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  Personal Spiritual Development

Our true spiritual path is unique and individual to each of us. There is no one true path to heaven, to God, to the Universal Life Force, or to whatever label we prefer. In fact, there are as many paths to heaven as there are individual souls.


Our aim with our personal development section is to make a number of lessons and exercises available for consideration, and if the exercise or the information feels right for you, participation at your pace, and in your own time, without the external pressures of others which we may experience in a group or class situation.

One of the biggest barriers to our spiritual development is our conscious mind. Often after completing a spiritual lesson or exercise we feel that nothing has happened, when in truth very much has happened.

However, our conscious mind has temporarily blocked what we have experienced, usually because we are 'trying too hard', or because we are attempting to apply physical measures to what is spiritual. Later, when we have quietened our mind, during a time of reflection we will recall the details of what we have experienced.

As our memories are remote from the event which we are remembering i.e.: our 'failed' spiritual exercise, we will often write our memory off as our imagination, instead of allowing ourselves to understand the true meaning and nature of our memory.


We have chosen to gather together exercises and lessons from a number of sources which are freely available, and along with the example within Tsúnyöta Köhe't's Full Circle series of books demonstrates 'similarities within differences' which are mainly created by the use of a variety of labels.

If you choose to participate in our Personal Spiritual Development process, take your time, relax, only do what your are comfortable with doing, and enjoy yourself.

The lessons and exercises do not have to be completed in any specific order, and in fact do not have to be completed. You should do what you feel, and you should feel what you do.


Most Important: If at any time during a lesson, or during an exercise you feel uncomfortable in any way you need to say "I wish to discontinue what I am doing now."

If whatever is occurring continues say and repeat as often as is necessary "I insist that I discontinue what I am doing, NOW!"

If you feel that an entity other than a master has contacted you, amend your command to include the words 'go away'.


If at any time during an exercise you need clarification or guidance you may email us using the 'guidance' button at the bottom of this page, and we will do our best to either answer your questions, or to refer you to someone who can answer your questions.

If you would like to contribute a lesson or an exercise to our personal development section, you may email us using the 'contribute' button at the bottom of this page.


Tsúnyöta Köhe't is currently available for private consultation in the southern suburbs of Sydney, Australia close the airport. If you reside in Sydney or are visiting Sydney and you would like to arrange a private consultation with Tsúnyöta Köhe't, you may use the 'consultation' button at the bottom of this page. (a nominal fee may apply to cover time and materials, but all spiritual information, is free. There is no fee in respect of guidance provided via email for example).

Alternatively, if you would like to register an interest for a private consultation with Tsúnyöta Köhe't if he passes through your area on his travels, you may do so using the 'consultation' button at the bottom of this page.

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