Eagle Spirit Ministry

Spiritual Development Course #3


A Third 12 part Spiritual development Class, developed from a variety of sources, all freely available.


  Copyright information and conditions of use are contained within each individual page.

Everyone is psychic. You can easily develop your powers.

The exercises in this third paranormal lesson course will continue to assist you in your spiritual and psychic development, and assist you to develop a better understanding of a range of spiritual disciplines.


As these courses have progressed you will have encountered and will continue to encounter different approaches and perceptions to what are similar spiritual concepts.

There is no single correct method for approaching any aspect of spirituality. What is important, is that we use which ever method or hybrid of methods that we are most comfortable with.

That we feel comfortable with one method or a part of a method for developing our spirituality, and uncomfortable with other methods, is our instinct’s way of guiding us to what is right for us.

Ultimately, we will draw on our inner knowledge, and adopt aspects of spirituality from a variety of beliefs and traditions, as we accept our own individual and unique spiritual truth.

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Lesson Twenty-Six
Lesson Twenty-Seven
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