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"Everything you have ever been taught is a lie…..

Now go find truth."


The above statement is the premise and the challenge I was given by my spiritual mentor at the beginning of our work together. It is the premise upon which my entire spiritual journey is based. I am not saying that your current belief system is invalid. I only ask that you be aware of your belief system and be constantly willing to challenge any of your beliefs in light of new knowledge; and then, if necessary, be willing to discard ANY beliefs that no longer fit. I sincerely ask that you consider this as a beginning point for your journey through these pages.

The Shaman's Cave is dedicated to the ancient and powerful practice of Magick. It was created, designed and written with the intent of giving each person who visits these pages an opportunity to touch upon ageless truths that empower each of us to create our own reality.


From the beginning of time, man has attempted, mostly by trial and error, to gain some knowledge or power that enables the mortal person to commune with the Universal Creator Powers. Those methods which achieved some measure of success endured and were added upon, and for clarity's sake, names and titles were given. Today we know many of these practices as Shamanism, Witchcraft, Huna, Occult, and High Magick to name a few.

These pages are not about violating another person's belief system, ethical values, or moral judgments. These pages are about the continuation of ancient practices that allow each of us as mortal men and women to take responsibility for our own lives, being willing to experience this life for the gifts of knowledge and power that it offers, and then being equally willing to accept and integrate that knowledge and power to the achieving of even greater light and knowledge.

These pages are about putting you in command of yourself and your reality. I am determined to share with anyone who will listen the sacred truth so long suppressed, that you chose this lifetime, you designed and created it, with all the tribulations and possibilities it holds for your eternal growth. But even more than that, you are still creating this life right now. The pages that follow will detail every aspect of this truth.


Now I ask you to experience with me a magickal journey to the source of all knowledge and power - within you.

One of the most powerful teachings of Occult magick states, 'As above, so below. As within, so without. As the Universe, so the Soul.' If you cannot find whatever you seek within yourself, you will never find it outside yourself. Life is but a mirror that reflects our deepest self back to us in the reflection of the world around us. If you are unhappy with the reflection in the mirror, you can change it. You are literally the only one who can.

To change the image in the mirror, we are going to use something called magick. I am going to define Magick as the ability to alter the fabric of reality in conformity and proportion to your imagination and will. We are not talking about the sleight of hand magic used by stage magicians to entertain audiences. We are talking about the ability of a mortal human to connect to the supernatural, using age-old, tried and proven methods to bring about a desired change in the reality of the physical plane.


These pages are not for everyone. These pages were created to fill a deep void which the author believes exists between the relatively simple and concise formula for occult practice; in this case Shamanism, and the complex maze of information and dis-information which permeates the general human awareness of the occult and its practice. Every one of these pages has been carefully thought out and contains precise information about some aspect of the Magickal formula, so please don't just skim over or skip pages, because the title doesn't look interesting. If you sincerely read, ponder and study the material contained within these pages, you will know for yourself the truth of what is spoken here.

I take no personal credit for the information contained within these pages. Just like you, I was gifted with this information and had to choose whether to accept or reject it. I hope that you are fortunate enough to make the same decision that I did.

To the end that we may once again practice magick in our everyday lives, I dedicate my effort and the following pages.

  Rev. Ronald S. Eppich, PhD.
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