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  The aura is seen as a dim coloured light about the body.

To see the aura one only needs to look for it, like an echo or an odour you don't notice it at first as its always there, to help see one first just clear your mind of all thought, silence if you will, then look gently to the third eye on the person you wish to see. Soon you will see something like the heat waves given off of a hot car in summer...then just ask 'what colour is this I see?' and a colour will appear, don't look directly at the aura at first as it will disappear at first just try to catch it out of the corner of your eye until you have had a bit of practice. Also the aura grows brighter and easier to see the longer a person is in the same place.

It's easier to see it at first on a person standing in one place than a person walking.

Sometimes the background colour has a lot to do with how easily you see the aura. I prefer seeing them with a light background others prefer dark backgrounds.

The colours of an aura reveals a persons talents, habits and general character. Each colour or ray has a special characteristic that it imparts to everything connected to it.

  These characteristics are as follows.
Violet Spirituality.
Indigo Intuition.
Blue Religious inspiration.
Green Harmony and sympathy.
Yellow Intellect.
Orange Energy.
Red Life.
  Also all hues have different meanings as follows:
Red The symbol of life, strength and vitality, the physical nature.
Clear Bright Red Generosity and ambition.
Dark Red Deep passion, love, courage, hatred, anger.
Red-Brown Sensuality, voluptuousness.
Very Dark Red Selfishness.
Cloudy Red Greed, cruelty.
Crimson Lower passions and desire.
Scarlet Lust.
Deep Crimson shot with Black Materialism.
Rosy pink Unselfish love.
Orange Energy, the etheric astral nature, dynamic force.
Bright Clear Orange Health and vitality.
Deep Orange Pride.
Muddy or Cloudy Orange Low intellect.
Yellow Mind and intellect, mental plane, mental power.
Golden High soul qualities.
Pale Primrose Great intellectual power.
Dark Dingy Yellow Jealousy, Suspicion.
Dull Yellow False optimism, visionary mentality.
Green Harmony and sympathy, individualism, independence.
Bright Clear Green Good qualities.
Light Green Prosperity, success.
Mint Green Adaptability, versatility
Clear Green Sympathy.
Dark Green Deceit.
Olive Treachery, double nature.
Blue Inspiration, devotion, artistic, harmonious.
Deep Clear Blue High spiritual attainment.
Pale Lilac and Wisteria Tints Cosmic consciousness, love for humanity.
Bluish Purple Transcendent idealism.
  Minor Colours:
Light Grey Fear.
Dark Grey Conventionalism, formality.
Heavy Leaden Grey Meanness, lack of imagination.
Grey Green Deceit, duplicity.
Brown Grey Depression.
Black Malice, vice, depravity.
Pink Modesty, gentleness, unselfishness.
Silver Versatility, vivacity, movement (an excess could be a sign of inconsistency, and a fickle nature).
Light Brown Practical mind.
Dull Grey Brown Selfishness.
Clear Brown Avarice.

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