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Shadows Within The Light


My journey with the light has been one of pain and joy. I've faced, sometimes quite forcefully, the shadows that lie within. Bringing into focus the dark nights of my soul.

I've come to realize that these dark nights are of my own making. Based on experiences I'd held onto and not come to terms with. The subconscious has the capacity to hold lifetimes of programming. Some of the light...some of the dark, depending on the choices I made and the reactions I took toward others.

I realize that facing and healing the shadows is what brings peace of mind. The light is always there. It's the shadows cast into the light that puts blinders over my eyes.


Removing these blinders and healing what I see has been a growth process I cannot turn away from. No matter how painful, my eyes were opened to what truly is, not only in the world I live in, but within myself as well. These shadows help me define who I am and what I choose to become.

Facing the shadow aspects that are held within the soul are the keys to healing. In order to assist others, you first have to overcome your own experiences.

This brings compassion and understanding of what is seen in others, instead of judgements that are based on fear and programming. Educating others becomes successful when the lesson is experienced first hand and these lessons are brought about by facing the deepest areas locked within.


They cannot be avoided or pushed aside. When they come to the surface they are bold and in your face, forcing you to deal with the consequences of your choices.

Sometimes, these choices were made long ago, in other lifetimes, but are coming forward now to heal. To push the shadows aside will only prolong the experience. Healing needs to take place now.

When shadows are removed from the light, every corner becomes illuminated. There are no secrets and there is nothing more to fear.


So while facing these dark corners may create anxiety, it's required of all of us eventually. If we are to become One in the light, full illumination must take place.

Refusing to acknowledge our shadows and allowing them to become public requires releasing the ego. We must stand naked in the light.

The dark shadowy corners are where judgement resides, but the light views all with perfection. The shadows, once necessary to assist us in personal definition, now require healing.

It's time for us to step into who we truly are and illuminate the dark shadows of the soul.

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