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The Lost Children of Christ

By Geoffrey Hoppe and Tobias

Presented at the Crimson Circle
February 12, 2000


And so it is, my dear friends, that we gather here together in this very sacred space on this very sacred day. It is a joy for all of us who come here from the other side of the veil to be here in your presence. It is an honour and a privilege. There is much that you are doing, and we will talk of that today in great detail.

For the next few moments, we will balance the energy with you, with the divine humans you, the divine humans that gather in this room. We will integrate the energies of human and of Spirit together in a new dimension and a new place. As we have said in our other gatherings like this, when we join together hand-in-hand with the divine human, we create a new energy, and a new dimension. This is not like your dimensions that you normally think of, the dimensions of 3, 4, 5, and beyond. This, my friends, is a new dimension, a new energy, and a new meld when you open your hearts, when you come here to this space after your many, many lifetimes and after your many struggles. Yet you come here to ask what it is that you should do now, to ask what your next contract is. That is why we are in awe of the work that you do, and we are in honour of what you do here.

Now I, Tobias, will talk through our friend Cauldre, here on this day. The words that are spoken though, are no match for the energy that is transmitted. We see each of you now opening your hearts and your minds. This allows a flow of energy in, a flow of communication to occur. The words that are said here are, for the most part, simply marking space. It is the unspoken word, the unspoken energy, that truly has the effect.

Now we will speak through our friend, the one we know as Cauldre, during this time, but we speak to each of you personally, to each of you individually. As the energy of this room is being adjusted and blended and balanced, my friends, simply sit back, simply allow Spirit to love you, simply allow All That You Are to be present. There is much that you have not been able to feel or to sense or to know up to this time. That is changing. We will talk of those changes on this night.



Dear friends, this is the classroom of the new spiritual energy of Earth. This is the classroom. Those of you who gather here, those of you who read this information, this is the classroom. What we mean by this is that there are a number, a small number of humans, who are crossing into what we call the New Energy Earth. We have spoken of this in previous channels. We have said that the consciousness of Earth began to split after the measurement of December 13th, 1999. There is a literal split of consciousness occurring where there are two Earths living side-by-side simultaneously but yet each with different energy attributes and characteristics. There is a small number of humans who at the measurement of your December date agreed to be the first to transition into the new energy, agreed to set the architecture, the template, for the new energy. That is the group that sits here tonight, the group that reads these messages, and other humans, but the numbers are few and small. That is why we call this the classroom of the new spiritual energy of Earth.

You are the first to be going through this. You are the first to be learning of the new energy. You are the ones that are creating the pathways and the tunnels for the other humans to follow. Then the other humans follow. When you the teachers that are gathered here on this night teach other humans how to create their own reality in the new energy, they come through the tunnel into the new energy. As we have said before, my friends, what happens is then is that those of us who have died; your angels, your runners, those in the Crimson Council, those in the Brotherhood of Light; then we come through that tunnel also.

It is not that we are looking down from above and know the answers. You, my friends, the ones here in the classroom of the new spiritual energy… you are the ones, the pioneers, who are creating the pathways, who are coming up with the answers. It is interesting on this night that we will do a question and answer session. But in reality there are many, many of your questions that we do not have the answers for, that Spirit does not have the answer for. It has been an interesting perception of the human that somehow we, or God, knew the answers. My friends, you would not be walking upon the Earth on this day if that were so. For this is not a test. Your life, your lifetimes, have not been a test where we knew the answers and were withholding them from you.

You have been journeying into new areas that even Spirit does not understand. That is why you agreed to come to Earth in the first place. In your lifetimes in the past, in your current lifetime up until recently, you were working under the veil to help to understand the balance of light and dark. It was not a test. It was a new energy construction. You wondered why when you prayed to Spirit, when you prayed to your guides, that many times nothing would happen. It is not that your prayers were unheard, my friends, for you have never been alone. It was simply that we did not know the answers. It is only through you, through your work on this Earth, your work in duality, that we learn. It is only through your work that we learn. That is why your struggles have been many. That is why answers were not always apparent. That is why many times you suffered. That is why many, many who are in this room on this night or reading these messages have felt that Spirit abandoned them. That could not be further from the truth for you have never been alone. You have been pioneers on the forefront, and through you, all of creation, all of God, is learning something of great importance. This is the classroom of the new spiritual energy.


You are among the first to be crossing over into the new energy. Oh, yes, there are still vestiges and residues of the old energy. They will be there for quite some time. We will start working with you in how to use this new energy of Earth. There may be times when this will be difficult. There may be times when the answers are not always there, but, my friends, we have already seen in many of you the beginning of breakthroughs, the beginnings of understanding of how to use this energy.

Now before we continue with the discussion of this evening, we ask you to open your hearts to the energy, to the melding. You do not need to be psychic. You do not need to be 'gifted'. It is simply there. It is the energy of Spirit. Allow yourself to meld with All That You Are. Allow yourself, my friends, the honour for the work that you have done. Many angels-turned-human have dropped out. Many, many could not continue to withstand the veil which separates you from a knowingness of Spirit. When they returned Home, they were honoured for all of their work. They turned right around to continue helping you in this lifetime. The ones who are in the room here tonight and are reading this message; honour yourselves for the work that you have done.

Now, it is this time that is our favourite part of these gatherings when we ask, with your permission, to come forward now to embrace you and to hug you and to provide the final melding of the energy before we continue. So we will ask our friend Cauldre to be in silence for a moment and to ask each of you, with your permission, to allow us to come forward to truly embrace you.

We will talk about using the new Spiritual energy. But before we do, let us provide a bit of background to help you understand how we come to this point. From six months ago in your time, we talked to you that your guides would be leaving, that your guides would be abandoning the space they had always occupied around you. We cautioned you that this might be emotionally very difficult because we would be taking off the blankets of protection, the layers of love that had surrounded you. Your guides had acted as a balance. They had acted as a conduit to Spirit. They had helped you to balance, and to maintain a focus in your reality of three, your third dimension. As many of you know now, your guides departed in that general time frame. For many of you it was difficult. It was like losing the greatest love you had ever felt. It was like a vacuum. It was like all the feelings of security that you had known being pulled out from underneath you. My friends, it was imperative that your guides withdraw from that space that they had occupied. It was important to leave the void so that your True Self, your Divine Self, could begin occupying that space. And so your guides retreated.


Then there was the measurement in December. The measurement was to determine the energies of the two Earths, the split of consciousness. This was made appropriate by something that happened on a more cosmic level. Prior to this there was at the core of creation the unity of what you would call light and dark - and we caution here that sometimes the human words escape the total appropriateness of the energy of the event. But at the core of your known creation what had once been two parts, light and dark - what had been two mirrors to each other - were brought back into unity. When this occurred, it was then appropriate for the split in consciousness of your Earth. This occurred at the end of your Millennium time period. As we have said before, the results could be viewed even on your televisions and in your headlines and on your news. There was celebration across Earth. There was a knowing that it was time now for two Earths to exist. So the split occurred, dear friends.

Some of you felt the effects of this. Many of you are going through this now. It is like living in two worlds at one time. There are still old energies that you are used to that are holding you, but yet you are moving into the new energy Earth. That is why many of you have been experiencing difficulties or unbalance recently. That is why many of you have been wondering what is going on. We are here tonight to tell you that all is appropriate, that all is appropriate. You are transitioning into Divine Humans. You are transitioning into the New Energy. That is why we call this the classroom of the new spiritual energy of Earth. There are many things that you will be learning, and through what you learn there are many things you will then be teaching to others.

Let us begin now talking of some of the attributes. In the energy of the new Earth as it relates to your physical body; understand that your body chooses to heal. There is not a cell in your body that is not attuned to healing. This is different from your old energy. In your old energy there was the contradiction at times between the energies of light and dark. There was the duality even on your cellular or biological level. In the new energy your body chooses to heal, if you desire to heal. Now this will be a point of much controversy (but most of what we say, henceforth, will be controversial). It will cause much of your old ways to change. You here are the ones who will begin to work with this, to study it, to understand it. Your biology as a Divine Human chooses to heal if you so choose. It is appropriate for you to step out of the way. Your body knows how to heal itself. You do not. Your mind does not know how to.

We use the analogy here similar to a teenager going through puberty. Puberty will occur with or without the mind of the human; however, if the human is attempting to direct the process of puberty, it will only cause confusion in the human mind. The puberty will still occur. The human mind does not understand the chemical and biological and energetic changes that are occurring. It is best to simply honour the process that is inherent in nearly all humans. It is the same with what you are going through now. You are going through a biological, spiritual puberty in changing into a Divine Human. Your mind, my friends, does not understand the process, and is not asked to understand the process.


To heal yourself, simply allow the body to heal. This will be a most challenging point for you, for you feel you must have a certain mindset, that you must keep a certain direction of your mind, that you must think positive affirming thoughts. That was the old energy. In the new energy, in the new world, my friends, it is simply allowing. Imagine, if you would, every cell in your body shaped like a triangle, an equilateral triangle, and in the cells many are pointing in various directions. There does not seem to be symmetry. In the new energy when you are allowing, all of the cells line up and point in the appropriate manner. There are magnetics involved here that cause the alignment to happen. It is up to you, the new energy, the new Divine Human, to allow this process. This is not information you will find in a book. This is not information that you will find from your spiritual healers. The information you have here; this is the challenge to begin using it. What does alignment look like? It looks like the allowing that comes from you and from your spirit.

As we have said recently to another in channelling, to heal yourself simply lie upon the floor and allow it to happen. It is the old energy to have incantations and rituals and disciplines. (Again we say this will be controversial information.) It is allowing, my friends. Your body is divine. Your cells are divine. They will align themselves if you allow. Allowing is releasing. Allowing is taking it from the mind and letting go. Allow Spirit, your True Self, to handle this, your physical ailments. Oh, we already hear from your mind 'but we have been allowing'. My friends, this is different. This is like no energy you have used in the past. It is different. We ask you to begin working with us in this process. We will be there to guide you, to answer your questions, but ultimately, it is only up to you. As we have said, even we, Spirit, cannot do this for you. Teacher, heal thyself by allowing. Allow the natural, divine processes to begin occurring in your body. Release all of the judgements and the thoughts of what you have gone through before. They do not apply here in the classroom of the new spiritual energy. Work with each other in this. There is comfort in working with another divine human. Teach each other how to allow. You will see what you would term your chaos but it is not. They are the alignment of biological energies.

The new spiritual energy that you are walking into now ; there are also the issues of the mind. The mind, the intellect, is something that the human has certainly developed over many lifetimes. It allows you to respond to the processes outside of you, but it has not been so good about responding to the processes inside of you. This has been appropriate. In the energy of the new spiritual Earth the mind will continue to function. The mind will continue to understand how to drive the new spiritual energy being down the road. The mind will continue to be invaluable in understanding things of your Earth. The mind will be a processing centre.

We have seen many spiritual people attempt to sabotage their mind, which is interesting, for it cannot be done. We have seen many spiritual humans opposed to their own mind for they feel that this is the root of disharmony. Your mind does not create judgement, for that comes from another place. Your mind is a processing area. As you have read in your books, only a small portion of your mind is being utilized, and this is a true statement. And up until now those unused areas of the mind have been blocked intentionally. They are now becoming available to each of you who walk in the new energy. Love your mind. Trust your mind. Honour your mind in the new energy. You will need it to store more information and data and electromagnetic impulses than you ever have.


We see in the minds of many of you here that you have been coming to overload lately with so much going on. It is time to open these new areas of the mind. This is done, my friends, by allowing. Continue to nurture your mind, feeding it the appropriate energy that it desires. Allow it to open, for you will need this. You will find that in your human race, in your human nature (as you know there will be more and more information… you live in what is called by many 'the information age'), you will need this greater capacity and greater flexibility. My friends, those of you who are gathered here, those who are reading this, you have chosen to stay on Earth. You have chosen to continue walking in this new energy. Although it has been difficult at times and parts of you have wanted to come Home, each of you has raised your hand in choice, as it were. And now we come to you and say you will continue to need your mind in ways more valuable than ever before. It is part of the trilogy. It is part of who you are. As you honour it, the new areas will open. As you allow, the new areas will open.

Again, work together, my friends. Do not be remote islands to each other, but work together. That is the purpose of this group. That is the purpose of your Internet communications, to be able to share these things. These are not being handed down from Spirit now. These are not rules and laws. These are suggestions. The new energy is being formulated by those of you that are here o Earth. And it is an awesome responsibility. It has not been done before. Your Age of Atlantis does not even come close to approaching what you have here. You are the ones creating it. We are the ones helping. That is why you are sitting here on this day in the classroom.

Now we move to the third area, that which we call the emotions. Now your emotions, my friends, have been an interesting substitute for Spirit. As you know, you have not carried your full spiritual potential with you in your physical body on your side of the veil. So your emotions have been a substitute, in a way, for Spirit. In the new energy your emotions will be a driving force for you. They will allow responses to take place. Your emotions, what comes from your inner being, your desires, will cause action and reaction. Now your emotions in the past have been used to play out dramas. Your emotions have been used to feel things, to understand joy, to understand darkness.

Your emotions in the new energy will be quite different. There will not be the reason nor the necessity to understand the light and the dark, for, my friends, remember at the core of things, the core of creation, a unity has taken place once again. There is no reason in your new energy to continue understanding or playing the light against the dark. Your emotions now will be free to begin true creation.


You will find, and many of you have already been experiencing this, that there is no room or place anymore for drama. But yet you have a tremendous amount of energy coming from your emotional centre. Begin to allow this emotion to be used as a driving force. It is a fuel for your own creations, your own spirit in this new energy. This is difficult to describe, my friends, for things will start happening in you and around you. You will begin to feel a new connectedness. You will begin to feel a new partnership. This is your True Self beginning to come in as you allow it to happen. This is your True Self melding with you while you are still in human form on Earth. Again, it is simply a matter of allowing this to take place, of allowing this to happen. You will have experiences and responses that are very unfamiliar to you, and perhaps may throw you off balance. Understand that you are simply beginning to work with new energy.

Now we'll talk of this for a moment. There are many attributes of the new energy that will be very new and unfamiliar to you. You will be challenged to begin using these even though you are not quite so sure what they are. The new energies that are coming in that are available to you are quite different. They contain characteristics that you have not used before. You will be challenged to begin using them. It is a matter of simply calling these into your being. For instance, when you need more physical energy than you have used before, simply access this, simply call it into your being, then allow it to happen. When you need more insight and intuition, simply call this in. All of these energies are, as we see it, around you, surrounding you. They are becoming available to you. These energies are the essence of your True Self. But you must call them in to use them. If you continue to stay in your old energy ways, this new energy, this True Self energy, will stand by patiently waiting until you are ready to call it in. When you need more physical energy, call it in. When you need more knowingness, call it in. When you need insight or healing for others, call it in. And then allow it to happen. Allow it to be.

The energy that we speak of here is what we have termed the Christ energy, what we have talked about in our last gathering like this. It is the energy of purity and strength and love. It is now becoming available to you, but it is up to you to use it.

This energy carries some interesting attributes. It carries the energy of 33. Now, my friends, look at the sequence of events. There was what you have known as the 11:11 and the 12:12. The 12:12 is the number 'one' and 'two' separated by the colon. If you add each of these sides together, you have a 'three' and 'three'. It represented the two faces or aspects of the third dimension. And if you take out the separation (the colon), it is 33. It is the Christ energy. It is the energy that is available for you to work with now. Look at your year 2012. You have considered to be a major time of change. The year 2012 represents the last year of the old energy. The Earth will then enter the year 2013, my friends, 'two' plus 'one' plus 'three' or 33, the energy of the Christ consciousness. That is the energy that is becoming available for you now. It is the divine energy that you brought in as a seed that is now coming forth (see 'The Lost Children of Christ'). In this classroom here you are being challenged to begin working with it.


The old tools that you had, my friends… it is time to bless them and honour them and release them. They will not work in the new energy. They will not be appropriate. This again will be a point of much controversy. You are being asked to no longer rely on your crystals and your beads and your incense and your other tools that have brought you to this place, quite appropriately. You are being asked to no longer rely on messages from others, from readers who tell you what your life should be like. You, as Divine Humans, are being challenged to look within, to come forth with this Christ energy from within yourselves. As we have mentioned in previous channels, all of the old books, all of the old tools, honour them and love them, but release them. The answers to the questions that you have will not be found in your old books, in your old teachings, in your old ways. Those that sit here on this night, those that read these messages, are the ones that will begin working with the new energy. Some will not find it agreeable. Some will not want to leave behind the old tools, and that is also honoured and appropriate.

The ones who continue to work with the new energy will find many challenges and yet many rewards. Your life will change but not as you think it will change. You will have empowerment, but not the type of empowerment that you have imagined. If you are willing to continue, if you are willing to walk in this new energy and be part of this classroom, it will require releasing the last of the old energy. It will require certain challenges, but, as you know, my friends, within these challenges are many blessings. It will require leaving behind the concept of the old self, the old tired, unhealthy, battered self, and walking in a new energy that simply flows through you. All things that you need will simply come to you. You will become a resource to others. Here in this classroom the goal is to be the teachers, to help the others find their empowerment as you will find yours.

Now we have asked on this night for there to be a period of questions and answers. It was our intention in the channelling to simply begin the process of this classroom, to begin the energy and the dynamics, to lay the foundation, to let you know that we come here in a different way now to work with you. In our future discussions like this we will be sharing with you our observations of what you are doing with your new empowerment, with the Christ energy. We will not be going into the past, my friends. We will not be talking about the bridges that you have crossed. We will be talking about the new energy and the attributes of how you can use it. It is time to leave behind all those past lives. It is appropriate now to release them, to let them have their final feelings. It is not appropriate to hold onto them or to allow them to hold onto you. You are moving into new territory.

We caution that much of what we say from here on in our sessions will be quite a change from what you have done before. It will be controversial. There will be many that do not agree with it. We also let you know that we will guide you in Love. We will guide you in Truth. We will be there in support of the work that you do. We also remind you that now as you begin working with your own Christ consciousness, even while still you remain on your side of the veil, each of you is beginning to have access to 'runners'.


These 'runners' are not guides, my friends. They are not what you would have considered your guides, your angels. These are different. These are beings of the angelic realm who come to help you now. They are called 'runners' for they do not answer your questions. They will not give you direction; however, they are there as part of your team. When it is that you need more physical energy, they will provide the resources to make this happen. It is based on your intent. They will work behind the scenes on this side of the veil to accommodate you. When it is that you need more abundance in your life to fulfil your work of service here, they are the ones that will work behind the scenes to allow this to happen. You do not need to worry about it. They will facilitate this as long as you are in service. When you need certain insights, certain knowingness in working with other humans, in teaching other humans, they are the ones that will help to bring in those knowingness, to communicate with your patients' Higher Selves.

So call upon your 'runners'. Again they respond to your intent, your committed intent. Begin working with them from this day forward. Begin letting them know what your needs are. They will then go out and facilitate the grid work and the processes of making this happen. And know, my friends, that it will happen.

As we mentioned before in these gatherings, the charkas; the energy charkas are melding into one. Your energy centre in the new Earth, the new consciousness, does not come from where it did before. This is somewhat difficult to describe. In the past you have been used to creating things through your mind or through your heart. In the new energy they are not created from either one of those places again, this is difficult to describe for until you begin working with it, you will not know exactly where that place is. When you choose to create, when you make intention, my friends, it will not take place from the mind or from the heart. It will take place from the oneness of your being, from the Christ centre of your being. This is not a literal place. In the past you have gone to your head to create, or you have made yourself open your heart. Now include your entire being in your process, your Oneness and Illness. This will be somewhat awkward at first for it will be different than what you have ever done before.

Each of you here and reading these words; begin working with the new energy. We are here to help guide you from our perspective through the process. Together we all learn. It has not been done before. There are no books or maps that will show us the way. We know from our side, though, my friends, that as you integrate your True Self, your Divinity, you will become awesome humans, Divine Humans, humans that are teachers to others. Now we will take a short pause here and return to ask you a few questions and then to answer yours.

And so it is.


Questions and Answers

  A transcript of questions and answers at the Crimson Circle gathering,
February 12, 2000 Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado


TOBIAS: And so it is, my dear friends, we return to this energy (from the channelling earlier in the evening). We return to this sacred space. Now before we begin with our question and answer session for this night, we simply remind you again that this is the 'classroom of the new energy', that you have given yourselves in service to be here, to be the first to begin working with and integrating all that is new.

From the beginning of our channels there have been two themes of the Crimson Council. First is that there are many changes that are occurring, and certainly you have seen this in your lives, in your own world. The changes have come from the work that you have done, the work with the understandings of the light and dark. The changes continue to happen. As you know, many times when there are changes occurring, this causes difficulty or conflict in your own life. It is not because of anything that you have done wrong. It is not because of judgement of Spirit, but many of the challenges are because you have simply asked to be there, asked to be the ones to know of the workings of all things. And now you are the ones who asked to be the first to understand and to work with the new energies.

From the beginning of our discussions with you, we have also said that you are never alone. As many times as you have felt that way; that you are walking the path alone, you should know that there have been many, many entities supporting and surrounding you. There have been your guides. There have been angels, archangels, and now your runners. There is a full entourage that is here. You are never alone, my friends. Perhaps that is the perception from being on your side of the veil. If you could see the entire picture, if you could see all that gather here on this day. There are aspects of your past lives that gather here. There are the ones who were your guides that gather here. There are teachers from all parts of the angelic realms. They are here in support of you, but as we have said, they cannot do it for you. They are simply here in support and love.

Now your runners are here to respond to your command, to your intent, to fulfil your desire and your service. If you are working in the new energy in the spirit of service, you will see the results happen very quickly when you call your runners into action. If you are doing this for selfish reasons (and none here would have that intent), but if there were those that did, they would not see a reaction. There are many templates of energy that have been set up that would not allow this to occur. You, the ones who are gathered here and reading these word, and who are in service, as long as you continue to work in that energy, you will see things happen very, very quickly.


Now before we answer your questions- or attempt to - we ask you several questions on this night. We ask you, "What does it feel like?" We do not know. When you are going through your day and you are going through your challenges… when you are going through your experiences, tell us what it feels like.

Tell us how you feel and what is needed. We ask you, "What are you thinking?" Contrary to what you may think, we do not read minds. We can tap into your energy when you allow us, but tell us what you think. Express that to us. Talk to us. Tell us what it is that you need to continue on your journey.

Sometimes there is the feeling that you are not deserving, that you are not worthy. We simply ask you to communicate to us what it is that you need. When you do, a whole series of actions begins to take place. As you simply walk the path in pain and in struggle and feeling alone, we must allow you to feel that way. We must allow you to experience that. Communicate with us. Begin to communicate with yourself. Tell us how you feel, what you need. Share with us your joys and sorrows. As we said earlier this day, this is the classroom of the new energy. Together we will learn.

Now we will begin the questions and answers.


QUESTION: I have two questions for you, Tobias, and an answer for you. The answer that I have is for the question that you just asked, 'what do we need?' Those of us that are walking this path; we need to know that even though we are walking this path and we do feel the pain, we do feel the sorrow, we need to know that we are properly aligned with Spirit, with the core Spirit, the Great Spirit, the Creator. We need to know that, even though we are walking this path, that those who may be hurt that are in the old energy, 'are we correct?'

This leads into my first question of relationships that many of us here and those who we even counsel that are in dichotomous relationships where you have the new energy, the fourth dimension, allied with the old energy, the third dimension. It's holding us back because of possibly a misplaced sense of love or true sense of love, but we are not moving and not accomplishing. The second question that I have: You said that we are breaking new ground at the beginning of your channelling, that we are breaking new ground for Spirit. Are we going into that with a full entourage that will help us out, that has the full overview of where we are going and what we are doing?

TOBIAS: As you move into this new energy, there is a full entourage, the ones we have talked about, the 'runners'. There is also your family of the angelic realm. Each of the orders of the archangels is closely watching and observing what happens. So you are surrounded but we would state that our overview is perhaps not what you think it is. It is not that we see the entire map and know exactly what course you are on and can guide you in specific ways. We are learning through you. We have an overview from being on this side of the veil but you are the ones that are integrating your divinity. We do not understand what that is like to be both walking in human form and integrating divinity. In other words, my friend, we do not always know the answer, although there are times when we have an overview that may be of benefit. And that is why we encourage you to speak to us frequently.

In regard to relationships… this is an interesting area. First you must understand that the relationship that you are in is appropriate at this time. There are no mistakes about this. There is no holding of one (person) or the other back. Now it may be that your partner chooses not to walk in the new energy at this time, and it may be appropriate that only one of you does so first. There could be imbalances that were caused if both went through at the same time. This is not a rule, so to speak. There are couples that will find it appropriate to walk through together, but in many other cases, they provide a counter-balance to each other. If you are in a relationship that is no longer appropriate for your soul, that relationship will change on its own. This is part of the allowing process. There is nothing you need to do, for it will change on its own. The energy will find its own level.

There is the conflict that many have here of what they should do with their relationship, and they are heavily conflicted with this. We will let you know now that inappropriate relationships when one party is in the new energy will resolve themselves. There is little that you will need to do. It may be that a mate comes to another mate one day and says, 'it just doesn't feel right anymore'. This is one of the dynamics of the new energy. It will not take your will, so to speak. It will not take your mental pushing on a situation to make it happen. There will be alignments of energy that cause things to happen appropriately.

Now we ask you to, simply in your situation, ask your own internal divine being about the appropriateness of your relationship. Then be patient and know that the answer will come to you. Do not struggle so much in the head. This has been a strong attribute of the old energy, the intellectual struggling back and forth, the evaluating back and forth. This will be difficult for many to initially handle in the new energy. You will not need to do the mental struggle. You will simply need to put out an intent. You will need to put out your purpose. Then all things will fall into place as a result. In your jobs, in your personal lives, you will not need to struggle. You will simply need to accept and allow. This is the first principle of the new energy, as we have said in this classroom. We hope this answers your questions.


QUESTION: Tobias, you spoke of crystals changing. I am wondering if you could let us know, those of us that have been helped by them, how will that change and will we continue to be blessed by their energies in a different way. I would like more clarity, please. Thank you.

TOBIAS: The crystals have been a repository of energies for you in the past. They have held many energies that you yourself could not hold. So there was an affinity for these very precious gems. They have served you well, but as you move into the new energy, do not count on them for your power. As you truly begin to work with your own divine energy, you will, yes, loose the connections that you have with these stones.

They were there to serve a purpose at the time but now, my dear, you are being asked, you are being guided to now hold all those energies from within you. There are many that have used or continue to use these outside tools. We name some here, such as the crystals, such as pendulums, such as certain types of flowers and herbs. All of these have been appropriate. We are not asking you to turn from these. We are asking you to recognize that they have been tools of the old energy. In the new energy all things will come from within. Again this may cause much controversy within you and from others on the outside. There is a tendency to continue using these tools, but those who are truly working in the classroom, working with the new energy, will find it appropriate now to put those down.


QUESTION: Tobias, you talked about the concept of allowing. I find that I work a lot with people. I have to teach them how to allow themselves to be back in their bodies or to be conscious. That is kind of a tall order for a spirit that finds itself with a human ego because, usually what I'll find them doing, is trying to 'do' allowing. A couple of the things that…in terms of clarifying this concept for those of us that are working with this new energy and trying to allow the space for it… because that is what it requires, is space. A lot of what I find (in terms of what directly impacts whether or not someone is able to allow) it seems that where they get tripped up is in self-judgement. There is a judgement, such as, "I'm not doing enough. I'm not doing it right."

Another concept is that of being present. Most people are thinking about what they are going to be doing, or what they need to do. They fill their 3rd dimensional time with things to do so that their ego can feel like it's doing enough, so that it doesn't have to judge itself. Everything gets filled third-dimensionally and there's no space. It is not possible for these people to allow. There is no quiet, still space. The mind is always off in the future or in the past or anywhere but now. And it all comes down to my observation of the concept of self-judgement. In order to clarify, my question is around… if you will speak about that core concept of self-judgement, that precludes the allowing, that allows you to be out of third dimension into the new space which is nothing but immense space.

TOBIAS: Allowing is an interesting subject. On our side of the veil allowing is such a natural process that we do not think of it. When you as humans came to Earth, came under the veil and took on a human body, you separated yourself from Spirit. And this was part of the understandings that would come from Earth, the understandings of light and dark. When we speak of the honour that we have for you for the work that you have done, it is because there has been no other creation of Spirit that has ever consciously and purposely disconnected from Spirit. This was part of the energy of Earth, to forget who you were. In doing so, when you became disconnected from Spirit, when you forgot who you truly are, you began to mistrust. You began to rely on your mind and your ego. Your ego then created a new definition of you in the place that was voided by Spirit. Along the way you lost trust. Again, this was a result of the separation that we did not know of.

Now when you are asked to come to a space of allowing, there triggers within you the immediate sense of mistrust. You have tried allowing before in every way imaginable. You have tried allowing goodness and healing and light and abundance to be in your life. You were knocked flat on your butt, so to speak! That is because, my dear, you were working in the old energy that did not provide the proper mechanics for a true allowing ness to take place.

Now in the new energy that you are beginning to walk in, allowing comes from trusting your divinity. Allowing comes from trust in your divine nature, in the Christ seed that you came with. As you learn to trust, as you learn to remember who you are and trust self and trust Spirit, allowing ness is a natural by-product of this. You cannot force allowing ness to happen. It comes from deep within the core of your being. Allowing ness comes from letting go of all things. When you let go of all things, when you cross the chasm, as we have talked of, then it begins to open the potential of all things that you are. We have said also in sessions like this to this group that the new divine human that you will transform into is nothing like you could possibly imagine in your mind of yesterday, or perhaps today. You are being challenged to come to a point of deep trusting of Self and Spirit. My friends, what else is there to trust in, other than Spirit and Self?

As you come to this new point of trust, you will also come naturally to this point of allowing. Then it will be… you will be like a river that flows without the dams, without the restrictions. Your mind has been the tool that has tried to barricade or restrict or direct the flow. It is time to simply allow and trust. Allow the natural love and processes of Spirit to guide you. This will be the most challenging part of your entrée into the new energy, this element of allowing. You are quite precise, dear, in knowing that the mind will attempt to set up the mechanisms of allowing, but it will not come from there. Continue to work with this. Continue to work, as we have said, individually and as a group allowing 'allowing' to take place.



QUESTION: The subject is the veil. It seems to me, and I appreciate your guidance on this, the fact that I know of the existence of the veil, its usefulness is now gone from me. The question remains, 'why is it still there?' Is it simply a part of a contract that we all are part of when we decided to come to Earth and be humans? Or is there is something else that needs to happen first before it can completely disappear or disappear more? What is the root of that?

TOBIAS: That is an excellent question. The veil is created through mass consciousness. Even if you are aware of the presence of the veil, and even if your intent is to dissolve the veil around you, there is still the very strong electro-magnetic structure of the veil created through the mass consciousness. You, as an individual, cannot dissolve your own veil, but together with your intent to reduce it, to clear this fog, and with the intent of the others in this group, and then as you teach the others in your world, the veil will dissolve.

Now because of your vibration level at this time, the veil to you individually will have less impact in your life than to an individual who is still walking in the old energy Earth. So to an extent you do have control over this. But do not become frustrated with trying to break through the veil. Again, this is somewhat of an intellectual exercise. As you increase your vibration and your understanding, and as you allow your divinity to germinate and then to blossom, even though there is the strength of the veil from the mass consciousness, you will be less and less and less affected by it as an individual. But, my dear, we suggest that you do not battle the veil.


QUESTION: First, I would like to thank Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe, the channeller) again for his service. My question is about art. What is the connection between art and Spirit? Will it be different in the new energy?

TOBIAS: We will tell a story that we have shared with a few others before. We have used the analogy of God, the Creator, as being the grand painter. And God chose to draw and to paint one day, and created a magnificent painting, like none other that He and She ever created before. It was a beautiful painting. In the heart of God, God wanted so deeply to not just paint the picture but to live within it, to experience it from the inside; not just to create it as an outside element. So God chose to go into the creation, to go into the painting, to live within it and to truly understand the beauty and the depth and the love of the painting that He and She created. God went into the painting and forgot that He and She were God. This allowed the opportunity to truly, truly live within the creation.

That is you, my friends. You are God. You created the painting. Then with the deepest of love and compassion you chose to live within the painting, to forget that you were the painter. So here now you act out your experiences and your drama from inside the painting. But in the new energy you will remember that you are the painter.

So, my dear friend, what an excellent question and what an excellent way for understanding the value of art. Look at it the other way around, that you are the painter of All things, that you are merely living within your creation. As you allow the expressions to come forth from your entire being, not just your mind, not just your heart, but from the single energy point… as you allow those expressions to go forth, that will be what you call ascension, that will be once again becoming the painter.


QUESTION: Will there still be cause and effect in the new energy?

TOBIAS: That is also an excellent question. In the new energy there is not the cause and effect that you have been used to in the past. In the past you have called this 'karma' at times. You have been playing in the old energy between the energies of light and dark to help understand the balance. In the new energy it is not cause and effect. It is intent and creation.


QUESTION: I have a question. What you call new energy, I think has been around forever. What is new for me is that it has only been in the last few years that I've been consciously aware of how I can create my reality, and that I don't need to, like you said, rely on tools for healing. I used to do healing work until I came to this realization that healing is allowing, is believing that you are healed, and then you are. So is it really new, or is it just that we have a new awareness of what has always been?

TOBIAS: You and the others that are in this room and reading this material have been working for several years, for many years, in helping to create the initial templates for the new energy, but truly what we define as the new energy has been a very recent creation. It is totally new. It has not been done before. That is what will be challenging for you and what will be wonderful for you. When we speak in our channels to you, when we gather here together with the human, and when we meld with you, a new energy is created.

It is not simply that you are coming to our place, or we are coming to yours. Together we are creating a sacred place and a sacred energy. When there was the split in consciousness, in what we call your 'Two Earths' recently, this was truly a new energy that had never been created before. But, my dear, you and the others in this room have been working to set up the grids and the structures for this for some time, both in your waking state and in your dreams. It is good that you have been doing this because then you personally will find more balance in this new place.


QUESTION: I would like to hear more about intention and creation. There are the books that say we create with thought, and then there are others, like Gregg Braden, that say it is feeling. Now what you are saying is that it is going to be an all-over, a unity, a oneness, from which we will be bringing forth creation. I get a sense of that, yet I still relate to it as somewhat of a feeling. Could you expound on that?

TOBIAS: This is an area where we do not know the answers. We know that creation will not; full creation will not come simply from thought. These are old energy characteristics. It did work in your old energy, but it will not have the same effect in the new energy. Your emotions, as we said before, are a fuel or a driving force. It is a combination of your entire being, though, that will make your creations. This is one of the challenges that we put forth to this group to begin experimenting, to begin trying different places of consciousness. We know it will not come simply from your heart or simply from your mind. It will come from an over-all allowing ness and desire in your being. It will take some work to begin to find that area.

To use an analogy, when our friend Cauldre (the channeller) began to work with us, it took a while to find the right vibrational frequencies to begin opening clear communications. We did not specifically know how to tell him. It required his experimenting and trying different things. Certainly he fell to the floor many times before he began to get comfortable with it. It will be like that with the new energy and with new creation. It will take work back and forth. That is why we have suggested the tools of your Internet where you can communicate with each other. Some will begin to find the new pathways. That is why this group is important for you can share and compare. There is not a specific place we can tell you to begin. It is simply intending to be on that course.


QUESTION: I have a question about dreams. I feel like our dreams… that many of us in this room, in fact… many in this room are in my dreams, and it feels like we're on a mission of some sort, or different missions. Can you give us a little information on that?

TOBIAS: Each that are here, each that will read this, are on, what you say, a mission. Each will interpret it differently in their dreams. Some will feel like they have been working all through the night. Others will feel like they have been sitting in classrooms all through the night. Indeed, my dear, each that is here in spirit, each that we have called the Lost Children of Christ, knows that it is time to come forth. It is time to fulfil their true contract of Earth, of this lifetime. Each of you knows that you will be creating and working with this new energy.

So here in particular, for the next three moons, the next three months of your time, there will be continued intensity in the dreams, continued feelings of much pressure and much challenge. But again that is why we call this the classroom of the new spiritual energy so you can begin working together and define it. In your dreams, in particular, my dear, you are trying to define certain energies that then can be shared with others, particularly, in this group. So in answer to your question from a personal standpoint, there is a mission that you have.


QUESTION: You have said at some point that depression seems to be an issue for a lot of people now. Could you elaborate on that? It's not so much depression, but truly feeling lost. Even though I'm very much aware of this new energy and take it as being my challenge, I still feel lost.

TOBIAS: Depression is simply the Self feeling it as been abandoned. There is a feeling of loss and sorrow. It is difficult to explain but your old energy human self has an identity to itself, just like your past lives have an identity to themselves. It is feeling that it is abandoned, that it has died or is dying. That is why many here have gone through the feelings of the death phantom. It is feeling that all of the energy was pulled out from underneath. It is wanting to continue living, continuing its identity but also knowing that it is appropriate to make way for the True Self, the Higher Self, to come in. These feelings are strong and they are real. There are humans who have not been able to work through these, that have chosen instead to return Home. These feelings are intensely strong. These feelings of depression have been intensified lately when your guides began to leave the space they held around you, so there is the additional feeling of abandonment as well.

My friends, this is difficult, what you do. This is playing at the core issue of who you are. The feelings are real. They cannot be overcome simply in the mind. Venturing into this new energy certainly has its hazards from your perspective. It is difficult work. We have come together here in the classroom of the new spiritual energy of Earth. We have joined with you to help add energy, to add love to the work that you are doing, for we know that it is difficult. The one thing that each of you could do that would make the grandest difference in your journey is to not be hard on yourself. There is the tendency to wonder if you are doing the right thing. There is the tendency to beat up on yourself.

We tell you from a place of Truth and a place of Love that you are on the right path, that you are doing the right thing. Release the judgement and walk forth. As our friend Cauldre has said, the worst that could happen to you now is that people will think that you are crazy. From their perspective you may be, but you are dealing with things that are entirely new.

That is why, again we say, this room is filled not just with humans, but with the legions of archangels and Spirit and past lives aspects. They are watching on this day, wondering how events will shape. They are watching you with honour and love, for again all things are being learned through you. The knowingness of the new energy are now coming from you. None others have come to this point before.

When there is the feeling of depression, as many of you have experienced, bless this, as difficult as it is, bless it. For it is natural. It is a passing. It will test you at the deepest levels at times. But bless it. Be with family like this, in groups. Correspond with each other. The healers and teachers that you are, help each other.

It is a two-way energy, for as you teach and heal others in your family, you are beginning to use your new energies. You are beginning to allow the flow to occur, and at the same time, you are helping another one of family. That in itself helps all. Do not be hard on yourself. Even the strongest of the warriors that are here, do not be hard on yourself. If you become physically sick, if you become depressed, these things are natural.

Do not take it as a 'sign' that there is something 'wrong' with you. Understand that it is part of the process of moving into the new energy.


QUESTION: Tobias, you have said that you learn through us. I have frequently wondered how Kryon or anyone on the other side of the veil who has never been human could possibly know what we're going through. You have never experienced the separation or the fear or whatever that we go through. I'd like to know how that is.

TOBIAS: (deeply emotional) I, Tobias, have been in physical form on Earth ages ago. And after many lifetimes on Earth, I chose to remain on this side. I did not have the strength that each of you here has. I did not have the continued ability to be removed from a direct knowingness of Spirit that each of you has. So I came back to this side of the veil with the commitment and the promise to assist you from here, to be in service to each of you from here.

We learn through you. You are the first ones to walk in this new energy. That is why we say to you, "tell us how you feel, tell us what you think, tell us what you need". You are the ones collecting and assembling all the information and the data, so to speak, of what it is like now. We are sitting here on our side of the veil recording this, as it were, looking at it, using it in other places in creation in the universe to set up new energy patterns.

You are the ones that are digesting, so to speak. We are the ones that are processing. That is why we encourage each of you that are here to continue. We know that there is the desire to return, but the work that you are doing is important. Through your eyes we see the new day. Through your feelings, we feel it. Through your being we come to new understanding. Spirit comes to understandings of creation that have never been understood before. That is why when you ask us for the answers many times we simply do not know.


QUESTION: The planetary alignment happening around May 5th of this year; could you speak of the significance of the next three months?

TOBIAS: This will be like a door opening. When this next door opens, behind it will be additional energy resources for you, for all humans. The effects that this group will have from that planetary alignment is the ability to hold even more of your own spiritual energy, your own True Self. These things happen in stages. They are very much a part of the electromagnetic alignments that happen.

When these take place, it provides new opportunity for you. In terms of any significant event happening on your Earth at that point. Do not anticipate that there will be something newsworthy. The events are quiet. But at the time of this event and shortly thereafter, those that are attuned will feel more empowerment. They will feel focused in their creative ability. They will feel more physical energy, such as needing less sleep. They will have the ability to more rapidly heal their bodies and minds at that time.


QUESTION: I have noticed in the last month or two that people tug on my heart more than they ever used to. And it's really irritating. I don't get very sucked into their dramas, but I feel more connected. It's very disconcerting.

TOBIAS: This, my friend, is part of your own opening, part of your own awareness that you would feel more affected by this. But it is also because many of these humans are in the old energy. They see something different in you, in each of you that is here and reading these words. We know many of you have been noticing this lately, that people are drawn to you.

As the seed of divinity sprouts and grows within you, they will be attracted to you. They will not understand what it is, and in their humanness, bless them… in their humanness they will want to own this thing that you have. They see a light in you. They desire to have this within them, but as you know, you cannot give it to them. You can only stimulate them to begin bringing it up within themselves. This will continue and this will be an attribute that you see more and more frequently as you get deeper into the new energy.

There will be those that come to you that want what you have. When you tell them that you cannot give it to them, they will… some will have the desire to want to attack you, to find out what you are truly made of. This is where your teaching will become very important, to help teach them that they already own this divinity that they see in you, that they already own it, but they simply need to begin working with it and activating it. This is where each of you will be teachers.


QUESTION: Tobias, thank you for your blessings. May we learn to bless you equally as well. My question is about communications. You say that from your side of the veil you cannot read our thoughts, yet you want to know our thoughts. Do we need to verbalize out loud? Do we need to… can we speak in the form of intention? How can we communicate more clearly so that it lessens the veil?

TOBIAS: When a human chooses to close their thoughts and emotions, it is very difficult for us to read, to look at your energy, for there is a door that is closed. When you talk to us non-verbally, but direct your thoughts to us, then it is like opening the door. Then the communication is possible. When you talk to us out loud, it is not that we need the ears to hear you, but your energy is that much more focused and that much stronger. It is less subject to interpretation from us.

As you work with your divinity, as you work in the new energy, your non-verbal communications will now become more powerful than your verbal. But this will take some work, and this is a part of a future classroom discussion that we will have. When your thoughts or your words are directed, then we can read. But when there is a human that is feeling ashamed or guilty or fearful, and they are hiding under an emotional blanket, it is difficult for us to see. It is difficult for us to understand.

We can read very general energy patterns surrounding that, but it is only through the permission of the human that we are allowed to come in. That is why it is difficult even for your best readers and your best psychics to look into areas that you have hidden. My friend, you have always been in control. All of the humans here have always been in control. That is why it is difficult to make predictions or to read one's entire life. There are certainly signs that are there or energy vibration patterns, but if your doors are closed, we cannot come in.

  Now, we know our friend Cauldre grows weary. We know the humans in the chairs grow restless. We summarize this by saying that today, in this gathering, was the beginning of the classroom, the beginning of the learning. There will be things that will be new to you, and perhaps contrary to what you have done before. We are here in guidance. The entire entourage that surrounds this circle of humans is large and will continue to support you, to continue to watch. Your runners will be there when you need them. My friends, we close on this night by simply reminding you: do not go back to your old bookshelves to find the answers. All of the answers will come from new places. That is the purpose of this group.
  And so it is..

Tobias of the Crimson Council is presented by Geoffrey Hoppe, aka "Cauldre," in Golden, Colorado. The story of Tobias, from the biblical Book of Tobit, can be found on the Crimson Circle web site at The Tobias Materials have been offered free of charge to lightworkers and Shaumbra around the world since August 1999, the time when Tobias said humanity moved past the potential of destruction and into the New Energy.

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The Crimson Circle meets monthly in the Denver, Colorado area where Tobias presents the latest information through Geoffrey Hoppe. Tobias states that he and the others of the celestial Crimson Council are actually channeling the humans. According to Tobias, they are reading our energies and translating our own information back to us so we can see it from the outside, while experiencing it on the inside. The "Shoud" is the portion of the channeling where Tobias steps aside and the energy of the humans is channeled directly by Geoffrey Hoppe.

Crimson Circle gatherings are open to the public. The Crimson Circle receives its abundance through the open love and gifting of Shaumbra throughout the world.

The ultimate purpose of the Crimson Circle is to serve as human guides and teachers to those walking the path of inner spiritual awakening. This is not an evangelical mission. Rather, the inner light will guide people to your doorstep for your compassion and care. You will know what to do and teach in that moment, when the unique and precious human who is about to embark on the journey of the Bridge of Swords comes to you.

If you are reading this and feel a sense of truth and connection, you are indeed Shaumbra. You are a teacher and a human guide. Allow the seed of divinity to blossom within you in this moment and for all times to come. You are never alone, for there is family around the world and angels in the realms around you.

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