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Lesson Eleven-Contacting Your Personal Spirit Guides


A Complete 12 part Spiritual development Class

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Quartz crystal, pictures of saints/guides/devas (nature spirits); drawing paper and coloured pencils, calm music.

We recommend that you begin and end each lesson with a short meditation of ten minutes duration, as your body and mind need to be calm and relaxed to achieve the best spiritual/psychic results.


Spirit Guides


There are both evolved and unevolved spirits who will often attempt to contact humanity. Your Personal Spirit Guides are evolved, loving beings who come into your life to help you with your life journey. They often help you through painful experiences with insight, guidance and love.

Most people have two Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels throughout their life, from birth to death. One usually represents itself as a female and the other as a male.

The female or yin energy often comforts, heals and gives guidance from a feminine perspective, while the male guide often protects, advises and gives support from a stronger yang energy. These Spirit Guides are often entities that you have known in past lives, family members who have passed over to the astral realms or unrelated volunteers who wish to help and experience the conditions you are going through in your current life.

Your Guides are never judgmental about your behaviour or actions, as they understand your motivations, very clearly. However, they are there to help you become more Divine in nature, so it is worthwhile listening to their loving advice, as it may save you a lot of unnecessary heartache.

On meeting your Guides consciously for the first time, it is possible you will remember meeting them in the dream state previously, or recall them as a childhood companion.

Try to consciously and regularly talk to your Guides. Make friends of them. Ask them for advice and ask them to direct you in practical ways. For example: find parking spots in busy areas, locate an article you are searching for at the shops, direct you to the right people for certain tasks. When you truly make contact with your Guides you do not ever have to be lonely again. They are there for guidance and support any hour of the day and night.

While these Guides are helping you in your spiritual journey through life, they are also raising their own light and understanding, by volunteering to help you. Often a familiar Guide will 'look over' you in this life, because in the past you have been a Spirit Guide to them, when they have incarnated on Earth, in the past.

  Twin Flames And Soul Mates

Your Twin Flames or Higher Soul Mates, which some believe are the other half of you, may also decide to remain in the higher dimensions and act as guides to you, throughout your present incarnation. In this way they may help you with spiritual knowledge and guidance, without distracting you from your spiritual path, by being present in physical form.

  Teacher Spirit Guides

Many Teacher Guides will come to you, for short periods in your life, to educate you about certain aspects of your physical or spiritual journey. There are Teacher Guides who specialise in Art, Music, Dance, Mathematics, Healing etc. and are always available for higher inspirational help, as all Guides have access to the Akashic Records and the Universal Consciousness.

Call upon them to help you with specific and complicated tasks. For example: if you need to fill out your Tax Return papers, ask for an Accountant Teacher Guide, to help you work intuitively, with the task. If you are involved in creative artwork such as painting, ask a Spirit Guide to come and help to inspire you. Who knows you may have Picasso or Michelangelo turn up to inspire you.




The Archangels who oversee Creation and never incarnate on Earth, are located on the Silver Level, connected to the silver chakra. These angels, such as Michael, Uriel, Ariel, Raphael, Azriel etc are always willing to come to you for guidance, protection and comfort. Call them in around you, when needed. Just send out a mental request and they will be there. There are amazing stories of angels who have prevented muggings, robberies or aided those in need.

Remember these Archangels are always willing to help you. Do not feel that they are somehow too important to deal with your everyday issues. You are important to them. (Use Exercise One; To achieve this, after first establishing contact with your own Personal guides.)

  The Masters

The Masters are also Spirit Guides that can come to you with advice and guidance. Again, remember these Ascended Masters are always willing to help you. Do not feel that they are somehow too saintly to deal with your everyday issues. Your worries are important to them.

Kwan Yin is a specialist in healing matters, Mother Mary is feminine and loving, like a Mother and Sananda (Higher Self Name of Jesus) is compassionate and wise. Practise asking them to come to you and feel their loving warmth. (Use Exercise One to achieve this, after first establishing contact with your own Personal Guides.) Remember these Masters are non-denominational. They also help Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus.

  Unevolved Spirits

On the Lower aspects of the Fourth Dimensional Planes are the unevolved, less spiritual beings who often attempt to contact humanity for their own selfish purposes. Some of these beings may attempt to manipulate and frighten you, although their initial contact may appear friendly. These lower astral spirits have been known throughout history as poltergeists, ghosts, shades, spectres, etc. When they are around, you will normally feel cold, apprehensive, often nauseous or smell a rancid aroma.

It is important when attempting spiritual work, to fully protect yourself. Ouija board gatherings and unprotected sťances will often bring in these unevolved lower astral beings. We advise you never to participate in any unprotected psychic gathering. However, if you do have any problems with the lower astrals, call on the Masters and Archangels, particularly Archangel Michael, to send them away. People of different religions can call upon their own cultural or religious guardian figures. However, please remember that the Masters and Archangels are non denominational. They will help everyone.

It is essential when you are contacting Spirit that you Always use a complete protection technique for your own safety. Refer to lesson six.

Remember: Your Spirit Guides; guide you. They never command or demand. You have absolute free-will to live your life, as you please. This is one of the purposes of incarnation on planet Earth, it is a Freewill planet. A loving Guide will help and occasionally nudge you to better behaviour, but never tell you how to live your life.

If a Guide appears to be telling you to do certain things and you are not happy about it, send the guide away. You always have the power to do so and the Higher Guides are never offended by this action. If you ever feel frightened; call in your Own Guides and Archangel Michael (or other appropriate religious guardian) to send these entities away and they will soon be gone.

  Magenta Level Meditation To Meet Spirit Guides

Exercise One

  We suggest you pre-record this meditation, relax and continue.

Spend several minutes looking at your pictures of saints, angels etc.

1. Hold your quartz crystal in your hand.

2. Psychically protect yourself. (See lesson six) i.e. place yourself in an auric egg of white light with spiritual symbol protection.

3. Ask your Personal Spirit Guides to help you make stronger contact with them today, and in the future.

4. Gently send your consciousness up the silver chord to the Magenta Level. Find yourself in a beautiful garden with bright, sparkling, magenta lights in the air. In the garden is a bubbling stream and wonderfully, coloured bushes, flowers and trees. A great feeling of serenity and calmness surrounds you. You find a comfortable bench in the garden and sit down to relax and meditate for five minutes.

5. Now send out a message to your Personal Spirit Guides to come forward into the garden and walk towards you. One or two Personal Spirit Guides may come.

6. Visualise or feel them walking slowly towards you. Feel the love and serenity they emanate. If you are not comfortable with their vibration, send them away. Some of you may smell a wonderful perfume coming from them. Allow them to come and stand before you.

7. Look into the face of your Guides and mentally welcome them. Listen clairaudiently (with your inner psychic hearing), for a reply.

8. Ask your Guide for its name and listen for a reply. If the reply is too soft or unclear, ask the Guide to speak louder and more clearly.

9. Hold your Guides' hands and feel their embrace.

10. Talk to your Guide about the problems in your life and ask for gentle and loving counselling. Listen for their reply. Take time, there is no need to hurry. Although they may guide you, they never command you to do something. They respect your freewill.

11. Ask your Guides to make their presence known more frequently to you and for further Spirit contact to occur, quicker and clearer.

12. Thank your Guides for coming and let them depart.

13. Leave the magenta level and return to your physical consciousness and body.

14. Ground yourself. Move gently, wash hands, bare feet etc.

Write down what you have experienced and think of how you can make greater contact with your Spirit Guides in the future.

Note: The more often you contact your Personal Spirit Guides the more clearer, quicker and stronger the contact will become. At first you may just see them indistinctly or not hear them clearly, but with practice, the contact will become stronger. Soon, you will be able to mentally converse with them, whenever you like. But again, it needs practise, practise, practise.

  Exercise Two

Put yourself into a meditative state and draw a picture of your Personal Spirit Guides to remind you of how they look today. Place this picture somewhere prominent in your bedroom, to remind you of your Spirit Guide contact.

We advise you to make the initial contact with your Guides when you are in a calm, relaxed state and try to contact them, at least several times a week. Often when a person becomes upset or under stress, they find the contact difficult to make. This is when you need to be able to relax yourself thoroughly and protect yourself, then reattempt contact.

Remember: when you are upset, you separate yourself from Spirit, they do not separate themselves from you.

  Exercise Three
  Now, over a period of time, use the first exercise in the same way, to establish contact with The Masters, Archangels, Teacher Guides, Devas (nature spirits), Twin Souls etc. Do not hurry this, it may take weeks, months or years to establish fast, clear communication. But the end result is very wondrous and satisfying.
  Summary Of Lesson Eleven
  You normally have two Personal Guides, one male and one female, who are both with you, throughout your life. You can learn to consciously contact them and make friends of them. You can also make contact with the Archangels, Teachers, Devas and the Masters. They can help you with guidance, comfort and practical tasks. Although they may guide you, they never command you to do something. They respect your freewill. The more often you contact them, the clearer the contact will become. Always use this Higher spiritual Contact wisely and with Higher Intent.
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