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Rising Above


To rise above a situation means to detach from it emotionally and view it from a distance, like it's happening to someone else. This is sometimes easier said that done, but since we are so good at giving advice to others, this is the perfect way to advise ourselves.

By viewing our own situation from another individual's perspective, we see things in a different light and our emotional reactions take a back seat. This will enable us to make decisions based on a solid foundation. When faced with a difficult situation, we need to ask ourselves; 'If this were happening to someone else, what advice would I give them?' At this point, we literally need to see ourselves rise above it and view it from outside ourselves, leaving the emotional attachment behind.


There are points on our journey where we need to let go of situations that no longer serve our growth. By rising above them, we are able to see the truth and act accordingly. Rising above and walking away from familiar situations can be painful, because it places us outside our comfort zones. In addition to the pain we experience, there is also anxiety. By placing love, peace and understanding in our hearts, there is no room for fear and anxiety.

We need to offer ourselves the same unconditional compassion we offer others when they're in pain. This is the first step in healing. In order to forgive others, we first need to forgive ourselves.


When we carry self-doubt and negative emotions around with us, they keep us chained not only to the situation, but to the lower aspects of ourselves that keeps us from being able to rise above and see with true clarity. By releasing this lower aspect, we become lighter, enabling us to fly higher, reaching heights we never felt were possible.

A light heart carries our true soul essence and is the foundation for our wings. The lighter we become, the more our wings flourish, branching out and reaching upward, pulling us with them. As we rise above, we realize how foolish the heavy, emotional load has been. We experience the freedom of flight without the burden of heavy weights on our wings. We realize that no matter what happens in our lives, we are always free to rise above.

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