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Lesson Ten-Dreamwork


A Complete 12 part Spiritual development Class

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Quartz Crystals, red jasper gems, kyanite (optional), note pads, pens, calm music.

We recommend that you begin and end each Lesson with a short meditation of ten minutes duration, as your body and mind need to be calm and relaxed to achieve the best spiritual/psychic results.


Dream Programming


Everybody dreams nightly, but not everyone remembers their dreams on awakening. Some people dream in colour, others in black and white. We are all individuals, even in our dream state. Yet this is a great resource, God given to us, which is often under utilized and which can be used successfully for our Higher Spiritual growth. Even so called 'nightmares' can help us examine our inner fears and blocks.

Master White Eagle has told us in channelling recently, that, "The Great Spirit often tries to send information, prophecy, to you through your dreams, and often this is sent in the way of signs and symbols. In the American Native Culture, we used certain animals as representing facts and emotions in our lives. Eg: A feather was seen as a message from the Great Spirit."

As your Spiritual path becomes more defined and stronger contact is made with your Higher Self, it is possible to ask your Higher Self to assist you in tasks while you are asleep. Because your Higher Self exists on the higher, more evolved dimensions of Spirit, it has access to more complex knowledge and information.

If you have questions or would like more information concerning a subject, it is possible to ask your Higher Self to help you while you are asleep, to find the answers and to re-present the dream, until sense is made of their meanings. This is why you often have reoccurring dreams, Spirit is trying to make you look more clearly at some issue in your life, that needs to be dealt with constructively.

  Exercise One

Just before you go to sleep, Psychically Protect yourself, then mentally ask your Higher Self if she/he can help you, by retrieving information concerning your request.

Then state your request. It could be something like, "Higher Self , please retrieve for me tonight, information concerning childhood issues around sickness, in my past lives, which will be of use to me currently for my self development". Or ask your Higher Self to; "Please send to me a message about a specific problem in my life, that I can easily and clearly interpret."

Warning Warning

Before you start to use this highly beneficial technique, you are advised to ask your Higher Self to place in a few restrictions, which are outlined in Exercise Two:

  Exercise Two

Please, Higher Self, only retrieve for me enough information for my immediate use and that it does not make me tired, upon waking. I wish this to be a permanent rule until further notice. (If you do not state this, possibly upon awakening, you will feel as if you have done a hard nights work.).

2. I ask that you do not give out any sensitive/personal information concerning myself, to anyone else's Higher Self. (For safety reasons).

3. I ask that you only retrieve for me relevant, practical information that will be of use to me, to aid me in my Spiritual development and for the Highest Good of all concerned. (Otherwise you may be bombarded with interesting but impractical information, which will take days to sift through.)


Exercise Three


It is possible to program your own Dreams, so that upon awakening you can more easily decipher them and get a more clearer understanding of their true meaning. To do this; firstly write out about 30 different words of great importance to yourself. These could be words such as; Love, Happiness, Hope, Peace, Protection or Freedom. Include words that indicate time (eg: days, weeks, months and years). Other suggestions are; Fear, Difficulties, Sexes, Blocks, Gifts, Hate, Opportunities, Loss, Progress, Danger, Workplace, Home, Partner, Family members and Friends, Slow, Fast, Message, Transport etc. Words that are relevant to your life.

Now try to relate as many of these words to picture symbols. For example; love could be represented by a heart, freedom by a horse, a month by a full moon, happiness by balloons, fear by a black hole, difficulties by a wall. Remember these symbols must relate to you personally. Many Dream Interpretation books rely on a generalised word/symbol diagnosis for everyone, but each person will relate differently to an object. For example, to one person, a mountain range may express Beauty, another Freedom, but if you have a fear of heights, it can be interpreted as a Threat or Fear.

Master White Eagle advises you to "read the list through, many times, until they are set in stone in your mind, then ask the Great Spirit, that when you dream or meditate, these symbols be shown to you for guidance and for prophecy."

You will find as you memorize these symbols, they will begin to come to the fore in your dream state and meditations, and you will easily begin to interpret their meanings.

  Exercise Four

See if you can interpret this dream. You are riding a white horse up a steep mountain track when you come to a huge red wall, the horse rears up and you fall off, but are not hurt.

While there is no right or wrong answer, we would suggest that it indicates that you are wanting freedom (white horse), but life is at present an uphill struggle (mountain track), you will come to a large, dangerous obstacle (red wall), which will cause you some discomfort (falling off), but you will not be badly injured by the incident (unhurt).

  Exercise Five:

Think about the individual symbols you could use for your Dream list.

Make a personal list of at least twenty words and symbols.

Memorize them.

  Exercise Six. Meditation On Personal Symbols

We suggest you pre-record this exercise and replay when ready.

Play relaxing music. Hold your jasper, kyanite or quartz crystal.

1. Psychically protect yourself, using the principles from lesson six.

2. Ask to be given a message in symbols, for you to interpret.

3. Meditate for ten minutes. Allow the symbols to flow into your mind. If you see a scene, try to remember the major objects in view.

4. Gently return your consciousness to the room. Write down your symbols immediately.

5. Intuitively interpret them.

6. Ground yourself.

Write down your symbols and findings.

Idea * Think of possible future uses for dreamwork, that you can use in your own life and write them down.

  Special Totem Symbols

Your totem animals may also appear in your dreams. To the Native Americans, an eagle represented Spirituality, a buffalo represented strength, a doe represented softness or femininity, a turtle represented slowness, a mule represented stubbornness. Your totem animal may appear to you in your dreams, in order to represent to you, a quality that you now need to develop or lose.

If you want to learn more about Totem Animals you can use the following link.

Animal Totem Qualities
  Dream Journal
  It is always practical to have a notepad and pen beside your bed, so that on awakening, you can immediately write down your dreams, as they will often be forgotten within a few minutes. Other dreams which are remembered throughout the day, should also be recorded, as soon as possible. By looking back over your dream journal after several weeks, you may see a pattern emerging of prophecy of events.

Some dreams remain with us for weeks or even years. These are often sent as deeply significant spiritual messages or warnings and are often prophetically. Many famous historical figures, such as Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc and Julius Caesar have seen their deaths foretold in dreams, by themselves or dreamt of by their family members.

Inventors have often been inspired with new concepts and inventions, originating in their dream state. The Bible is full of examples of dreams that aided and warned beings, such as the dreams of Joseph of the Coat of Many Colours, Jesus Christ, Pilate's wife etc.

Many people astral travel in the dream state and overview situations or proposed trips. Corresponding dream memories of these, can later be matched with reality. In your dream state it is possible to visit friends and relatives and areas on the Earth of interest to you. Fragments of these visits may come back to you as dream memories. Note them down. You may find that friends that you astrally visit at night, also have dream memories of you, next morning.

The more energy you give your dreams and interpretations, the more Spirit will use it as a vehicle to reach and guide you.

You can successfully program yourself to solve a problem during the sleep state. State to Spirit the problem (clearly). Ask Spirit to help you find a solution during your sleep state, that you will remember, immediately on awakening. Have paper and pen ready. Be prepared to write down the answer immediately on waking. Often a word or symbol will spring to mind on awakening, that represents the solution to your problem. If the answer is not clear, meditate on the symbol or word given and allow your intuition to present a clearer expanded picture of the solution.

For example; A woman required a rare piece of crockery for an antique collection she was restoring. She programmed herself for an answer from the dream state, as to where to go and who to meet, to find this rare object. On awakening she saw a vision of a pair of shoes, which at first made no sense to her at all. On meditating she 'saw' herself running across an old friend at the local shoe shop, the previous week. This friend was also interested in old crockery. She immediately rang this friend and found that she had the very piece of rare crockery which she was searching for, and was happy to negotiate with her, to complete her collection.

Spirit may use your dream state to supply you with information from other dimensions. It is important to record your dreams, before analysing or interpreting them, as the concepts shown may sometimes be unfamiliar, but give you, nevertheless, important information for your spiritual growth. Often when these dreams are reread several months, or even years later, they immediately make sense.

Placing a quartz crystal near your head at night will help to magnify your dreams. Kyanite and Red Jasper will help you to Astral Travel. It is possible to agree to a meeting with friends in the dream state and through astral travelling, catch up with their latest news or work with them on more spiritual projects, while you sleep. You need only to state to Spirit (and to your friends) your intentions, time of meeting, ask to remember the meeting in the morning when you awake, protect yourself and go to sleep. Why not visit our spiritual city Viridium on the Moon? See The Abbotts website (using the link on The Abbotts banner at the top of this page) for further information.

Often in your dream state, you may work on continuing projects of the Highest Intent. This may involve projects such as cleansing and healing parts of the Earth, animals, crystals or people. This is often done in large groups that come together from all parts of the globe.

  Nightmares can be an important way for Spirit and your unconscious mind to alert you to blocks and problems within your personality or life style that are stopping your spiritual development. It is important not to take the nightmare literally, but to learn to intuitively sense the meanings behind it. For example; if you often dream that you are being chased by a dark, evil man in your dream or an unseen monster this often means that you are fleeing from a negative part of yourself, that you are unwilling to confront.

Drowning in a dream may mean that you feel swamped by events around you and are losing control. Water in dreams normally indicates strong emotions.

Snakes in a dream have various meanings. They may mean wisdom, healing, sexuality or an inner fear. This is why your own personal interpretation is so important.

  Lucid Dreaming
  You can learn to be aware in your dreams and take command of the situation. You need to learn to recognise a unique symbol in the dream state that alerts you to the fact that you are dreaming. Choose a special symbol, such as a dancing blue elephant or bright green badge and ask that when you see this symbol in your dream you begin to take charge of the dream and direct it where you want.
  Exercise Seven: Facing Nightmares
  Be brave and ask the Universe, before you go to sleep, that in your nightmare you will turn and confront the monster and ask for Archangel Michael (or your own protective angel) to be beside you for protection and guidance. Ask that your block or problem be represented by one of your personal symbols. Make notes in your dream journal, when you awake.

Often once the 'monster' is confronted and its identity recognised, the nightmare will disappear forever.

For Children.

Idea: Confronting the 'monster' and shooting at it with an imaginary 'monster spray' is often a valuable tool for children to use during frightening nightmares. Practice doing this when they are awake.

  Summary Of Lesson Ten
  Dreams can be a valuable way for Spirit to contact you, in order to help you look at unresolved issues in your life. You can program your dreams, in order to discover information and remember them clearly in the morning. You can create your own symbols, which will help to personalise and explain your dreams more clearly. Various Spiritual work and contact with others, can be made in the dream state.
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