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Lesson Nine-Astral Travelling


A Complete 12 part Spiritual development Class

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Quartz crystals; calm music; small pieces of kyanite or red jasper gemstones (optional).

We recommend that you begin and end each Lesson with a short meditation of ten minutes duration, as your body and mind need to be calm and relaxed to achieve the best spiritual/psychic results.


Astral Travelling


The Astral Body has been described as the 'starry body', as it is made up of a shimmering, gold essence. Most people astral travel in their dream state and some spontaneously 'far see' during meditation. The Astral Body can voluntarily or involuntarily leave the body. Most people astral travel at night when they are asleep. You may have felt the 'jerk' as you re-enter your body in the morning or just as you are about to fall asleep. Often people can feel 'out of sorts' when the astral body does not properly align with the physical body, after astral travelling.

The Astral body is always attached to the physical body by a long Silver Chord, which separates and breaks away at death. With practice you can learn to consciously separate the astral body from the physical body, while still being linked by the silver chord and travel to the Higher Dimensions and anywhere on Earth, or in space, that you desire to visit.

Pre sleep commands can also be given to travel to various people and places.

Trying too hard or being 'keyed up', makes it difficult to astral travel. Meditation is the simplest way to relax yourself, to prepare for astral travelling. It is important that thorough protection techniques be performed (see lesson six), as you will need to travel through the fourth dimension of Illusion, to reach the Higher dimensions. The fourth dimension is a level in which both positive and negative spirits reside. If you follow a protection routine, you cannot be harmed while travelling through this level. You will travel quickly through the 4th dimension and access the higher 5th with safety.

If you would like to review a detailed explanation of the cosmic dimensions, use the following link.

Cosmic Dimensions

The gemstones Kyanite and Red Jasper can be effective in aiding you to Astral Travel. Hold a piece in your hand while attempting the exercises. Or place beside your bed at night, for added effect.

The Akashic Records can be accessed by astral travelling to the Pearlescent level. This is the region of Collective Knowledge of the Universe, known also as the Hall of Records, where all events, life records and information are stored from all individuals, from the beginning of time and into the future. Every incarnation you have experienced is recorded here in special archives.

Here you will find the Halls of Learning, covering such subjects as Music, Mathematics, Art, Philosophy etc. All Earth knowledge, plus knowledge from other dimensions and galaxies are taught and contained within these halls.

  Protection Techniques

Placing yourself in a golden auric egg of light.

Cleansing your auras and chakras regularly.

Calling on your Spirit Guides or Higher self for protection.

Call in Archangel Michael and Sananda if needed or your own particular higher Beings.

Protecting yourself with a symbol of power, such as a Cross, Star of David, ankh or any religious symbol that you are drawn to for protection.

Remember to always use astral travelling for the highest possible spiritual purposes. Never use this technique for spying or base motives.

  Far Seeing

Far Seeing is a special way of projecting your psychic vision to an area for observation and does not involve the astral body leaving the body. Again it should only be used for the highest motives possible. Those who use it for negative reasons, spying or illicit information etc. such as the espionage agencies, find that they cannot access the Higher Spiritual Levels.

Some people prefer to Far See, using their psychic vision rather than fully astral travel, by separating the astral body from the physical body. It is possible to Far See distant planets in space or see the depths of the oceans.


Out Of Body Experiences


Out of body experiences can spontaneously occur while under anaesthetics during medical operations, drug use, during sports, painful experiences, accidents, doing repetitious work, in the dream state or during meditation. The astral body ejects quickly from the physical body, but is still attached by the silver chord and returns involuntarily to the body, after a period of time. While the person's consciousness is in the astral body, they can see the physical body below them, performing various tasks and see objects from a height.

In repetitive sports such as running, the astral body may leave the physical body, but is still attached by a silver chord.

  Near Death Experiences
  Near Death Experiences occur when a person appears to die. i.e. cessation of heart beats or brain waves. The person normally experiences a feeling of leaving their body, can see those around them, but cannot communicate with them, drifts above the scene towards a tunnel of light, hears angelic voices and sees Spirits.

The Higher Dimensions are often observed as a radiantly beautiful garden. On these Higher Levels, they are often told about future events and life purpose, before being given the choice to remain in the higher realms or return to earth.

On returning to the physical body, the person may find that the experience often radically transforms their personal life and beliefs, as they no longer fear death and see a higher purpose to their life on Earth.

Approximately 1 in 20 people have a negative Near Death Experience where they travel to a dismal, hell like environment. These people usually make dramatic changes to their lives, when they return from the Near Death Experience and start living in a more positive, loving manner.

Spirit has told us that we all create our own heavens or hells, depending on our expectations. Even those who subconsciously choose a hell like afterlife, (usually through feelings of guilt), at sometime, are given the chance to release themselves from their negative environment and enter into the positive light.

  Exercise One: To Astral Travel
  You might like to pre-record this exercise and play it back while doing this exercise.

Play relaxing music in the background

Hold your Kyanite, Quartz crystals or red Jasper.

1. Psychically Protect yourself.

2. State to your Guides that you would like to learn to consciously Astral Travel.

3. Relax and try to project your Inner Being out of your physical body and up to the ceiling. Begin to feel a 'build up' of energy in your body, as your astral body attempts to leave your physical body.

The astral body may exit out of the Solar plexus, Third eye, Crown or Heart chakras or just emerge wholly out of your entire body. Allow five to ten minutes, at least, for this to happen. If you have difficulty doing this after ten minutes, instead project a beam of light, your Inner Consciousness, out from your Third Eye Chakra to the ceiling and continue to Far See the exercise.

4. From your vantage point at the ceiling, look down at yourself and the room.

5. Project yourself out of the roof and high above the house. Notice that you have a long silver chord which is attached to your physical body. This can extend to anywhere you wish to go.

6. Think of somewhere you would like to visit eg. a beach in Hawaii, and project yourself or will yourself there. It takes only a few seconds to reach your destination. Remember you are invisible to others. Experience the beach, sea, weather etc. and take notice of the time, if you see a clock. Allow yourself at least ten minutes.

7. Think of someone you would like to visit and project yourself to their home or workplace.

8. Observe your location, time, feelings etc. Look at your friend and try to mentally send them a message to telephone or email you soon. Do they have any reaction to you being there? Take notice of the time, if you see a clock. Allow yourself at least ten minutes.

9. Now 'will' yourself (focus all your energies) to go up the Higher dimensions, to the Akashic records. Ask to go to the Hall of Records. See a beautiful ancient building and go inside. Be guided to an old book which holds your own personal records of this present incarnation and former past lives. Ask to be allowed to see one of the reasons, why you have incarnated at this time. The book may open to words or pictures. Allow ten minutes for this. Remember the message. Now close the book and leave the room and building.

10. Think of returning to your physical body and 'will' yourself back in the room. Return to your body gently, aligning your astral body up to your physical body. Do not jerk back into your body. If you do so, and feel unwell, exit again and re-enter the body, slowly aligning all the chakras and body parts together, perfectly.

Ground yourself thoroughly. (Move around, wash your hands, hug a tree).

Write down your many experiences. Did you Far See or Astral travel?

As you have now experienced Astral travelling or Far Seeing, you can see that this can be a wonderful tool for you to use, to gain higher knowledge, visit unusual places and visit friends and relatives. A very cheap and convenient way to travel, with no airline or hotel reservations needed.

Think of possible future uses of Astral travelling. For example, before visiting a new building or area, astral travel to it and explore it thoroughly. Then when you later visit this place physically, you will find it quite familiar and easily find your way around it. (This could be one explanation of De je vu phenomena, when people feel familiar with a place that they have never physically visited before). Any others?

  Exercise Two: Two People Meet In The Astral

You might like to arrange to meet up with a friend tonight at 2am. in your Astral bodies and visit the Great Pyramid at Giza or visit Viridium on the Moon, for higher contact with other Star seeds. Just ask to do this before you fall asleep tonight. Fully protect yourself before going to sleep. Ask to consciously remember it in the morning. Record your memories first thing in the morning. Later compare your individual notes with your friend.

As with all these exercises we give you, practice is paramount. The more often you practice astral travelling, the easier it will become. Just remember to always use it for the Highest Intent and always fully Psychically Protect yourself.

  Summary of Lession Nine

Many people will experience Out of body experiences, Near Death Experiences, Astral Travelling and Far Seeing while asleep in dreams and awake in meditation or under unusual circumstances. You can learn to consciously Far See and Astral Travel, in order to visit places and friends or access the Higher Dimensions and Akashic Records, for Higher knowledge.

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