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"This page contains a list of the Terms and Definitions used throughout these pages.

One of the most important aspects of real communication is a mutual understanding of the language and concepts being related."

  Terms And Definitions

Allegory: a symbolic representation, wherein something which is simple and of common understanding can be used to represent and explain something much deeper and more complex. Frequently used in religious context.

Altered State Of Consciousness: a transcendent or higher state of awareness, encompassing possibilities not available during 'normal' consciousness. In the case of Shamanism, the 'Altered State of Consciousness' is the transcendent state of awareness in which the spirit or soul of the Shaman leaves the body in order to travel to Otherworlds, usually the 'Upper' or 'Lower' Worlds, in order to accomplish his/her work.

Archetypal Goddess/God: the Ultimate Personage(s) or Power, depending on your belief, responsible for the creation and maintenance of all 'Planes of Existence', with their associated realities and life forms, and for the exhibition of all 'Supernatural Powers'. A Personage or Power, often expressed with both male and/or female association, whose true existence and abilities are beyond all human conception.


Black Magick: The unprovoked, aggressive use of negative magick.

Brainwashing: Intensive indoctrination; destroying a person's basic convictions and attitudes and replacing them with a fixed and unquestioned set of beliefs.


Consensus Reality: the generally accepted opinions or beliefs of any social, political, religious or cultural group. 'Consensus Reality' is what gives the group its identity, and separates that which is identified as 'Self' from that which is not 'Self'.


Egregore: A Being who has its existence between the Physical Plane of mortal man and the Ultimate Plane of the Archetypal Goddess/God, and who acts as an ambassador between man and the Divine.

The Egregore is created by the combined processes of man sending empowered thought (prayer) to the Inconceivable, Unknowable Divine, and that Divine responding by sending an empowered piece or aspect of that Divine back to the physical plane. The Egregore is the conceivable Divine empowered by mortal thought.


Grid Existence: A volume of space, initially in a natural state of chaos, set apart and organized into living existence by the Creator through the transmission of a base-tone matrix. The boundaries of the grid existence are defined by the volume of space that the base-tone superimposes its matrix upon.


Homicide: The killing of one person by another.

Huna: literally means 'secret'. It is a very powerful and ancient tradition, and constituted the practice of 'Magick' among the Polynesian people of the South Pacific. A 'Master' or 'Priest' of this ancient practice was called a 'Kahuna', meaning 'one who practices Huna'.



Illusion Of Reality: From earliest childhood, we are taught the 'Consensus Reality' of the group into which we are born. Consensus Reality dictates the beliefs and filters through which we will interpret all of our life's experiences.

We later add our own opinions, beliefs and filters, or 'personal reality'. Since all that we experience in life is then analysed, filtered, associated and accepted/rejected based on our prevailing beliefs and views, that which we commonly call Reality is actually our interpretation of 'True Reality'.

Interplanetary Transplantation of (seed) Parent Stock: The method used to populate a new Grid Existence. Within the vast array of existing grid existences, certain worlds are very carefully monitored 'seed' planets, from which the population of many of the new creation's species will originate. The total population of a new creation may originate in many seed planets.


Journey: the term used to describe the ritual of the Shaman into the Otherworld. While in a Altered State of Consciousness (trance) induced by drumming, rattling or other means, the Shaman will 'visualize' a Shamanic 'passage' into the Otherworld, including the trip into the Otherworld, his work in the Otherworld, and his trip back from the Otherworld.


Magick: the ability of a mortal human being to alter the fabric of reality in conformity and proportion to the individual's 'Will' and 'Intent'. As opposed to Magic, without a 'K' on the end, which generally indicates a stage magician using sleight of hand to amuse and entertain audiences. Magick claims to alter reality, Magic does not.

Magickal Illusion: an 'Illusion of Reality' which transcends traditional Western empirical thought, and allows for the possibility that the 'Supernatural' can and does exist, and that I, personally, can experience and manifest it.

Manifest Thought-Form: A being very similar to an Egregore, except that it is created, manifest and functions strictly within the Mortal/Physical Plane. They are relatively easily created, very difficult to destroy, may be created for many purposes, and are frequently the entities used by sorcerers to execute a 'psychic' attack on another.

Map: term used to describe the ongoing process in which a Shaman journeys to varying Otherworld destinations, and discovers the Otherworld layout of Realities and Realms in relation to one another. There are some places common to all Shamanic traditions, such as the World Tree, Upper World, Lower World and the Universal Consciousness, where the 'Akashic records' are located.

Metaphor: a figure of speech in which a term usually associated with one thing is transferred to something else by comparison or association. Example; the autumn of life.

Mulhaleel: The given name of Ron's disincarnate mentor. He is Ron's primary clairaudient voice, and serves as Ron's mentor, guardian, and contact with the Collective Conscious.

Murder: The unlawful killing of one person by another, especially with malice and forethought.

Myth: A 'Sacred Story' that serves as a map of our inner spiritual or psychological journeys. The myth bypasses the conscious mind and addresses the archetypes of our inner world in symbolic language, understood by the subconscious mind. It helps us to bring into the light of consciousness that which is subconscious. Because of its archetypal nature, it serves as a bridge between the personal and the Universal truths that guide us toward transformation.



Negative Magick: The use of magick with intent to tear down or destroy, usually in conjunction with the need to clear away the old, making room for the new. It may also denote the use of magick by one person with intent to kill, harm or bring misfortune to another.


Reality of Illusion: if you believe it to be so, then for you, it is so. Your 'Illusion of Reality' is your truth, and becomes reality for you. In human nature, True Reality is not as important as your opinion or belief of reality. Therefore, all 'truth' is relative, based on your 'Illusion of Reality'.


Shaman: a man or a woman who enters into an altered state of consciousness, usually at will, in order to access the Otherworld to gain hidden power or knowledge, healing, and/or divination.

Shamanic Initiation: Usually a traumatic illness or event that significantly damages or destroys an individual's 'Illusion of Reality', as well as their connection to 'Consensus Reality', leaving the individual open to a vastly expanded view of possibilities (see 'Magickal Illusion of Reality').

Shamanic Sight: To a Shaman, there is no validity of one experience or 'Reality' above another. If I experienced it, it is real. By virtue of the things which the shaman sees, does, and experiences while on a 'Shamanic Journey', the fabric of physical reality is altered by his presence and in conformity to the work accomplished while 'There'.

Shamanism: is a term derived from the language of the Tingus people of Siberia, and refers to the primitive practice of magick through an altered state of consciousness. Shamanism is not a religion, it is a practice. See 'Shaman'.

Spirit Journeys: the term used to describe the ritual of the Shaman into the OtherWorld. While in a Altered State of Consciousness(trance)induced by drumming, rattling or other means, the Shaman will "visualize" a Shamanic "passage" into the OtherWorld, including the trip into the OtherWorld, his work in the OtherWorld, and his trip back from the OtherWorld.


True Reality: the actual sequence of experiences which transpires around us. That event or experience which took place devoid of interpretation, analysis, judgement or response. That which simply is.


Visualization: can be compared to movies running through the mind. It is the sequence of images, like dreams, that we observe passing through the mind. Uncontrolled imagery is called 'dreaming' or 'daydreaming'. However, these 'movies' can be deliberately generated and controlled, and this is called 'visualization'. Visualization is connected to the subconscious mind, and is often referred to as 'the language of the subconscious, which interfaces with the Higher Self and the Spirit World.'


Watchers: A race of highly evolved beings, no longer incarnate, as we would understand the word, in any plane of existence, but individual aspects of a collective conscious not from our grid existence. These beings, under the direction of the First Great Creator, again a plural term, assure the continuation and spontaneous evolution of a seed world. Guardians and Defenders. Also responsible for the creation, insertion and operational success of Radically Altered Genetic Units.

White Magick: The use of magick for the purpose of creating or bringing in physical manifestation any emotionally charged desire. Any use of magick which does not violate the Two Great Laws.

Witch: a term used by early Christians, who claimed that a witch is anyone, usually female, who makes a pact with the Devil for the purpose of overthrowing God's Plans for mankind on Earth. The term Witch today is used to denote a broad spectrum of individuals practicing 'The Old Religion', wherein homage is paid to the Goddess and Her Male Consort, and celebrations (rituals) are held to mark the passing of the seasons. Magick may or may not be an aspect of a Witch's practice.

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