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  What is the aura?
What has Science/Parapsychology discovered about the aura?
How does the aura relate to our religion of Modern Spiritualism?

The aura is certainly not something new but like much of our phenomena can be traced back to medieval saints and mystics who believed that the aura consisted of four different types; namely the Nimbus, Halo, Aureola and Glory. Both the Nimbus and the Halo appeared to be streaming from the head. This can be seen on many religious paintings of not only Christianity but others as well. The Aureola appeared to surround the whole body and the Glory seemed to be a combination of all three.

The aura has been described as a permanent radiation surrounding the human body and indeed includes animals and plants also. It is looked upon, especially by Spiritualists as the border of the astral and etheric body. This aura has always been visible to sensitives and more recently a method whereby the aura can be viewed by almost anybody has been discovered.


  It was the Egyptians that were well known for their belief in an after life and termed the spiritual body 'ka'. It is evident from the writings of the Greeks and the influence the early cults had upon them that they were well initiated into these teachings. The Hindu recognized the chakras while the ancient Chinese introduced acupuncture which is based on Qi, a circulation of vital energy. Obviously the study of the aura is an ancient one and one that we are still learning from.

It was Paracelsus that said, "The vital fluid is not inclosed in man, but radiated round him like a luminous sphere." It is definitely a part of man and all living things, yet separate from the physical. It is that spiritual side of man; the border of the etheric body if you will.



The existence of the aura has been proven real by clairvoyants who have seen it for years. It has been discovered that auras intermingle with each other and especially, in a crowd, can and do have an effect on each other.

The colour of the aura can be altered by either the health or the spiritual state of the individual and has been used in the diagnosis of various diseases.

Color Chart

The Bible refers to the aura many times. For example the bright light about Moses when he received the Ten Commandments or the transfiguration of Jesus when his clothing was said to have shined so brightly.

The aura is also shown in different religious art of ancient and modern times. How many pictures have you seen of Jesus, Mary, or the early apostles with a halo or a light about them?

After some study by Baron Charles Von Reichenbach in 1848 the British Society of Psychical Research investigated the phenomena. It was concluded that that an 'unexplained luminosity resembling phosphorescence, (was observed) in the region immediately around the magnetic poles and visible only to certain individuals'.

A somewhat negative conclusion was drawn by F.W. Myers in that he recorded 'The writers in these proceedings have never consented to set them aside as illusory, though we have thus far found them almost impossible to repeat'. Our old nemesis 'the repeatability factor' once again shows itself.

  For many years after this nothing was said about the aura and much doubt to its actual existence was prevalent. Then in 1911 a book was published by Dr. Walter J. Kilner entitled 'The Human Aura' and in it was inclosed a 'dicyanin screen' which made the aura visible to human eye sight.

With this screen Kilner felt that ninety-five percent of people could view the human aura. Although this screen was of insurmountable value in proving the existence of the aura (seeing is believing) Kilner leaned more heavily toward the use of the aura in diagnosing diseases of the human body. It was Kilner who termed the aura 'nerve-ether'.

In 1935 Semyon, quite by accident, found that the aura could be photographed. While repairing some medical equipment used in high voltage high frequency electrical equipment he noticed that the colour between a glass electrode and the human skin changed abruptly.

He then attempted to photograph the discharge without the use of a camera by placing his fingers on the film. This resulted in a serious burn but a remarkable picture of his hand was obtained. This was the beginning of Kirlian photography.

If we would like to learn more about Kirilian photography we may like to visit the Kirlian Research Network website, using the following link.

Now the human aura could be seen by clairvoyants, seen by 95% of people using the dicanin screen, and could be photographed. This latest turn of events of course led to many different kinds of other experiments. Among them the treatment of disease in plants and even finding diseased crops before the disease manifested itself.

Kirlian's studies were so remarkable that Dr. Fedorov gave a favourable report to the government of the U.S.S.R. leading to the Government providing the Kirlian's with a home and a laboratory for continued research.

Many other remarkable discoveries came about as a result of this research. Among them it was found that their were waves of energy whirling about us appearing like fireballs. These fireballs could be increased or decreased by various causes.

It was also found that a healer could be photographed transferring energy to the patient. Kirlian has already added greatly to our study of the aura but time will only tell how much importance are his studies to medical research.


  In 1920 and 1930, Gurvitch, a Russian histologist, stated that all living cells produced an invisible radiation. It was not until 1967 that investigations of any substance were resumed duplicating the results of Gurvitch. It was concluded that cells did produce an invisible radiation and were termed as electro magnetic signals of the ultra-violet wavelength.

Later in 1972 Dr. B. Tarusov of Moscow University found that these light patterns related to the onset of various pathological conditions. Their study evolved from humans later to plant life. About this time Dr. Thelma Moss of U.C.L.A. was studying the energy field surrounding the body and plants. Using Kirlian photography she observed the transfer of energy from healer to patient and observed the healers diminished aura especially around the fingertips.

Many are the names of investigators that have examined and proven the existence and nature of the aura. The aura has been prevalent in our Spiritualist teachings since its inception. Termed as the etheric body by most Spiritualists it is one and the same.

Through the aura our clairvoyants have been able to ascertain the physical, mental and spiritual well being of the individual far back before modern research was begun.


Professor Denton, through his studies, has found that all living things swim in a sea of aura. Through its universal presence it hints at a world of spirit not in the range of our perception.

Spiritualists recognize that light is dual in its nature and that thought is the light of spirit and is the basis of all realization and consciousness. That which is within is expressed without. The magnetic field surrounding all living objects is manifested as the aura and becomes visible to the clairvoyant.

The universe is vibrating between all colours of the spectrum of light. Then it is only natural that the human body is vibrating within that same spectrum and is visible through the eyes of the clairvoyant or the instruments of man. Spiritualism recognizes this aura as the border of the etheric body around man.

Fred Anderson


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