice in moving forward, that your dreams will be different at night. Up to now your dreams have been resolving situations. There has been much struggle in your dreams. They have been used to work out conflict and battle. Now your dreams will be different. You will not feel exhausted at the end of the night. You will feel refreshed and empowered because, as you sleep, as you dream, you will sit with the guides and angels, your personal entourage, and you will lead the planning, you will lead the co-creative effort with your team at night. You will map out your new contract and your new plan. Your dreams will not be about struggle or battle but they will be about going forward and co-creation and empowerment. You will awake in the morning and feel that you have created something new that night, and that you have given yourselves the tools and empowerment to bring that into your 3-D reality. So instead of waking up feeling that you have been struggling all night, you will wake up feeling excitement, ready to take on the new challenges of the day, ready to take your light into the world. So take, accept, and own this pillow. Know that your dreams will be different at night.


We give you the gift of batteries. These batteries are symbolic of the new energy that you will have. You will find that you can quickly recharge instead of being drained throughout the day, that you will quickly recharge. They will give you strength. They will have more endurance than the batteries you have known in the old. So take and accept this gift of the new spiritual batteries into your being and know that any time that you need the extra energy that you can simply open your light worker's toolbox and pull these out.

We give you the gift of the flashlight to illuminate your way through the darkness and the fear, instead of feeling that you are caught in the tangle or web. You only need to pull out your new spiritual flashlight to shine the way through fear and darkness, and also to help guide and teach others through the difficult times. So take and own the gift of the new spiritual flashlight. Place it in your light worker's toolbox. Use it along the path when you need it.

We give you the gift of the two way radio. Now, as you know, most radios are simply receivers. They are one-way. They are for incoming messages. This radio is unique, for it is two-way. With this radio you will be able to receive messages much more easily from those of us on this side of the veil who help and assist. But you will also be able to transmit your energy. You will be able to transmit your vibrations much more easily to other humans, and certainly to transmit your messages back to us. So take this gift of the two-way radio and place it in your new light worker's toolbox. Use it when the occasions arise to help bring in guidance, to help transmit your energy and your love and your wisdom to others.

We also bring forth the gift of the spiritual gloves. Each of you here will find new energy and new empowerment of healing in your hands and all parts of your being. The gloves are symbolic of the energy and the ability for healing that you carry within you. This is to heal your own being as well as healing others. With these new spiritual gloves, you will also find the appropriate protection. You do not need to worry about absorbing others negativity, others illnesses, others unbalanced vibrations, for the spiritual gloves will help act as a protector as well as an energy conduit to help in the healing of others. So take and accept this gift of the new spiritual gloves into your tool kit.


Another gift for your toolbox is a spiritual magnet. This is a symbol that you will attract things to you that are appropriate. The appropriate things will come to you. This magnet is very powerful. It will also help guide you to finding things that are lost, finding new ways, and to bringing things to you as you need them. So take and accept the magnet into your light worker's toolbox and use it in your daily life.

We also give the gift of spiritual binoculars. These binoculars have a special scanning device built within them. With these binoculars you will be able to see clearly. You will be able to see beyond the obvious. You will be able to sit with another human, and not only see them as a human, but see their True Self, see their Spirit. The scanning device that is built into the binoculars will help you to read the energies, to understand the balance of the person in front of you, help you see clearly all things that come to you. When you feel your vision is unclear, simply pull out the symbolic, spiritual binoculars to help you see clearly.

We also bring forth the gift of the walking stick. As you walk your path in the new energy, the walking stick will help bring you balance. This will help balance your journey. It is not a crutch, but rather a balancing tool. As you feel the balance from the spiritual walking stick, you will begin to know inner trust. You will begin to rely on yourself, on your inside trust. So take this gift of the walking stick and place it into your new spiritual toolbox.

Then there comes the gift of the crystal. The crystal is symbolic of your own knowingness and intuition. As you come upon experiences, as you walk forth into this new energy, the crystal will illuminate and will vibrate in knowingness when you reach that point where your intuition is truly guiding you. So if you are not so sure, simply look at or feel the crystal to know that you are in your sweet spot, to know you are being guided by your own love, your own intuition.


And finally in this new spiritual toolbox, there is a packet of common aspirin to help you get through the headaches of the regular day. Even as you have all these gifts and tools, and even though you are walking in the new energy, there will still be challenges. There will still be certain aches and pains in the body. There will be other humans who cause you grief. Simply take a few aspirin to relieve the pain, so you can continue on your journey.

Each of these gifts is a symbol for what you have brought to yourself, for what you have learned along the way. But now in the new energy that we are in, in the new empowerment that you have, we let you know that you have all of the tools that you need to walk forth. You as light workers, you as humans, you as angels need to use these, need to bring them into action and call them forth to make use out of them.

It will take a time of practice, a time of truly getting to know how each of these tools will respond according to your own intent and your own energy. So take time now in the coming weeks to learn how to use each of these. You will find that when you call them forth, when you give intent, when you voice the desire to use them, they will be there in service to you. It is important to call them forth. Call them from within. These now are your gifts and tools. These are your empowerment. These are yours to use to become the new empowered human walking upon Earth.And so it is..


Tobias of the Crimson Council is presented by Geoffrey Hoppe, aka "Cauldre," in Golden, Colorado. The story of Tobias, from the biblical Book of Tobit, can be found on the Crimson Circle web site at The Tobias Materials have been offered free of charge to lightworkers and Shaumbra around the world since August 1999, the time when Tobias said humanity moved past the potential of destruction and into the New Energy.

The Crimson Circle is a global network of human angels who are among the first to transition into the New Energy. As they experience the joys and challenges of the ascension status, they help other humans on their journeys through sharing, caring and guiding. Over 50,000 visitors come to the Crimson Circle web site each month to read the latest materials and discuss their own experiences.

The Crimson Circle meets monthly in the Denver, Colorado area where Tobias presents the latest information through Geoffrey Hoppe. Tobias states that he and the others of the celestial Crimson Council are actually channeling the humans. According to Tobias, they are reading our energies and translating our own information back to us so we can see it from the outside, while experiencing it on the inside. The "Shoud" is the portion of the channeling where Tobias steps aside and the energy of the humans is channeled directly by Geoffrey Hoppe.

Crimson Circle gatherings are open to the public. The Crimson Circle receives its abundance through the open love and gifting of Shaumbra throughout the world.

The ultimate purpose of the Crimson Circle is to serve as human guides and teachers to those walking the path of inner spiritual awakening. This is not an evangelical mission. Rather, the inner light will guide people to your doorstep for your compassion and care. You will know what to do and teach in that moment, when the unique and precious human who is about to embark on the journey of the Bridge of Swords comes to you.

If you are reading this and feel a sense of truth and connection, you are indeed Shaumbra. You are a teacher and a human guide. Allow the seed of divinity to blossom within you in this moment and for all times to come. You are never alone, for there is family around the world and angels in the realms around you.

Please freely distribute this text on a non-commercial, no-charge basis. Please include the information in its entirety, including these footnotes. All other uses must be approved in writing by Geoffrey Hoppe, Golden, Colorado.

Copyright 2003 Geoffrey Hoppe, P.O. Box 7328, Golden, CO

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