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Lesson Five-Native American Animal Totems


A Complete 12 part Spiritual development Class

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A feather, (eagle preferred, otherwise turkey or other large feather), a small piece of tobacco and dried sage in a bowl, matches or lighter, a piece of turquoise stone, photographs/pictures of native Americans, any American Indian artefacts eg. dream catchers, medicine pouches, pictures, carvings or statues of animals and native American Music CD/Tapes.

We recommend that you begin and end each lesson with a short meditation of ten minutes duration, as your body and mind need to be calm and relaxed to achieve the best spiritual/psychic results.


Native American Token Animals.

  The Native American Culture has many philosophies that are similar to that of the New Age Movement. The Native American Culture has a deep respect for Mother Earth and all life forms and acknowledges the powerful forces of the four elements; earth, wind, fire and water, seasons and animal kingdoms. You can learn to incorporate many of their belief systems into your understanding of spiritual forces and phenomena. The Native American Shaman would cleanse a person or area in the following way
  Smudging Exercise To Cleanse The Room

Do slowly and reverently

1. Place a small wad of tobacco with some dried sage in a bowl.

2. Light the mixture.

3. Waft the smoke out into the four corners of the room, using the feather.

4. Mentally cleanse the room. Turn in all four directions: North, South, East and West to do so.

5. Imagine all negativity, as grey light, leaving the room and being replaced by golden/white light, positive energy.

Now the room is cleansed return to your lesson.

  Culture and Totems
  The Native American believed that he was One with All. He felt a close association with all the kingdoms of the Earth; other humans, the animal kingdom, the vegetation kingdom and the crystal and gem kingdom.

The Tribes, who called themselves 'Human Beings', had a deep reverence for all life forms. When an animal was hunted and killed for food or clothing, prayers were offered to the animal's clan, as a sign of respect, before and after the hunt.

The Native American believed that their personal totem animal gave them protection, guidance and power, while hunting, in battle and on spiritual quests.

To discover his Totem Animal or Ally, the Native American would retreat to a secluded place, such as a high mountain top. During a vision quest he would fast from food and water and leave weapons behind. Seated in a circle of sacred stones, as his only protective barrier, he would meditate for several days.

During this meditation, he would experience much spiritual and psychic phenomena, including visits from animal spirits, such as the eagle, mountain lion, snake etc. Finally one animal spirit would come forward, as his future totem animal. Often the initiate would enter spiritually into the form of the animal and experience its emotions, needs and shape.

It was felt that the warrior absorbed the power of his totem animal and its physical traits e.g. the swiftness of the deer, far sightedness of the eagle, power of the bear. In time of danger the warrior would call upon his totem animal for it's strength, wiliness or courage.

Additional energy was given to the warrior if he wore about himself a talisman of his totem animal, such as a bear tooth necklet, for strength and protection. If he had gained this in single hand to hand combat with his totem animal, the animal's strengths were believed to have entered into him after the 'kill'.

Animal totems were often represented by carvings, such as personal or village totem poles or artefacts such as carved statues.

Medicine pouches also contained pieces of hides, talons, feathers etc. for personal and medicinal use.

A tribal name would also be given to the warrior which reflected his connection with his totem animal and its various abilities. e.g. in the movie Dances With Wolves, the soldier earns his name, by being seen dancing and playing with the wild wolves of the prairies.

Maidens, of the tribe were often given names which parents hoped would reflect their feminine aspects. e.g; White Dove; gentleness, peace.

The tribal Medicine Men and women were aware of the energies and attributes of gems and often used them in their cleansings and remedies. e.g. Turquoise was used widely as a bone breakage preventative, for humans and highly prized horses.

Herbs and medicines from native plants were widely used for treatment of daily ills. e.g; aspirin from the native willow tree bark.

Sand paintings were used as an aid to locate the cause and cure of illnesses. Rattles, drums and chants were often used to frighten the bad spirits away, to increase healing.

The tribe used sweat lodges to promote good health and increase spiritual visions and meditation.

Some more information about the sweat lodge can be found using the following button.

The Sweat Lodge
  The shaman would often take the illness from his patient, into his own body and later release it. His totem animals often helped in the curing process, by giving information or strength.

Wankatanka was the name of the Great Grandfather Spirit which guided the tribes, while on the Earth. They believed in a Now Time and a spirit time, known as the Other Time.

The Elderly were respected for their wisdom and white hair was honoured, as being a sign of the highest of the auric colours, a strong connection with the God force.

The Bird Tribes myths which are common to many of the Native American Tribes, refer to the interaction of the tribes with extraterrestrial visitors, particularly those from the Seven Sisters - the Pleiadian Galaxy.

The White Buffalo is a special symbol to the Native American Indians, as its birth signals a renewal of native strengths and cultures. It is expected to be born within the next few years.

Sacred White Buffalo
  An Exercise To Find Your Personal Animal Token
  Play Native American music or drum tape in background.

Pre-record this exercise and replay:

1. Relax for a few minutes, holding your quartz crystal. Ask your Guides to help you with this exercise to see, hear, smell and feel your totem animal. Protect yourself with a white light or golden auric egg.

2. Visualise yourself on a mountain top, looking down at your village below.

3. You are on a vision quest. You have left your weapons behind. You have built a sacred circle of stones around you for psychic protection.

4. You state to Wankatanka, the Grandfather Spirit, that you wish to locate and bond with your totem animal.

5. Now visualise your astral body (inner being) travelling out of your body, still connected to your body by a long silver chord. In your astral body you can travel anywhere safely and quickly.

6. Mentally send yourself down to the seaside and into the sea. You easily sink below the waves and come to sit on the ocean bottom.

Now call all the nearby creatures of the sea and rivers to you; fishes, whales, dolphins, sharks, crabs, eels, seals etc Most will come close and then swim away, but if your totem animal is located in the water, one will stay with you. If so, sit and connect mentally with this creature. Feel its skin or scales and continue to play with it. Look at its positive and negative qualities Is it a happy, fun loving creature, one of a pack or pod? Or is it an insular, loner? Does this relate to your life and feelings?

7. For those whose totem animal is not in the water, leave the seaside and be intuitively directed to the jungle, grasslands, prairies etc. Sit quietly here and allow your totem animal to come close to you. This could be a bear, horse, rabbit, lion, elephant or any other land animal. Connect and bond with it. Play with it. Look at its positive and negative qualities. Is it a friendly, fun loving creature, one of a pack or group? Or is it an insular, loner? Does this relate to your life and feelings?

8. For those whose totem animal is not on the land, leave this region and be intuitively directed to the mountains, hills and skies. Sit or float quietly here and allow your totem animal to come close to you. This could be an eagle, falcon, bat, butterfly, pigeon or any other air creature. Connect and bond with it. Play with it. Look at its positive and negative qualities. Is it a friendly, fun loving creature, one of a flock or group? Or is it an insular, loner? Does this relate to your life and feelings?

9. Think of how you can use this animals qualities in your daily life. Will it help to give you strength, bravery, softness, communal feeling, fun etc? See how it can be integrated with you, to help you develop spiritually.

10. Now thank your totem animal for presenting itself to you. Ask for it, to be near you when needed. Leave that place and find yourself back in the circle of rocks on top of the mountain.

11. Thank Wankatanka for helping you with this vision quest.

12. Return to the room, take a deep breath and relax.

Write down your experiences and findings. How are you like your totem animal? Are you reclusive like the eagle or sociable and enjoy the interaction of the clan or wolf pack?

Think of ways to integrate the totem animals into your daily life. How can it give you comfort, strength or protection in certain situations?

You may like to collect a statue or painting of this totem animal, to remind you of its presence around you.

An interesting story about an Animal Totem vision is available at the following link.

Resolutions and the Totem
  If you have met your animal totem during your meditation and you would like to understand the qualities that your animal totem will bring to you, you can use the following link.
Animal Totem Qualities
  Native American Astrological Chart

The Native Americans also had their own astrological horoscope, relating to seasons, gems and animals. The chart below will help you discover your own special gems, colours and animals.

Note: the astrological animal may not be your own personal totem animal. Use it instead as an additional helper.

Birth Date Totem Animal Gemstone
Dec 21-Jan 19 Snow Goose Green Peridot
Jan 20-Feb 18 Grey Otter Turquoise
Feb 19-Mar 20 Timber Wolf Green Jade
Mar 21-Apr 20 Falcon/Eagle Opal
Apr 21-May 20 Brown Beaver Yellow Jasper
May 21-Jun 20 Red Deer Orange Agate
Jun 21-Jul 21 Red Woodpecker Rose Quartz
Jul 22-Aug 21 Pink Salmon Red Carnelian
Aug 22-Sep 22 Kodiak Bear Brown Topaz
Sep 23-Oct 22 Black Crow Blue Azurite
Oct 23-Nov 21 Black Snake Purple Amethyst

Your special gemstone will help to develop certain abilities within you. Here is briefly the meaning of each gemstone mentioned.

Birth Date Meaning
Peridot Magnifies, Stimulates, Adjusts cycles
Turquoise Aligns earth to heaven, Heals
Jade Access to dreamtime, Protects
Opal Creativity, Inspiration
Jasper Nurtures, Aligns male with female
Agate Perceptiveness, Precision
Quartz Meditation enhancer, Healing and magnifying abilities
Carnelian Connects with higher self, Perception
Topaz Attraction, Manifestation
Azurite Visualization enhancer, Connection with spirit
Amethyst Mental enhancer, Spiritual uplifter
Obsidian Grounding, Vitality and unity

Suggestion: Why not purchase a gemstone necklet or ring to wear that vibrates to your totem sign?

  An Exercise To Greet The Sun
  This short exercise will help you draw in valuable solar or pranic energy for the day ahead, while focusing your spiritual intent.

1. Stand outside with arms lifted to the sun.

2. Breath in three deep breaths.

3. Say aloud. 'I greet you Wakadon, The Sun God. Illuminate me today, as I illuminate others.'

4. Draw in the golden sunlight.

5. Thank Wakadon.

6. Relax.

  Summary Of Lesson Five
  The Native American culture has much to teach us concerning respect for Mother Earth and the animal kingdoms. You can learn to locate and contact your Totem animal when needed for strength, support, guidance and comfort. Your Native American astrological signs, colours and gems, will all help to give you a better insight into your personality.
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