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  The Human Aura

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We would speak now of the human aura, remembering that it is only through the medium of the aura that those in spirit are able to communicate with you.

Many different terms are used for the various subtler bodies of man, and the terms we use may be different from those you are used to in other schools of thought, but we will try to make the subject as simple as possible.

Unless you have a comprehensive knowledge you are apt to misread the aura. For instance, the clairvoyant whose vision is just opening may see only an aura of a few inches, and of a bluish colour, emanating from the physical body, and declare that he is seeing the whole aura. What he sees is the vital life-force interpenetrating the physical body, which is used as a medium between the spiritual and the earth life.

This particular aura, the etheric or vital body, is closely connected with the nervous system, and collects most of what later manifests as ill health of the physical body, holding fast to poisons put forth by the lower mind of man by wrong thinking, wrong eating, and wrong living.

  Attached to the physical body is a certain form recognisable as the body-elemental. This is not an evil thing; it has its place in the evolution, not only of man but also of the lower forms of life. We have been asked how it is that when man is in a physical body the pull of evil seems so much stronger than the attraction, the aspiration to good. You will find the answer in this body, or desire-elemental, which is very strong in most men.

Man has to learn in the course of his evolution that the higher self, which is only partially in evidence in most of us, must gain complete domination over the body-elemental. The home of the human ego is in the celestial body, the highest and purest aura of man.

The bidding of the ego descends to man's consciousness as his intuition: You call it conscience, but the body-elemental is also assisting man in his evolution, as a kind of ballast which keeps him tied to earth.

You all feel this pull, but it is not to be regarded as evil, for it forces growth of the spiritual or God-conscious-ness which we all come back on earth to unfold.

  We have already spoken of the vital body, which is not really an aura but an emanation of the physical. This departs with the death of the physical body except for a small part which is drawn up into the highest aura, which we will call the celestial aura. The reason for this is that through its contact with earth it has absorbed certain lessons, which are retained to be used in future states of life, not necessarily in the heaven world; but in future incarnations.

The next body is the astral. The astral body is that usually seen by clairvoyants, who will describe the aura and say it has certain colours. Beyond the astral body or aura is the mental body, and beyond the mental aura the celestial body, called in some schools the 'causal' body.

The aura of the astral body is composed either of coarse or more refined matter, depending upon the quality of the human consciousness. If the body-elemental is very strong, holding great power, the astral aura will be coarse, and consequently the colours will be coarse rather than beautiful.

When the soul can recognise the reality of the spiritual life and the purpose of its incarnation, then this astral body will grow finer and the colours more beautiful. The permanence of the aura depends upon the steady maintenance of spiritual aspirations and of gentle and refined tastes.


The aura changes very rapidly. The colours flash up clear and bright sometimes and at other times fade and become dull. Thus the aura may be described as blue at one time and as red or yellow or any other colour at another, and you become confused.

The colours of the astral aura change and vary until the soul becomes steadied, and knowing what it wants, introduces into the aura a permanent and constant vibration of devotion or love or spiritual aspiration. Then lasting auric colours are seen, even in the higher auras. That is, the higher mental and celestial will absorb from the lower.

The celestial body is the permanent body in the heavens, the 'temple' spoken of in Ancient Mystery schools. In Masonic schools the building of the temple symbolises the building of the celestial body.

The extent of the aura will vary. That of an undeveloped person will appear to a depth of five, six, seven or even twelve inches. It will seem rather like a fog. When the soul has developed its higher consciousness, the aura becomes steadier and no longer floats and wafts about.

Among the masses who know nothing about the spirit life the aura is very indeterminate and may be composed chiefly of murky reds and browns and a strong orange brown. The baser instincts emanating from the desire-elemental are introduced into the aura through the browns and blacks.

The astral body of the ordinary person, as we have said, can range from dull murky colours, misty and indefinite, to a very beautiful, well-formed aura, egg-like in shape, composed of definite and harmonious colours.


Extending again beyond this astral aura can be seen a similar egg-shaped form, but of finer, more ethereal matter, and this is the aura of the mental body. It also can change rapidly with changing thoughts.

Beyond and interpenetrating this to a fine degree is the aura of the celestial or heavenly body, of beautiful form, and of colours almost impossible to describe, because their earth equivalent is hardly known.

To this celestial body or aura the ego of the man finally withdraws after he has passed through the experiences of earth, of the astral body, including the Summerland, and of the mental life. All these conditions of life can only be contacted through your corresponding auras.

Do not mistake us; the auras of ordinary good, kindly and helpful people will be pleasant to look upon, but not very permanent or strong. The darker colours will be found at the base of the aura and the more beautiful above the solar plexus.


In a highly evolved ego, the aura may extend to several feet, and in the case of an adept or master as far as a mile or more. So, when a kindly, evolved ego comes into our presence, although we cannot see the spirit, most of us can feel or even smell the aura. The aura has a perfume which, with a master or adept, is quite unmistakable.

The aura of any highly evolved ego will bring its own harmony with it. If you are in meditation, and a great one draws near, you may hear his coming announced by strains of music. Possibly some of you have experienced this.

We have been asked what exactly is seen when, apparently, the body of an adept is described by a clairvoyant. It may be a thought projection from the adept or it may be a projection of his astral body.

In the case of a young pupil becoming aware of a beneficent presence that blesses and leaves its essence in the aura, that is a thought projection. Where there is definite work to be done, and conversation passes, it will be a projection of the astral body.


While on earth you are building your auras, contributing through your desires to the astral body, and through the astral to the mental and celestial bodies. You are building that celestial body by your actions and reactions, your thoughts and desires.

You are doing more: you are creating substance out of the higher ethers which will in due time manifest again on the earth plane, when you reincarnate. So you see, in spite of little grumbles, that it is you yourselves who have created your present physical body.

When living in that higher state, in that celestial condition, from which man descends to reincarnate, he realises that he needs certain material. He is not satisfied with his temple. He knows that the only way to find more and better material is to return again to a life of form and so earn it.

All material unused in the celestial body drops away and is consumed; only that which is useful is retained. This we may call the permanent or seed atom. This permanent atom provides for the creation of the vehicles we shall inhabit during our next incarnation. You will see how essential it is to respond to the guidance of the spirit and not allow the body-elemental to dominate.


Prayer is a very powerful instrument to be used with due sincerity and humility. Pray for one single thing, and that is God's love; pray for an increase of God's light, not for yourself, but in order that others may benefit and be blessed through that light.

That is the best way to pray. Pray for God, pray for good for your brother, and resign all to God. 'Not my way, O God, but Thy way. Into Thy loving keeping I commit all those whom I love; Thy will be done on earth as it is being done in Thy heaven world.'

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