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Just as healing is no stranger to the New Testament so it is no stranger to the religion of Spiritualism. Our medium's have been practicing this divine gift, with much success, since the inception of our movement.

The New Testament mentions the laying on of hands. Spiritualists often refer to this as contact healing but it is one and the same. Physical touch is usually established between the healer and patient or the hands are moved around the person in need.

Oftentimes the hands of the healer will sense heat in a troubled area, allowing the healer to focus the healing energy in that particular area. This sensation is often felt by the patient however if you would try to measure this with any earthly instrument no temperature variation would be registered. Thus we must draw a conclusion that it is purely spiritual and used by our spirit friends to localize the troubled area.

  The act of attunement plays an important part in contact healing as it does with most of the other methods of healing. In an attunement an affinity is established between the healer, healing guides, and the person to be healed.

How beautiful it is when the proper attunement is reached to allow the healing energies to have a free and loving channel in which to flow. Attunement is very important and cannot be over emphasized.

Absent healing is simply healing done at a distance. Absent healing can be requested by the patient or somebody that knows the patient. Many people say that spiritual healing is nothing but faith healing; mind over matter but this completely dispels that issue. If a person does not know he is being ministered to and a healing takes place no faith on the patient's part can be involved.



Attunement is very important once again and a rapport must be established between spirit and healer. After this attunement is made the healer must convey to spirit the symptoms of the patient while giving name and possibly address. Absent healing is easier to perform as there is no debilitating influence of the sufferer to contend with.

As long as the proven steps are adhered to it can be very successful. The first step is desire for healing, either on the part of the patient or the one making the healing request. Attunement is next followed by a mental picture of the disease to be cured and finally contact between the healing spirits and the one in need.

Magnetic healing is that type of healing that gives off healthful power from the healers personal reserves. It has no spiritual significance whatsoever and as a matter of fact there are people who are magnetic healers without even realizing it. All of us have been is a room with a personality that just made us feel good. He/she could very well have been a magnetic healer, but for those who know they are and practice magnetic healing there are certain things usually done leading up to the healing itself.


  A rapport is set up with the one in need and the healing energy must be willed by the healer to flow from his person to the one in need. There is a definite energy loss on the part of the healer so the healer must be aware of this not allowing his own energies to be depleted to where it harms him.

Magnetic healing does not compare to spiritual healing and if a person desires a complete cure he is usually disappointed. Rather magnetic healing allows the patient to be filled with more energy and a state of well being to the extent that it helps the body heal itself.

Another form of healing that does not always involve spiritual intelligences is 'Healing Intelligence'. Called also bodily intelligence it is a command headquarters that regulates and controls infection and disease. Once a disease is contacted or an injury incurred the mind immediately orders bodily intelligence into operation. The mind then monitors the situation but the work is left to bodily intelligence. The patient, bodily intelligence, and spirit can work hand in hand to accomplish a healing.


When a patient seeks the aid of a healer the mind is already anticipating better health and recovery. This spurs bodily intelligence to a greater effort in attacking the problem. Oftentimes when the healer is used the healing is already well under way. This in no way diminishes the importance of spirit. Realize that we are spirit here and now and really anything that happens to us is usually the result of spirit using different faculties that we already possess.

Colour healing is also referred to as colour therapy and is defined as using colour to influence human health. It is nothing new and can be traced back to the ancients. The aura is often used as a basis for colour healing in that it consists of colours. When these colours appear dark, shadowed or discoloured it suggests that disease is present allowing the healer to concentrate on these specific areas.

The aura is not the only thing involved in colour healing. The whole spectrum of colour can be used in a beneficial way by adjusting the vibration of the viewer. It is very important that the healer knows the actions of various colours and their effects on the human body. To those that would make nothing of colour healing, hospitals, clinics and medical scientists are beginning to realize the importance colour has on the body and disease.

Color Chart


More and more cases are being reported where hospital rooms are set up as colour therapy rooms where one colour is emphasized depending on the disease present. It is refreshing to know that doctors and scientists are making note of colour therapy and using it in some of their treatment. Who knows what the future holds. We are but on the threshold of many wonderful discoveries.

Spiritual healing is definite proof of the continuity of life. When man reaches out to the Infinite for healing and that supplication is answered what better proof for the continuity of life and intelligent beings working on our behalf. In the final analysis all healing comes from Infinite Intelligence. Whether it be the incision made by the surgeons scalpel or the laying on of hands by one of our healers. The surgeon can repair the damaged or infected part at times but where did he obtain the knowledge and better still who closes up the wound and performs the final healing? Those who are wise recognize Infinite Intelligence and recognize all true healing comes from God.

  Fred Anderson
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