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Spiritual Development Course #2

By Geoffrey Hoppe and Tobias



Tobias is an energy, or spirit, channelled by Geoffrey Hoppe. Tobias is part of a spiritual group called the Crimson Council. This council has the spiritual purpose of teaching the use of energies on this planet and other places in Creation. Tobias and the Crimson Council bring an energy of wisdom and love, and a perspective from the other side of the veil.

Tobias's messages to the Crimson Circle began in 1999 to a group of Colorado area light workers, also known as Shaumbra. He often starts a channelled session with words like this:

I, Tobias, will speak through our friend, the one we call Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe), but we will be speaking to each of you, to your hearts, to your Divine Selves on this day. The words that you hear (and read) are not so important as the messages and the love and the energy that we bring forth on this day to family, to Shaumbra.


Tobias has called the Crimson Circle the "Classroom of the New Spiritual Energy". It is here that we learn about the dynamics of the new empowerment and enlightenment. According to Tobias, we are actually helping to create the architecture of the new energy.

We learn what it is like to integrate our True Selves with our Human Self, to be Divine Humans walking on this planet. As we learn about our divine nature, we quietly and gently teach others to accept and understand their own divinity.


  New Earth Series

The very first messages from Tobias comprise the New Earth Series. Presented at the Crimson Circle monthly meetings, the first lesson was on August 1999 and continued through July 2000.

The New Earth channels are listed in chronological order.

Departing Guides
Return to Unity
Awakening Your True Self
Two Earths
The Millennium Channel
Lost Children of Christ
New Spiritual Energy
Do No-Thing
The New Camelot
A Time for Releasing
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