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Beginning Experiences In The Higher Realms
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Moving into a better job that supports the expression of who you are, your passion, or your mission (which are basically the same).

Greater financial abundance, as you have never quite experienced before.


Most of your dreams come true, and easily.


You attract a new mate/partner or you and your current partner have a relationship revolving around companionship with no issue related 'hooks'. You love and admire each other for who you are, with no dependencies.


Your health improves and/or you experience a miracle-like healing of a long standing physical ailment.


You crave a simplicity in all things and require and thrive on simple processes, simple desires, and a very simple lifestyle.


You begin to experience a flow to life, at a slow leisurely pace, where you need not do anything you do not really wish to. Everything falls into your lap. You experience much basking, savouring and gratitude for the simple things in life.


You only desire to do what is yours to do and no longer have a life full of mundane 'responsibilities', as when much releasing has been completed, you are then left with a purified you; a gold nugget of your divine expression. This is your contribution to the New World.


You easily pick up the thoughts, feelings, desires and needs of others, as you are becoming telepathic.


You can control your emotions, your experiences and create your world with your mind and intent, without doubt or fear.


Your surrounding environment has little effect on you. You don't take things personally. Nothing is really worth getting that upset about.


You have an unquenchable thirst for creativity. The enormous amount of energy running through you demands an outlet. You feel most at home and in alignment with Source when you are in your passion and creating.


You laugh a lot and find many things amusing and funny.


You have a heightened love and compassion for all living things. You are also experiencing higher states and more frequent states of love and joy.


You live in the moment without a 'day planner' and things just naturally unfold day by day and moment by moment. All stress is gone.


You feel incredible peace. There is an distinct absence of fear and you feel safe.


Your inner child seems to have disappeared, relating to issues and wounds, although you love to play and frolic. Much of the time you just want to play, play and play.


You begin to have an understanding about how everything is connected. You understand that there are no mistakes, all is in divine right order, and there is never and was never anything 'wrong'.

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