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Colour Meditation

Author Unknown.

Coloured Blooms Of Knowledge

The colour that emerges gives insight into our emotional state. This meditation allows you to ask for answers to questions that need resolving.


Find a comfortable resting place for yourself and close your eyes.


Transport yourself to an exquisite garden, with you sitting on a grassy mound in the middle of it.


There are flowers of every kind and colour surrounding you. Take in the heavenly scent while choosing a single bloom.


Focus in on the colour of the flower. Ask for guidance with your question while drinking in the colour’s vibration.


Let your eyes follow down the green stem into the roots in the earth below.


Take a deep breath in and exhale; open your eyes.


The colour of the chosen bloom is the key to solving your problem.


Let your intuition speak to you, and read the psychological profile of your chosen colour for guidance.

Color Chart

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