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Lesson Twelve-Spiritual Healing


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A collection of essential oils to smell, such as lavender, pine, rose, orange etc; crystals; gemstones for each chakra; four coloured squares (fabric or paper) red, blue, yellow and pink; calming music and rousing music.

We recommend that you begin and end each lesson with a short meditation of ten minutes duration, as your body and mind need to be calm and relaxed to achieve the best spiritual/psychic results.




Although there are hundreds of acknowledged alternate healing techniques used at present, they can be categorised in two major groups: psychic and spiritual.

Spiritual Healing works through communication with the God force, whether for medical knowledge or healing power. The healing force is outside the body and generally comes down from the Higher Realms and enters the crown chakra of the healer. This healing light then travels to the heart chakra and then is directed out through the palms of the hands or fingertips to the patient.

Spiritual healing, normally begins by first contacting Spirit and asking for assistance in your healing work. The Aqua level of the Unified Chakra Meditation is especially powerful for healing physical, psychological and spiritual problems.

Healers such as the Masters Kwan Yin and Aquala Awala, Sananda and many others, can be contacted on this level to aid and guide in your healing work. The patient can also contribute to the healing session by contacting their guides and asking for healing assistance.

Psychic Healing is a practise of bringing energy up from the Kundalini area or Base chakra, through the heart and out from your hands, to the patient. Although your intent may be of the highest, you are using your own stored energy and you can easily deplete your energy reserves.

Many Shamans use this technique and bring the negative illness or infection into their own body then later release it. We do not recommend this practice as it may cause you pain and illness.

  Exercise One

We recommend that you pre-record this meditation.

Play relaxing music in background.

Class exercise to feel the difference between spiritual and psychic energy.

  Spiritual Healing

1. Hold your crystal and ask Spirit to help you feel Spiritual Healing energy. Psychically Protect yourself.

2. Let the healing force come down from the Higher Realms and enter your crown chakra. It may feel like a tingling sensation or you may see it as a golden stream of light.

3. Let the healing light travel to your heart chakra and then be directed down your arms and out through the palms of your hands or fingertips to the patient. Your hands may become very hot or tingly. Continue sending this energy for several minutes.

4. Thank Spirit and disconnect from healing stream of light.

5. Semi- Ground yourself. Walk around a little.


Psychic Healing


1. Protect yourself, and just start to feel a build-up of healing power in your base chakra area. Visualise it as a red light.

2. Allow it gently to rise up to your heart chakra and down your arms to your hands and fingers, direct this to the patient as a golden light. Your hands may become very hot or tingly. Continue sending healing for several minutes.

3. When finished healing, gently lower the healing energy to your Base Chakra and ground yourself thoroughly. Ground yourself.

Write down the effects.

  Some Observations On Healing

As a healer you must decide if you wish to do "hands on healing". Some people do not like to be touched by strangers, others prefer and find comfort from physical contact with the healer.

An alternative is to work with the patient's auric field, as the Etheric template and Ketheric templates hold images of the body. Healing can be sent to illness in the aura and in time, this will heal the corresponding area in the physical body. The healer's hands can also be held several centimetres above the physical body and healing light directed to the area of illness. This healing light is often very hot and powerful, so be aware of any discomfort to the patient.

The hands can also be placed lightly on the shoulders or crown, or above them and you can ask the God force to direct the right amount of healing light to where it is needed in the body or mind. By experimenting you will find the technique most suitable for you and your patients.

Protection is always necessary before and during any healing session as you may unwittingly take on the patient's illness and pain, if adequate safeguards are not taken. Protection techniques include Unifying and Protecting yourself and placing yourself in a protective bubble of light that allows healing energies out, but does not allow illness in, to attach to you. Ask your Guides to construct one around you. Remember to send all negative energies, such as illness, to the Sun to be destroyed. Just visualise a grey, claggy mass being sent into the heat of the sun to be destroyed.

Spiritual Healing should not deplete you of your energies, as you are the channel and are not using your own reserves of energy, but the energies of the Divine. It is wise to mentally cleanse yourself and wash your hands of negativity between patients. After a particularly gruelling session of healing, it is recommended that you take a warm salt bath.

Most illnesses come from an emotional or psychological basis. Some people are meant to experience sickness for a spiritual reason and others may hold onto their illness for subconscious reasons, unknown to them. This is where advice from your Spiritual Guides can be helpful in obtaining information on treatments or directing your hands to certain body areas. There is often a spontaneous emotional release by the patient during the healing and Spirit can often direct you to say comforting words or gentle questioning, to get to the cause of the problem. All healing is helpful on some level.

Contacting Spirit (see Lesson Eleven) is an invaluable aid to healing others. Just ask for the right Healing Spirit to come forward to aid you.

Contacting Spirit

We believe that all illness is reflected in the patients chakra system and auras. You can learn to locate deformed and over or underused chakras and negative patches in the auric fields and send healing Spiritual Light to these regions, to promote better health. See previous Aura Lessons and Chakra Lessons.

As a healer you may be perplexed by clients who are beginning to be healed fully, then revert to old ways of behaviour, diet, negativity etc. Many people feel threatened by 'good health', especially after a protracted illness. They feel that they will have to make major changes in their lives, such as seeking employment and their status in the family may change as they lose attention and sympathy from others.

Therefore on a subconscious level they will decide to return to the old familiar way of living and manifest their illness once more. If your client can be shown the exciting possibilities and positive new avenues that good health offers them, they may be able to overcome their worries and continue with their treatments.

Others may manifest illness in order to punish themselves for imagined wrong doing, to evade certain responsibilities or in the extreme, manifest death, in order to escape this present incarnation.

Illness can also be presented to the client, in order to have them become aware of mental, emotional or spiritual issues in their current life or past lives, that have been neglected and unresolved. It is a type of Spiritual 'wake-up call.'

It is essential, as a healer, that you work from unconditional love and are never judgmental about the patient. If there is a true dislike of the patient, it is better to refer them to someone else, as your feelings may affect the healing session. It is also necessary to have a strong belief in your ability to heal others, by being a channel for Spirit. You cannot heal half heartedly. You must have an expectancy of success and inspire your patient to feel the same.

There are many techniques of alternate healing, all of which are valid aids to the successful healing session. By investigation you will find which are most appropriate for your use. Healing should always take place in a calm, warm atmosphere of positivity.

For more information on the need for spiritual or physical healing use this link.

Spiritual Healing
  Aids To Spiritual Healing

Aromatherapy is an ancient art of healing, using essential oils to promote health in people, by stimulating or relaxing them, by inhalation of the fragrance. The Egyptians used myrrh to embalm their mummies 6,000 years ago. Modern perfume manufacturers use essential oils to create new perfumes and toiletries. Many essential oils can be used for massage or burnt in incense holders to promote a feeling of calmness and well being.

  Exercise Two

Place a few drops of a selected essential oil, on individual cotton balls. Allow yourself a few minutes to smell the fragrance and comment on the emotions they evoke. eg. Pine may give you a feeling of strength and vitality. Rose, may give you a feeling of serenity. Lavender may calm you. Orange may stimulate you.

Write down your findings.

Plan how you could use aromatherapy in your healing work.

  Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy is a recognised method of stimulating the senses and emotions. On a grey day people feel depressed, while a blue sky with a golden sun, usually cheers them up. Fast food outlets carefully choose their decor colours to stimulate appetite and promote fast eating; reds and yellows. Prisons have used a dark pink to subdue their prisoners. Brilliant white can seem sterile and cold. Colours can indicate to us a person's frame of mind. If they continually wear beige or grey they may feel depressed and have low self esteem. While another may wear red to feel energised or blue to feel calm.

More information about the use of colours is available from the following link.

  Exercise Three

Hold up the coloured squares one at a time and allow yourself to react to the colours. eg. yellow may make you feel happy and optimistic.

You may like to use our complete colour chart.

Color Chart

Write down your findings.

Plan how you can use colour in your healing work. Look at your home and wardrobe, what colours do you habitually wear?

The following link will take you to a Native American story which explains the importance of what we wear.

What Are You Wearing?
  Gem or Crystal Therapy can be a wonderful way to work with Mother Nature. There are many excellent books today on Gem work that incorporate a spiritual aspect.

Some ideas for gemstones are placing them on your body, placing them near your bed at night, holding them when performing spiritual exercises and placing them near computers and cars to increase their efficiency.

Some suggested stones and uses are:

Amethyst: spiritual and paranormal abilities.

Quartz Crystal: to charge self, computers, cars etc.

Citrine: to bring wealth.

Rose Quartz: to bring love.

Kyanite: to help with dream work and astral travelling.

Turquoise: to aid loving speech and bone breakage.

Lapis Lazuli: for throat problems.

Obsidian: for grounding.

For more information about Gemstones or Crystals and their uses, you may like to visit the following page.

Crystal Properties
Exercise Four

Hold different stones for several minutes and comment on their effects.

Write down your findings.

Music Therapy

Music therapy can also be useful in changing a person's mood or vibration.

More information about the effects of music can be found using the following link.

Vibrations of Colour and Sound
Exercise Five

Play the two pieces of opposing music for several minutes each. How did they make you feel; relaxed or stimulated?

In most healing sessions, calm, relaxation music is often played in the background, but occasionally, (particularly when working with inattentive people or children), a more rousing piece of music may help to stimulate them.

Write down how you could use music to increase your healing abilities.

Distance Healing
  Distance Healing is the healing technique of sending healing light to a person or place from a distance. This may be a few kilometres or thousands.
Exercise Six

Protect yourself, think of the patient, direct your inner sight to them and direct healing light from the Divine Source through your crown, heart and hands to them. Ask your Guides and the Masters to also help you in this healing session. This takes only a few minutes and is very effective.

Write down your findings.

Meditation For Personal Healing
  As a Healer you have the responsibility to look after your own health on all four levels, to be balanced emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically, Love yourself and have faith in Spirit's and your own abilities to heal.
Exercise Seven
  Play calming music in background.

1. Psychically Protect yourself.

2. Visualise the Aqua Healing Level and send yourself up to this level.

3. Find yourself outside a wonderful temple of healing. Go inside.

4. Walk down a corridor until you see a room with your name on the door. Go inside.

5. Seat yourself in a comfortable chair in a beautifully decorated room. Around you are many shelves holding books on healing and many containers, jars and bottles of cures.

6. Ask for a Healing Master or Guide to come forward. Feel their loving energy.

7. Talk to the Master or Guide about your health worries. Allow the Master to examine with you, where the problems have originated. Listen to their advice on cures and aids to better health. This may include diet, exercise, looking within, forgiveness and change of outlook and habits.

8. Allow them to choose a pill or potion from one of those on the shelves. Take the medicine now. Feel it flowing through your body cleansing and curing you.

9. Allow the Master to touch you where there is pain or illness and lessen these symptoms.

10. Meditate there for several minutes, absorbing the healing energies.

11. Thank the Master for his/her help.

12. Leave the room and building.

13. Slowly come down from the Aqua Level.

14. Ground yourself.

Write down your experiences and feelings.

An affirmation for yourself and others:

"I Deserve perfect health now!"

Summary Of Lesson Twelve

Spiritual Healing is a positive method of attaining and assisting better health, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Illness occurs for various reasons. Many illnesses are related to chakra damage and negativity stored in the aura.

There are many aids to spiritual healing such as fragrance, colour, gems and music. You can send distance healing to others. You can learn to heal your own body and mind.

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