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  Lesson Four-The Ascended Masters

A Complete 12 part Spiritual development Class

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  A Brief Description

The Ascended Masters are Divine Beings who have usually had lives on Earth at some period in time and therefore understand your Life problems. They are able to travel easily through the different Upper Levels, as they are composed of pure energy.

The Masters may appear to you psychically, mentally or physically as Angels, Human Beings or balls of golden light. They emanate unconditional love and warmth and are never judgmental, commanding or demanding.

The Ascended Masters will descend from the Higher levels and appear to you, in order to guide, give Higher knowledge and comfort you. They do not impose their will on you. They are happy to come to you when asked, to help you in all aspects of your life.

There are many masters, some of the masters who are better known , and are active at this time include:


Jesus represents Divine Love and the Higher Realms of Spirit. Sananda is his Higher Self name. Jesus is the symbol of Christianity.

Jesus represents the Ascension Process of Humanity rising back to the Godhead. Call Jesus in to help you with healing, teaching, guidance and comforting.

  Lady Mary

Lady Mary also known as Mother Mary in the Christian faith is the symbol of the feminine, Universal Mother or Yin essence.

Lady Mary is compassionate, loving, intuitive and comforting. Call Lady Mary in to help you with healing, teaching, guidance and comforting.


Kuthumi is the Master of wisdom and Love. Kuthumi aids those who are working on self awareness.

As an Overseer of Earth, Kuthumi works with mankind to clarify many of Earth's mysteries. Call Kuthumi in for knowledge.


Serapis Bay


Serapis Bay also known as Ptah in ancient Egypt. Serapis Bay encourages creative ideas, artistry and attunement to nature.

Serapis Bay is a Master of the Devic kingdom. Call Serapis Bay in when working with the nature kingdom.

  Kwan Yin

Kwan Yin is also known as the Chinese Goddess of Healing and Compassion. Kwan Yin also represents the yin (female) energy.

Kwan Yin is a loving guide to those who work as healers. Kwan Yin works with the Aqua light energy. Call Kwan Yin in for any physical healing and comfort.

  Aquala Awala

Aquala Awala is a sister spirit to Kwan Yin. She represents the whales, dolphins and the seas.

Aquala Awala also works with the aqua light in aiding healing. Call Aquala Awala in for any emotional or mental healing.

  White Eagle

White Eagle who is also known as Quezacoatl, or Sitting Crow is associated with the American Indian Cultures.

White Eagle visited the tribes of North and South America, bringing Divine information and healing skills.

White Eagle is strongly attuned to Mother Earth and the four facets of earth, wind, water and fire. Call White Eagle in for strength, guidance and your connection with earth.

  Sanat Kumara

Sanat Kumara also known as the Planetary Logos, is working with the Planetary Ascension process of humankind and Gaia (Mother Earth).

Sanat Kumara works with humankind to encourage manifestation skills, through pure thought, for highest intent.

  Lord Maitreya

Lord Maitreya is also known as the Aquarian Age Buddha Consciousness of pure light and love.

Lord Maitreya encourages creative thought and a full awareness of who you truly are. An Overseer of the Solar System.

Call Lord Maitreya in for knowledge of New Age Practises and Consciousness, Love and Guidance.

  St Germain

St. Germain is associated with the Amethyst Ray for healing and manifestation.

St. Germain is concerned with harmony, musical sounds, peace and personal growth in consciousness. Call St. Germain in to use his violet ray for activating Grace and Forgiveness within you.


Melchizedek known as the High Priest in the Bible, represents the White Brotherhood, a level of spiritual attainment.

Melchizedek represents transformation, faith and upliftment. Call Melchizedek in for Higher knowledge.

  Lord Buddha

Lord Buddha is the symbol of Buddhism. Lord Buddha represents the stilling of the mind, relativity in truth, the middle road philosophy and divine light and love.

Call Lord Buddha in to create harmony, gentleness & calmness in your life.

  Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna is the symbol of Hinduism. Lord Krishna represents the balance of yin (female) and yang (male) energies, ancient mysticism and knowledge, karma and reincarnation.

Call Lord Krishna in to help you understand the principles of Reincarnation and Yin/Yang balance.


Joachim also known as the Father of Mother Mary, represents humour, wisdom and humanity.

Joachim encourages the use of human traits for higher intentions. Call Joachim in for a human and humorous aspect on Higher knowledge.


Exercise: Meditate, protect yourself and ask an Ascended Master to come forward. Record what you see, feel and hear.

  Summary of Lesson Four

The Ascended Masters are Higher Beings who radiate unconditional love and have their own Higher Tasks, many of which involve aiding human beings and planet Earth (Gaia).


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