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  The Anatomy Of A Magickal Human
  When you look in the mirror, how many people do you see?

If you stop and think about it for just a moment, and at some point most of us have, you will readily recognize that the old adage, 'me, myself and I' really does apply. However, for most of us, we know and understand the individual aspects of our being about as well as we know our neighbours across the fence next door.

  Many of the ancient philosophies, particularly Huna, considered an understanding of the Selves, their nature, and their interaction to be critical in the ability to maximize the mortal potential and tap into the Universal Creative Powers.
  In the Huna 'secret' practice, the essence of a mortal being was comprised of three distinct and separate beings, learning to work in unison to achieve a state of 'wholeness' or 'Holiness'. The greater the degree that the Selves could work together, the more powerful the individual mortal person became.
  The Huna belief goes much deeper; however, we need to just wade here for a minute. Who are these Selves? What does each of them do? How do they communicate with one another? And finally, when we achieve any degree of wholeness, what happens?

Here is a brief listing of the three Selves (essentially, the spirit, the logical mind, and the body) and their respective qualities and functions:


  In Huna is called 'Aumakua', which translates into 'The Utterly Trustworthy Parental Spirit'.
  Is both male and female.
  Is connected to the Lower Self, but not to the Middle Self, and can attune to still Higher beings if required.
  Is assigned to a lesser self (Middle and Lower Self) at conception.
  Never interferes with the two lesser selves, as this would rob them of their free agency.
  Can remember far beyond the Lower Self.  
  Can reason far better than the Middle Self.  
  Can access any information from the past.  
  Can project into the future.  

The Middle Or Conscious Self

  In Huna is called 'uhane'.
  Is the reasoning, thinking, conscious mind, but contains no memory within itself.
  Is the consciousness that recognizes problems and seeks solutions; is also the 'rule maker' for the uninhibited Lower Self.
  Is the part of the lesser selves that is conscious of its own existence.
  Knows and respects the Higher Self from a purely logical standpoint.
  Communicates with the Lower Self, but has no direct contact with the Higher Self.
  Its main function is to instruct, direct and blend with the Lower Self, and to attain a state of consciousness wherein the three selves will function as a unit; become 'whole' or 'holy'.

The Lower or Subconscious Self

  In Huna is called the 'unihipili'.
  Is the seat of all memory within the Selves.
  Is responsible for all autonomic body functions.
  Operates by instinct and at the command of the Middle Self.
  Is responsible for emotion, and since it is the emotion attached to a thought that makes it a memory, memory is seated in the Lower Self.
  Does not differentiate between right or wrong (defective reasoning abilities) and is responsible for survival and sexual appetite. Constantly seeks pleasure and avoids pain.
  Is the most connected to the physical world.
  Can contact the High Self at will, or at the request of the Middle Self, if Low Self feels like responding.

In Summation

  The High Self is the Divine Parent, connected to the Low Self. This is your eternal Spirit.

The Middle Self is the robot computer containing no memory and is connected to the Low Self. This is your analytical, logical self, the conscious rational mind.

The Low Self is the uninhibited child interested in survival, pleasure, and sexual function. This is the subconscious, the seat of your connection to the physical world through the mortal body.

Each of these aspects is essential to our everyday ability to survive and flourish in this mortal plane. However, the unity and cooperation of the Selves is absolutely critical when you begin to understand that we literally create the fabric of our reality, and that we, as mortal human beings, have the ability to alter that fabric, both for ourselves and for others, to a greater or lesser degree.

Understanding the position and agenda of each self is much like understanding the position and agenda of individuals within any family or organization. If you know the position and responsibility of each member at any given time and each is performing their function in cooperation and harmony with all others, all is well. But should a disagreement occur, the peace is disrupted and systems begin to break down. So it is in Magick. When all three Selves are working in perfect harmony, miracles occur. But when disharmony erupts or one of the lesser Selves dominates, havoc rules and Magick disappears.


What Does All This Mean To You?

  In the following page we are going to discuss the Five Universal Principles of Magick upon which all Occult systems draw their power. That is not to say that all Occult systems maintain the same beliefs, practices, or rituals. But the steps to activate and magnetize the Ethers of the Universal Creative Powers must contain at least some variation of these five steps.

One of the steps is what I call Alignment, or to be more exact, Aligning the Selves. Knowing that we are a composite of Selves, and knowing that the cooperation of each Self is critical to the outcome and speed at which our objective will be met, the need for the alignment and harmony of the various Selves becomes readily apparent.

Alignment, then, is the lack of conflict or contradiction between the Selves. It means that to the extent that any conflict exists, the desired outcome of your efforts will be delayed, altered or nullified.

Since the following page will deal much more in depth with the Five Principles of Magick, I will simply admonish the reader to consider the importance of the Three Selves and ask that you seriously take a few minutes to meditate on and attempt to relate to each one. If your life seems full of conflict and contradiction, and there is no internal peace, what aspect of your inner Self is out of harmony? If nothing that you are trying to accomplish is coming together, or your every effort backfires on you, what part of your inner Self is unhappy and resisting your efforts?

'As above, so below. As within, so without. As the Universe, so the Soul'. What a beautiful way of saying whatever is transpiring within and between the Selves of our very being is being mirrored back to us in the reality that we create and the reality that we experience.

If you cannot find whatever you are searching for within, be it peace, tranquillity, knowledge, power or the ability to manifest our desires, you will not find it outside of or beyond yourself.



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