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We have selected a series of articles and essays from a variety of teachers, and authors who have kindly shared their work with us. We do not necessarily agree with all that is written within these pages, and our intention is to offer a broad range of views for consideration. However, we need to remember at all times that the truth is within each and every one of us.

Connecting With Soul Group Cosmic Dimensions
The Dalai Lama Developing Inner Guidance
Fragments Free Spiritual Models
Free Spiritual Texts Pathways of Light
The Shaumbra Symptoms Pagan and Wicca Groups
Twenty-One Life Rules Smudging Blends
Hermetic Laws Allorgy Of The Cave
Hottentot Beliefs And Deities Spiritualism and Meditation
Shadow of the Shaman Montoya's Chanellings
Dreams: Full Circle True Sound of Truth
Declaration of Principles Doors of Possibility
Healing Variations Merging Spirit With Matter
Creating Own Sphere of Light Communication Two Worlds
Inbreath of the Creator Crystal Transitional Crisis
Journey Of The Soul Spiritual Healing
Experiences in Higher Realms The New World
Tools for Comfort Ascension Symptoms
Mediums and Mediumship Personal & Planetary Healing
Unfoldment Being A Sensitive
Moving Beyond Religion Shamanic Practice
Psychometry Shamanic Healing
Near Death Experience Sempihoras
The Elements Rose Within
Book of Shadows Tsimshian Shamanism

The previous pages were short introductory, or summary pieces, and brief explanations. If any of the pieces, or anything else has generated our interest to the extent where we would like to explore more detail and complete texts, the following links will provide a useful starting point.

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